Receipt & Return of 2014 MSP Testing Material

Receipt & Return of 2014 MSP Testing Material

Critical Shipping Information Receipt & Return Alternate ELPA Test Materials The information in this slide deck may be augmented with special consideration appropriate for your district and school. May 4, 2017 Spring 2017 Assessment Operations Acronyms Assessment Support Systems Manuals and Guides

User Role OSPI: Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction MI: Measurement Inc. AIR: American Institutes for Research TIDE: Test Information Distribution Engine TDS: Test Delivery System ORS: Online Reporting System DEI: Data Entry Interface WCAP Portal: Washington Comprehensive Assessment Program Portal DEI: Data Entry Interface DC: District Test Coordinator DA: District Administrator SC: School Test

Coordinator TA: Test Administrator Office Of Superintendent Of Public Instruction (Module and User Guide) TAM: Test Administration Manual ELPA21 DFA: Directions for Administration (Writing Supplement) GTSA: Guidelines on Tools, Supports, and Accommodations Spring 2017 Alternate ELPA21 Assessment ELPA21for ELs with significant cognitive challenges Grade Content Requirement / Availability Testing Window K-12

Listenin g, Reading , Writing, Speakin g Required for federal and state accountability for EL students who qualify for the State Transitional Bilingual Program. Online: April 12 May 26 Spring 2017 Important dates are updated frequently and are available within the Key Dates Excel Calendar on the WCAP Portal. Alternate ELPA21 Assessment Description Key Dates Test Booklet (paper-pencil) arrived in district April 10

ELPA21 Window 2 April 12May 26 Additional paper test materials orders closes April 15 Scores reported in ORS (Window 1) * May 15 Scores reported in WAMS EOD (Window 1) * May 19 Hard copy reports (ISRs) delivered to districts (Window 1) * May 30-31 Scores reported in ORS (Window 2) * August 17 Scores reported in WAMS EOD (Window 2) * August 23 Hard copy reports (ISRs) delivered to districts (Window 2) *

September 1-5 * Scores will be reported separately for students who test in Window 1 and Window 2 (Tentative) Test Material Receipt and Tracking The alternate ELPA21 test materials arrived in district by April 10. Contents included in white District Box 1: Box List District Packing List District Security Checklist School Packing List Summary (clear plastic bag) Return Kit The District Packing List and the School Packing List(s) should be used to assist in tracking materials to and from schools. Follow your Test Security and Building Plan procedures for tracking and storage of secure test materials. Do not open shrink-wrapped packages that are not intended for immediate use.

Test Material Overview Alternate ELPA21 Assessment Materials Secure Materials: Online Assessments: Grades K, 1, 2-3, 4-5, 6-8, and 9-12 Paper Test BookletsStandard Print Grades K, 1, 2-3, 4-5, 6-8, and 9-12 Paper Writing Supplement: Grades K & 1 Audio Listening CDs Directions for Administration (DFA) for K- 1 writing supplement & large print Non-Secure Materials: Test Administration Manual (TAM)* Data Entry Interface User Guide* Technology Skills Checklist* Test Administration Time Chart* Scratch Paper Log* User Guides: TIDE, ORS* Guidelines on Tools, Supports, and Accommodations* Tool Button Sheet* * Materials with an asterisk are available on the WCAP portal ELPA21 Braille and Large Print Accommodated Test Kits Apply: A Student Pre-ID Label

Large Print and Braille Accommodated Kits A cover sheet Instructions Regular test booklet Large-print or Braille test booklet Directions for entering student responses for the speaking domain DFA The student demographic information on the front cover of the ELPA21 test booklets do not need to be bubbled in, just affix a student pre-ID label in the box as shown in the graphic to the left. Test Administrators (TAs) will enter student data from the paper/pencil and Braille versions of the test into the DEI system. It is required that all student responses will be entered into the DEI for all items on the test, except for writing constructed response items. Test booklets are secure and will be returned to the What is Required to be Entered into TDS OSPIs goal is to maximize the use of the existing online TDS or the DEI. The online test in TDS is different from the paper-pencil standard test booklet and contains different items. Students testing online must view and respond to the items on the online test for all items except

