"Put that in the Form of a Question, Please!"

"Put that in the Form of a Question, Please!"

Ecology Jeopardy Jeopardy Quiz Review Game

Biotic or Abiotic? What am I?

What goes around comes around

Webs, chains, pyramids, & relationshi

ps Ecological Levels

100 100 100

100 100

200 200 200

200 200

300 300 300

300 300

400 400 400

400 400

500 500 500

500 500

Water abiotic Living or once living

biotic Grass

Biotic Soil Abiotic

Rabbits biotic

I am a consumer that eats both plants and animals omnivore

I am a deer and eat just plants herbivore

I eat a mouse that eats grass, so I am a ____ level consumer

Second(ary) I can make my own food, I am a

Producer( autotroph) I eat the bodies of dead organisms

scavenger The step in the water cycle in which water

vapor(gas) becomes liquid water is condensation

Molecules of liquid water absorb energy and change into the gas state

evaporation All living things contain this building block

carbon What can fix free nitrogen into a form to

be used by plants and eventually get to us? Bacteria

Rain, snow, sleet, and hail are all forms of precipitation

Many overlapping food chains in an ecosystem make up a(n)

Food web In an energy pyramid, which level

has the most available energy? producers

A close relationship between two species that benefits at least one of the species is called

symbiosis When one species benefits and the other is

neither hurt or helped is the symbiotic relationship called commensalism

When a tick is on a human, the human is the

host This is the level that includes the part of earth where life

exists Biosphere The study of how living

things interact with each other and with their environment is called

ecology All the different populations that live together are called a

community The place where an organism lives that

provides the things it needs habitat

The smallest unit of ecological organization is a single


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