Protecting Children Online

Protecting Children Online

Protecting Children Online Presented by BCSO ICAC Task Force KEEPING OUR CHILDREN SAFE Abduction FACTS

90% of missing children have simply misunderstood directions or

miscommunicated their plans, are lost, or have run away Of the remainder, 78% are kidnapped by a family member in a custody dispute Of the remaining 22% who are abducted, more than 60% of the time its by someone the child knows

ONLY ABOUT 100 American children are kidnapped each year in the stereotypical stranger abductions you hear about in the media DATA: National Incidence Studies of Missing, Abducted, Runaway and Throwaway Children, 2002, U.S. Department of Justice

Who is most at risk online? Teenagers. They have a high level of autonomy & independence

Are technologically savvy (far beyond their parents and teachers) but have little wisdom about

good boundaries Do You Know These Terms? CU46 See you for Sex GNOC Go Naked on Cam Social Networking Sites Heres Dannys profilehe likes poetry, plants, flowers and watching movies by the fire.

Danny loves his country and is here for dating, serious relationships, friends and networking. So far

he has 14 friends listed Danny has posted some pics of his tatoos. Says here that he is looking for a girlfriend!

Now lets look at another website Hey! Theres Danny. Surprise! His myspace page never mentioned that he is a level 3, high-risk sex offender.

Skype and OoVoo Peer to peer Limewire, Kazaa, Bearshare, etc File sharing software with multi-users Peer to Peer Ultra-peer

Suspect Peer or user computers Peer to Peer

Cyberbullying A New Twist to an AgeOld Problem What Students Need to Know What is Cyberbullying?

Using e-mail, chat rooms, websites and other forms of electric communication to:

send mean-spirited messages make cruel and harmful remarks about individuals post unflattering or derogatory photos make direct threats or encourage acts of violence sexually harass How Extensive is Cyberbullying?

In a new survey of 5,500 teens by MindOh!, an educational company that studies youth trends, nearly 80 percent said they have read or spread gossip online; more than half said they had seen Web sites that made fun of their peers. Why should we worry?

Bullying is broadly associated with: School violence Delinquency Suicidal ideation Bullied teens (and often bullies themselves) have higher levels of:

Depression and other psychological problems Substance abuse

Delinquency / School avoidance Weapon-carrying Poor parent/caregiver relationships Offline victimization/sexual abuse/physical abuse Why Dont Victims Ask for Help? Kids view the Internet as a lifeline to their

peer group. Kids dont want adults to know they have a problem with cyberbullying because they fear that adults will take their computer away. How to Stop a Cyberbully Tips from

Be private - keep passwords, pictures and secrets to yourself. Take five - dont reply in anger. Stop, block and tell - dont reply, block the sender, tell someone. Save the evidence - on your computer or print out. Google yourself.

Online Resources about Cyberbullying This website helps victims of all types of cyber crimes including cyberbullying. Internet Super heros Website: Delivering smart, safe and responsible surfing messages to children, teens, schools and

parents, online and offline. Cyberbullying Website, created by Bill Belsey as a partner site to / Educators Guide to Cyberbullying, Center for Safe and Responsible Internet Use: explains cyberbullying and ways to stop it. News reports about Cyberbullying SEXTING Cyberbullying WHAT IS SEXTING?

The newly minted word for sending or posting nude or semi-nude photos or videos Cyberbullying Cyberbullying

WHY ARE KIDS SEXTING? 82.2% said to get attention 66.3% said to be cool 59.4% said to be like the popular girls 54.8% said to find a boyfriend Cyberbullying


Peer pressure ( 52%-Boys) (23%-Friend) Revenge after a breakup Blackmail Flirting Impulsive behavior Special present

Joke Think it will remain private Cyberbullying STATISTICS 22% of teenage girls had sent pictures

18% of teenage boys had sent pictures 37% of teenage girls and 40% of teenage boys have seen or posted sexually suggestive messages Cyberbullying THE LAW

Teen found in possession of this type of image on his/her cell phone can be charged with possession of child pornography and the sender with distribution. If convicted, you have to register as a sex offender

Cyberbullying Tragic Texting Cyberbullying WHAT CAN TEENS DO?

If they receive a racy photo do not forward it. Speak to the person who sent it, if possible If they have sent a racy photo-STOP! May have to speak to a trusted adult about how to handle the situation Cyberbullying

Develop a deeper understanding of your childrens use of the Internet - Obtain AWARENESS! Their online activities The Internet environments they use and visit Use of the Net to explore roles and identity Learn about the Internet by asking your children to teach you all that they know take notes

Use the Internet environments and technological its tools Dont fear it use it! Protecting children - Do rules work?

If you have a rule about meeting an Internet friend in person: Reduces the likelihood of this happening by one-half If you have a rule about visiting inappropriate sites: Without a rule, 43% of Grade 6 and 7 kids visited these sites With a rule, only 14% visited these sites Kids in Grades 8 and 9 have approximately one-third

fewer rules than younger kids do. Canadian Study Protecting children - Filtering Technological tools can be helpful when children are young.

Inform your children when you use filters and/or monitoring tools. Save instant messaging chat logs so you have access to them if a serious situation occurs. Never be afraid to invade your childs privacy they have none!

M.M.O.R.P.G. Second Life WOW (World of Warcraft) Social Networking vs Virtual World

THANK YOU Any questions? Questions Contact Information

Brevard County Sheriffs Office Sexual Offender Registration Tracking Unit (SORT) 321-633-8407 E-mail: [email protected]

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