Properties of Relationship Development

Properties of Relationship Development

SOCIAL EXCHANGE & RELATIONSHIPS Exchange tangible and intangible rewards in a relationship Love is linked to exchange of rewards Become more committed when it is perceived that the value of each persons outcomes equal or proportional to the value of our investments

Equity is valued But, Equity may be destabilizing as it recognizes status differentials, and therefore, people in relationships do not have the same value Relationships develop because rewards are reinforcing and are greater than costs INTERDEPENDENCY Rewards must promote interdependency for relationship

to progress to more intimate levels Interdependence -- extent to which ones outcomes -returns-- depend on outcomes received by partner, and degree to which each ones profits are greater than likely in another relationship. Self Interest Anchors Relationships We seek out those we anticipate will be rewarding

We need to provide rewards to get rewards Reciprocity of rewards important Seek out only those partners who are: a) attractive to us b) likely to reciprocate Relationships often fail to progress beyond initial encounters because Types of rewards are readily available from a number of sources (e.g., approval for information)

Not profitable enough to assume cost of increased involvement WHAT IS A REWARD? Dont always know in advance - often ex post facto - tautology - a reward is rewarding Rewards can be costs as well (e.g., assistance from another) Social Approval is not always rewarding (e.g., compliments from unappealing person)

How are values determined? How much love; how much information? WHAT IS FAIR? Does fair mean Equitable? What is equitable? What Decision Rules might define equitable? Fairness Decision Rules

Maximize joint profits (Cooperative Behavior) Maximize others profits (altruism) Maximize difference between own & others profits (e.g., elites) Keep relative distance the same (status consistency) Contribution rule (outcomes match contribution) Need Rule (outcome matches needs) Equality (divide equally) Limitations of Social Exchange Theories

Are people really that self-interested? Is altruism really self-interest Are people really that calculating assumes active and highly aware Are people that goal oriented? assumes intent to maximize profits assumes we interact because others control valuables/necessities

assumes to induce rewards must give rewards

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