for the required Kindergarten and Grade 1 writing supplement, so that these responses to the online test are sent to scoring. The student will generate responses within the online Test Delivery System (TDS) platform (with or without some level of TA assistance) for all items except the required Kindergarten and Grade 1 writing component (issued as a separate test booklet) that will be returned to MI for scoring. If necessary, the TA will enter the students responses into the online TDS platform for students responding to questions using the online test format. What is Required to be Entered into the DEI The DEI is required for use for students responding to the paperpencil form. When a student tests using the standard paper-pencil format, it is required that their responses be entered by the TA into the DEI for all items on the test except for writing constructed response items and the required Kindergarten and Grade 1 writing supplement. TAs are required to enter student responses from standard test booklets into the Large Print DEI portion. An example of the DEI title is ELPA21 Grade K Listening Large Print Paper Student Response Entry. Students testing using Braille test booklets are required to have all of their responses entered into the Braille DEI. An example of the Braille DEI is ELPA21 Grade 1 Listening Braille Paper Student Entering Student Responses for the Speaking Domain For the Speaking portion of the paper test, the TA must sign into the DEI for the Speaking section and the student will then record his/her responses using the microphone. The directions on how to do this is in the DFA for the Alternate assessment that was included in your shipment. The process for transcriptions, conducted by familiar listeners on the Speaking portion of the

ELPA21 Speaking domain for students with significant cognitive challenges, will be as follows: 1. Districts contact OSPI with the students SSIDs via the non-standard accommodation/designated support request. 2. OSPI will provide the district with a template for transcription and AIR with the SSID for the student approved to have their speaking assessment pulled for scoring with a transcription. 3. The student will assess while a familiar listener scribes the students responses. The student will speak into the speaking portion of the assessment and a familiar listener will. 4. Scribe what a student says onto a separate document to accompany the speaking assessment to the scoring floor (so the students score is not impacted by their articulation issues). 5. Districts will contact the WA Help Desk once a student has completed the speaking portion of the assessment (within 24 hours) to provide them with the Results ID and SSID of the student. 6. AIR will verify the SSID is on the list of allowed cases, pull/hold the assessment until the transcription is received. 7. Districts will mail the transcription to MI immediately. After testing identify any damaged or biohazard materials School/District Test Coordinators will: Da m bo ag ok ed let Handling Defective/Damaged Booklets

Document test booklet security barcode on the roster. Provide TA with the new booklet. If transcribed, verify completeness of transcription. The new test booklet with transcription of student work is returned with scorable materials. Damaged booklets are returned with non-scorable Reported biohazard/ soiled booklets must be recorded on the Test materials. Material Variance Form do andnot must securely destroyed according to Biohazard materials Preparing Test Materials for Return TA role in return process: Prior to excusing students who have completed testing, account for all materials and clear all calculator memories. Promptly return all tests and ancillary materials to the SC. SC role in the return process: Use the chain of custody process (for material receipt, storage, and

return of school testing materials to DC) outlined in your building plan, to ensure all materials have been collected and accounted for at the end of testing. Verify placement of student pre-ID labels and process ancillary papers. DC role in the return process: Verify all materials have been accounted for, if any materials are missing, investigate then report using the Test Material Variance Form, a Testing Incident Report and note on your District Administration and Security Report. ELPA21 materials do not have a prescheduled pick-up date. District Test Coordinators must contact FedEx to arrange for pickup of test materials. Sorting Test Materials for Return Shipment Sorting Test Materials Separate ancillary papers, scorable, and non-scorable materials. Organize scorable test booklets by grade. Pack all secure test materials securely in boxes. Affix a green scorable label to the top of all boxes containing scorable secure materials. Record the number of each scorable box and the total number of scorable boxes on the labels (1 of __, 2 of __, etc.). The following materials MUST BE returned to Measurement Inc.:

All scorable and non-scorable ELPA21 test booklets Kindergarten and Grade 1 Writing Supplements DFAs Note: Ancillary materials must be removed from test booklets. Any ancillary Audio Listening CDs materials with student identifying information or student work must be securely destroyed. Return Shipping Kit Within your District Box 1, locate the return kit in the clear plastic bag. The contents in your return kit include: Return Material Instructions FedEx return shipping labels Green Scorable labels Red Non-scorable labels Do Not Score Label Placement If you have exhausted your supply of DO NOT SCORE labels, promptly order additional labels. Nonscorable

test booklets Correct Incorrect Additional DO NOT SCORE labels can be ordered through the MI Help Desk Measurement Incorporated: Tel 1. 866.762.1056 or Packaging Test Materials for Return Shipment Packaging Test Materials 1. 2. 3. 4. Separate and remove all ancillary papers and securely destroy. Separate scorable from non-scorable materials. Organize scorable test booklets by content and grade. Pack all scorable test/answer booklets securely in boxes they arrived in and affix a green scorable label to the tops of all scorable boxes. 5. Record the number of each scorable box and the total number of scorable boxes on the labels (1 of __, 2 of __, etc.). 6. To ease tracking in case of missing materials document the ranges of serial numbers in each box of return materials. 7. Package all non-scorable testing materials securely in sturdy boxes and affix a red non-scorable label to the tops of all non-scorable boxes.

