Reaction of alkali metals with water

Reaction of alkali metals with water

Reaction of alkali metals with water 2) Today you will learn: 1) Do and describe an experiment in which an alkali metal reacts with water 2) Write an equation of this reaction

3) Name the product and explain the change of colour and the reason for ignition 4) Compare the reactivity and ionization energy of sodium and potassium 3) Alkali metals - name as many alkali metals as you know (as a class) - talk about properties of the alkali metals (work in pairs,

speak, take turns) Common properties The alkali metals have the following properties in common: they have low melting and boiling points compared to most other metals they are very soft and can be cut easily with a knife they have low densities (lithium, sodium and potassium will float on water) they react quickly with water, producing hydroxides and hydrogen gas their hydroxides and oxides dissolve in water to form alkaline solutions

4a) Do you understand these phrases? In pairs explain the key words: remove a piece of potassium a gray coating of the oxide the shiny metal surface consistency of cream cheese react rapidly

to turn red purple Exothermic to add phenolphthalein 4b) What do these pictures represent? 4c) phenolphtalein

shiny metal surface cream cheese exotermic 5) video Watch and listen.

Write down the key words as you hear them 6) Choose one of the two possibilities: 1) Do the following experiment: - prepare a knife, a cutting board, tweezers, and a beaker - remove a small piece of sodium

- put the metal into the beaker with water - observe the reaction 2) Watch the video on 7) You can watch Link to useful websites 8) Useful phrases increase decrease metal reactivity ionization energy alkalinity

product ignites get softer and softer indicator 9) Useful phrases Sequencing words: First(ly), Second(ly), Third(ly), Then, Next, After that, Finally, Describing steps in a chemical experiment:

to remove, to take, to cut, to pour, to put, to add, to prove, to turn red, to ignite, Describing process: In order to do this, we need to To do this, we need a Comparing and contrasting: is not as ., is er than ., is (not) the same as ., is much greater/smaller/faster/. than ., is different from . , . but .., ..However, .. , . in comparison with .,

10) Assesment criteria clarity and correctness of description of the experiment correctness of the equation justification of the presence of products clear explanation of the similarities and differences of the two experiments effective use of language

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