RDA & DACS: Using a MARC-EAD Crosswalk to Improving Access to ...

RDA & DACS: Using a MARC-EAD Crosswalk to Improving Access to ...

RDA and DACS: Using a MARCEAD Crosswalk to Improve Access to Special Collections Resources, a Project at UWG GUGM May 15, 2014 Presenters: Blynne Olivieri (Special Collections)

and Shelley Rogers (Cataloging) Agenda 1)Process towards implementing EAD Finding Aids 2)Reviewing DACS2 3)Reviewing RDA for Archival Materials 4)Crosswalk for Local Practices 5)Demo of Catalog Record, Finding Aid, and

Informational spreadsheet 6)Wrap Up and Questions EAD Encoded Archival Description (EAD) is an international standard for encoding finding aids.

EAD EAD is represented in XML (Extensible Markup Language), a platform-neutral data format that ensures data longevity when migrating from one software environment to another.

XML example Finding aids Finding aids are inventories of archival materials, such as the papers of past university presidents, the papers of Newt Gingrich,

and the records of local cultural, religious, and service organizations. EAD finding aids EAD finding aids are critical for making archival collections discoverable through the Internet. EAD finding aids have a consistent

coding and structure so that it is easy to submit your finding aids to other discovery access points like ArchiveGrid ArchiveGrid http://beta.worldcat.org/archivegrid/

Challenges Technical infrastructure (file management, delivery, public display/discovery) Lack of staff to implement EAD and juggle other work in special collections

Process 1. Creating a decision matrix for technical infrastructure based on an assessment of our needs, wants, and what resources did we have to meet those challenges. 2. Creating crosswalk 3. Obtaining xml software to get started 4. Researching conversion services 5. Process of cleaning up bib records --- starting with our Local History Collections

6. Exporting bib records out of Voyager and importing into Archivists Toolkit 7. Training on Archivists Toolkit. 8. Writing a grant application to secure $$ for 1st year hosting fees and $$ for finding aid conversion. DACS Describing Archives: A Content

Standard Second edition adopted Jan. 2013 by the Council of the Society of American Archivists DACS DACS is related to other standards. Descriptions created according to DACS are shared electronically using encoding standards, such as MAchineReadable Cataloging (MARC 21), Encoded Archival

Description (EAD), and Encoded Archival Context (EAC). There are also close connections with Resource Description and Access (RDA) and with standards promulgated by the International Council on Archives (ICA), including International Standard Archival DescriptionGeneral (ISAD[G]), the International Standard Archival Authority Record for Corporate Bodies, Persons, and Families (ISAAR[CPF]), and the International Standard for

Describing Functions (ISDF). RDA In the beginning - RDA research - hand-marking up print out of catalog record - consulting with Shelley and Miriam

- Shelley and I jointly decided to use RDA for Special Collections resources on August 5, 2013 Example of RDA Changes & Choices Date of Production

RDA now mapped to 260 subfield c or new 264 field (instead of 245 subfield f) We chose to use the 264 $c. RDA & DACS: Cory Nimer See Cory Nimer's (BYU) presentation, Cataloging Archival Materials: Using RDA with DACS from ALCTS, May 2012.

Cory Nimers summary: - For archivists, RDA provides greater opportunities for recording characteristics and attributes of archival materials and creators. - For librarians, DACS provides more detailed instructions (and examples) for describing archival materials. Spreadsheets

Blynne's Excel spreadsheet for Local History morphed into an Excel spreadsheet by Shelley with tabs for Local History, Manuscripts, Political Collections, and University Archives. see the handout

Finding Aid see the handout for the Carroll County Veterans Memorial Park records Bibliographic record example on OCLC Carroll County Veterans Memorial Park

records see handout Holdings record on Voyager verso of bib record handout shelf location goes in $c extent goes in $z

Wrap-up and Questions Resources: see verso of spreadsheet handout Resources for Implementing EAD Finding Aids A dated, but full, description of implementing EAD is available at the Library of Congress website. http://www.loc.gov/ead/ag/aghome.html See also their publishing description at http:// www.loc.gov/ead/ag/agpub.html

Implementation brief overview at the University of Washington. http:// www.lib.washington.edu/msd/pubcat/mig/eaduse The EAD Cookbook 2002, available for download through GitHub, also offers an outline for implementing EAD along with XSLT stylesheets that institutions can modify. http://saa-ead-roundtable.github.com/ Resources for Implementing Archive Management Systems Google Implementing Archivists Toolkit for dozens of examples. For information on ArchivesSpace see the Google Group for using and configuring the application. https

://groups.google.com/forum/?fromgroups#!forum/archivesspace Articles Over, Under, Around, and Through: Getting Around Barriers to EAD Implementation, an OCLC Research publication whose co-authors include Merrilee Proffitt and Mark Matienzo, February 2010.

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