Roles and Responsibility Allocation of QAU Activities‏

Roles and Responsibility Allocation of QAU Activities‏

Quality Assurance Unit (QAU) Meeting - V AGENDA NCAAA Self Study Report (SSR) ISO / ABET Committees Roles and Responsibilities Track Leaders Role and Responsibilities Organizational Chart QAU Chairman Dr. Omar Saeed Al Mushayat Head Dr. Mohiuddin Ahmed NCAAA Seminar Organizer:

Mr. Ahsan Asim Members: Dr. Wajeb Gharibi Dr. Saad Mamoun Mr. Arfan Arshad Mr. Asif Aftab Mr. Mohiuddin Ali Khan Mr. Agha Salman Haider ABET Activities Incharge: Dr. Abdul Azeem Meeting Organizer: Mr. Farhan Usman

Members: Dr. Wajeb Gharibi Dr. Ossama Ismail Dr. Saad Mamoun Dr. Ali Ahmad Mr. Arfan Arshad Mr. Ashfaq Ahmed Mr. Jorair Ahmed Mr. Yasir Ahmed Mr. Mudassar Ashraf Mr. Ali Tahir Mr. Nadeem Rana Secretary Mr. Ahsan Asim Mr. Farhan Usman

ACM-ICPC Resource Organizer: Mr. Mohamed Ali Sohail Members: Dr. Wajeb Gharibi Dr. Saad Mamoun Dr. Abdul Azeem Dr. Ali Ahmad Mr. Ashfaq Ahmad Mr. Mohiuddin Ali Khan Track Leaders Computer Science:

Ashfaq Ahmad Aasif Aftab Shabbir Alam Dr. Mohammad Hassan Dr. Ali Rowash Phiros Mansoor Dr. Guneseelan Information System: Dr. Abdul Azeem Farhan Usman Mohamed Muneer Yasir Ahmad Computer Networks: Dr. Wajeb Gharibi Dr. Ossama Ismail Dr. Hassan Ktiman

Mr. Ahsan Asim Mr. Naasir Kamal Mr. Muneer Majid QAU Activities to achieve ISO & ABET 1. Program Files: (NCAAA, ABET) Requirement 2. Course Files Collection (NCAAA, ABET) Requirement 3. NCAAA Format Course Files Management:

(Almost Finished) + SSR as new requirement 4. ABET Format Course Files Management: 5. Student Files Collection (NCAAA Requirement) 6. Faculty CVs (ABET Requirement) QAU Internal Activities

12 Arabic Committees working for college (must be documented for Accreditation) Seminar and Meetings Organization (Posters, Appointment Letters, Certificates ) preparation Program Files(NCAAA + ABET) Program file is a requirement for both accreditations. All departments have almost compiled these already according to NCAAA but some changes would be required as per new NCAAA-SSR (Refer to Dr. Abdul Azeems seminar). All departments would have to prepare new program files according to ABET format as well. Course Files Management

(NCAAA Format ) Course files according to NCAAA format, have been prepared by the departments already except newly offered courses. Collected By: Mr. Aasif Aftab (CS), Mr. Arfan Arshad (INFS), Mr. Mohiudddin Ali Khan (CNET) are supposed to submit the updated course files from their respective departments to QAU by the end of each semester. Review Committee: Mr. Ashfaq Ahmad, Mr. Ahsan Asim Logging and Version Control (Hardware/Software): Agha Salman Haider Course Files Management (ABET Format ) Compiling course files according to ABET format need some

seminars and workshop that QAU will arrange in coming semester. Collected By: Mr. Ashfaq Ahmad(CS) Dr. Abdul Azeem (INFS) Dr. Ossama Ismail (CNET) Review Committee: Dr. Mohiudddin, Dr. Abdul Azeem, Mr. Ahsan Asim Logging and Version Control (Hardware/Software): Ali Tahir Sher Student Files Collection (NCAAA Requirement) All departments have allocated academic guides at each level to collect student files and counseling and one Head Academic Guide. Student files will remain with the departments, and head academic guides will furnish them to QAU at the time of NCAAA

team visit. Head Academic Guides Dr. Ali Rawash (CS), Dr. Mohiuddin Ahmed (INFS), Dr. Wajeb Gharibi(CNET) Faculty CVs (ABET Format) ABET Format of faculty CVs has already been distributed to all faculty members. Following members are responsible to collect and make one excel based report. Mr. Ashfaq Ahmad (CS), Mr. Yasir Ahmad (INFS), Dr. Ossama Ismail (CNET) Track Leader Responsibilities

Course coordinators will be appointed by program coordinators with strong recommendations of track leaders. Discuss the course specifications of each course in the very start of a new semester. Try to find redundancies and overlap in course contents looking at pre-requisites and follow ups. Arrange meetings with course coordinators at least once in three weeks and report to departmental coordinator. Discuss and approve final exam paper for each course. Collect the course file from each course coordinator by the end of the semester. Role and Reporting of Track Leader Program Coordinator

Head QAU Matters related to QAU like Exam Paper format, Course File standards and accreditation requirements Course file Course Contents and Lecture Plan Track Leader Weekly Lecture Plan Course File Final Exam Paper

Course Coordinators QAU Internal Activities 12 College Committees There are 12 committees, working under the Dean directly like (Final Exam committee, Time table committee and so on but there is no complete documentation against their process, if yes then its in Arabic. So QAU need: Translation of documents to English Organizational chart of committee Flow chart of process SOPs of Process Members for this activity: Dr. Ali Ahmad, Mr. Yasir Ahmad, Mr. Nadim Rana, Mr. Ali Tahir Sher, Mr. Mudassir Ashraf, Mr. Jorair Ahmad

This allocation will be finalized after Deans confirmation. Seminars and Meetings All faculty members are well come to come forward with a topic for seminar regarding quality education under the umbrella of QAU. Dr. Mohiuddin Ahmed (Head QAU) Dr. Abdul Azeem (ABET Activities Incharge) Are suppose to extract goals of ISO and ABET and deliver them as seminar to rest of the faculty. Gantt Chart or Timeline: by Dr. Abdul Azeem. Attendance of meetings and seminars: by Mr. Jorair Ahmad Meeting Minutes: by Farhan Usman and Mudassir Ashraf both. Mr. Ahsan will review and deliver to all members.

Documentation of QAU Documentation of QAU activities like: Posters QAU Activity Calendar Certificates Appointment Letters Will be prepared by Mr. Nadeem Rana and Mr. Yasir Ahmad and finaly approved by Dr. Mohiuddin Ahmed. Preparation of SOP ISO needs all SOPs to be done and approved: Identify expert for a particular SOP Draft SOP Review process of SOP by QAU Approval of SOP and circulation Training on SOP

Will be prepared by track leaders and experts in that particular subject. Volunteers Needed?? Thanks

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