Psc-cuny welfare fund Retiree benefits

Psc-cuny welfare fund Retiree benefits

PSC-CUNY WELFARE FUND RETIREE BENEFITS PSC-CUNY Welfare Fund Supplemental health benefits for the 24 New York City senior and community colleges Dental Professors and professionals Retirees Vision

Staff of 12 support 20,000 active and retired RX members Hearing Funded on a per member basis Disability Agreement between Death Benefits the PSC and CUNY

Our funding is limited Prescription Drugs CVS/Caremark (if under 65) or SilverScript drug plan (if Medicare-eligible) If you are receiving injectable and/or chemo cancer drugs from the PICA program, as a Medicare-eligible retiree you get them from the Welfare Fund SilverScript drug program Once you enroll in Medicare, diabetic drugs come from

PSC Welfare Fund SilverScript, instead of your basic health plan. Prescription Drugs Medicare Enrollment: Sign up for Part A and Part B DO NOT sign up for a Part D Drug Plan! Welfare Fund will enroll you in the Funds SilverScript Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plan

Most Welfare Fund Benefits Do Not Change Upon Retirement Dental: Guardian or Delta Vision: Davis Vision Hearing Aids: HearUSA Some Welfare Fund Benefits End at Retirement Disability (Employee Income Replacement)

Death Benefit (for Employees Survivors)* Extended Medical (upon Medicare enrollment) *Dependent spouse benefits end upon the death of the retiree

Insurance Premium Payments: from Payroll Deduction to Pension Deduction Catastrophe Major Medical (Mercer Consumer) Long Term Care (Hancock or Other) Term Life Insurance (NYSUT Member Benefits) To arrange for home billing: Verify that each carrier has your correct mailing address, phone number and e-mail address. Inform the carrier of your last payroll date

Request to have a bill sent to your home Once you are billed at home, you can arrange for pension deduction.

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