The following materials are secure and must be returned to MI immediately after testing concludes: test/answer booklets accommodated forms DFAs Audio Preparing Boxes for Return Materials Be sure to return materials in the boxes that the test materials arrived in, if you need additional boxes be sure that they are of equal or greater strength. Copier paper boxes and boxes used for food transportation should not be used for return of test materials. Use cushioning materials, if needed, to keep materials secure. Use only Spring 2017 Return Shipping Labels. Spring 2017 Return Shipping Labels do not have a tab to tear off like the labels that were used in past administrations. Be sure to write down your tracking MI Help Desk Tel 1. 866.762.1056 Return Shipping Procedures Spring 2017 ELPA21 testing materials DO NOT have a prescheduled pickup date. FedEx Return Material Instructions:

Remove or black out any old shipping labels Affix the FedEx ground return label Print the district name and address Retain the receipt tab, from the top of the return label, for your records. Contact FedEx to arrange for pickup of testing materials. To initiate a return, use one of the following methods: Use select Ship, then select Schedule and Manage Pickups from the drop down menu, then click Schedule Ground Return Pickup. Call FedEx Customer Service: 1-800-463-3339; explain that you Materials be returned five days after testing has completed. Returning needmust a Package Returns Program pickup. materials late brings into question the security of the tests and validity of the Provide materials to your regular FedEx Ground driver. student score results. Non-Secure Materials The following materials should not be returned to MI: TAM: At completion of testing recycle

Unused student Pre-ID Labels should be destroyed according to district policy to ensure the confidentiality of student information. Unused Return Shipping Labels MUST be recycled after all materials have been returned to the contractor. Do not use for future administrations. Tool Button Sheets, and scratch/graph paper should be destroyed according to district policy. ELPA Test Supports on the Portal General Information Coordinat or Informatio n ELPA21 A/O Schedule ELPA Testing Times ELPA Tool Button Sheet User Guides and Manuals Administrat ion Manuals DEI- Data Entry Interface TAM ELPA21

Translated Student Directions Modules Application s and Systems Non-Standard Accommodation Request Coordinat or Forms and Reports Test Question Ambiguity Irregularity Reports Security Reports Testing Irregularity Log Guidelines GTSA Guidelines on Tools, Supports, and Accommodations

Coordinato r, Administra tor, and Staff DEI Data Entry Interface Webinar ELPA21 TDS/ORS ELPA21 Test Administration Training ELPA21 Webinar Series Training Log for State Assessments TA Testing Location Supports Scratch Paper Log Test Material ELPA21 Test Material Processing

Customer Support Issue Before Calling Contact Support Missing Materials Immediately send OSPI a Test Material Variance Form, and Test Incident Report, notate missing materials on District Administration and Security Report. Missing materials also need to be reported to MI. Fax completed forms to OSPI Operations 360.586.2728 MI Help Desk [email protected] 1.866.762.1056 DC check district overage to see if additional materials need to be ordered, place A/O in TIDE, if needed. Additional questions, contact the OSPI Operations office [email protected] or 360.725.6348 Additional

Orders (A/O) Data, Pre-ID, TIDE Data Flow For Pre-ID and TIDE issues refer to the TIDE User Guide And Report to troubleshoot locally. Card Questions Additional questions contact the OSPI Assessment Analysts [email protected] 360.725.6109 Additional questions, contact OSPIs Accommodatio For accommodations questions refer to the Guidelines on Select Assessment office at ns Tools, Supports and Accommodations to resolve locally. [email protected] General Test Information For questions regarding assessment policy and test administration visit the WCAP portal and review your Washington Assessment Weekly WAW newsletters to resolve locally. Additional questions, contact the OSPI Operations office [email protected] or 360.725.6348

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