Quasimodo: Occurrir = to I need 3 strong guys. 1.Yo necesito tres muchachos fuertes. 2.He buys a lot of purple pens. 1.l compra muchos bolgrafos morados. 2.l compra muchas plumas moradas. 3.You all (formal) sing 9 great songs (canciones).

1.Ustedes cantan nueve grandes canciones. 4.They need their smart friends. 1.Ellos necesitan sus amigos inteligentes. 5.We carry good books. 1.Nosotros llevamos buenos libros 2.Nosotros llevamos libros buenos. 6.Mara watches the handsome men. 1.Mara mira a los hombres guapos. 7.You (s. inf.) take the interesting classes. 1.T tomas las clases interesantes.

8.I travel to big countries. 1.Yo viajo a pases grandes. Tarea de ayer: 1. Regular verb conjugations (Present tense):

Weve already learned some irregular verbs Ser, Estar and weve covered how to conjugate regular AR verbs. Before we jump into ER and IR verbs, heres a quick vocab review:

Stem/Root: This is the part of the verb minus the ending. It tells you the meaning of the verb and does not change in regular present tense verbs. Infinitive: This is a verb in its non-conjugated or base form. It is the to _____ form. It will have one of three endings: -ar, -er, or -ir

Conjugate: To conjugate a verb is to format it to match a given subject. You do this by changing the endings of the verb. Regular er and ir verbs

I am going to give you example sentences using ER verbs and then IR verbs. Using what you know about how regular verbs are conjugated, figure out which endings are used in -ER verbs for each subject. Also, try to figure out what each sentence means using the verbs given.

These verbs are in your vocab sheet. Aprender (a + inf.): to learn (to) Yo aprendo a dibujar Leer: to read

T lees libros. Comer: to eat Usted come una hamburguesa. Beber: to drink

Ella bebe agua. Comprender: to understand Nosotros comprendemos espaol. Deber(+inf.): Should (do

something) Vosotros debis estudiar. Creer (en): To believe (in) Ustedes creen en Dios.

Correr: to run Ellos corren todos los das. What did you come up with? -o -emos

-es -is -e -en -e

-en Abrir: to open Yo abro la puerta. Asistir (a): to attend (to)

T asistes al concierto. Compartir: to share Usted comparte los dulces. Escribir: to write

l escribe un libro. Recibir: to receive Nosotros recibimos regalos. Vivir: to live

Vosotros vivs en Michigan. Describir: To describe Ustedes describen el monstruo. Decidir (a + inf.): to decide (to)

Ellos deciden a cantar. What did you come up with? -o -imos

-es -s -e -en -e

-en Prctica: Do the practice in your notes AR VERBS: Cantar (yo): Yo canto Hablar (nosotros): Nosotros hablamos ER VERBS: Comer (ellos): Ellos comen Aprender (ella): Ella aprende

IR VERBS: Escribir (ustedes): Ustedes escriben Vivir (nosotros): Nosotros vivimos Tarea:

Read through your quiz and make sure you understand the mistakes you made. Bring any questions you have to class tomorrow Write out 2 complete verb conjugation charts for each type of regular verb (-AR, -ER, -IR) using vocab from this chapter and last chapter. (So, 6 verb conjugation charts total)

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