Presentation of project investigating tracking mechanisms for ...

Presentation of project investigating tracking mechanisms for ...

Termly SENCo meeting 19/3/15 This presentation is downloadable from: STF Tracking EP hub resource STF Tracking Project This project was set up in 2004/2005 to consider ways of assisting schools and the LEA to provide clear evidence of pupil progress and if possible, to suggest a common and consistent mechanism for doing this

Main Recommendations Use P Scales as a common tracking mechanism Need to consider using additional objective assessment procedures alongside P scales? e.g. PACE 2. Next Developments Tracking Steering Group set up: STF (MLD and ASD) staff in Clase decided to pilot PACE materials

Morriston (MLD) and Clwyd (MLD and ASD) then also involved We linked the P-Scales Targets to Foundation Phase Outcomes 1 to 6 Pskills - a web based computerised record keeping and report writing for the P scales which incorporates references to both P scales and Foundation Phase Follow up The following STFs now have access to the On Line program:

Bishopston Primary Cadle Primary Clase Primary Clwyd Primary Crwys Primary

Cwmbwrla Primary Gwyrosydd Primary Morriston Primary Penllergaer Primary Pontarddulais (Secondary PMLD) Townhill Primary

Trallwn Primary Research Angela Griffiths EPiT currently carrying out evaluation study including questionnaires and focus group 11 out of 12 questionnaires received may thanks to everyone who contributed to these and the focus group Full results will be published soon, but some key

points that have arisen so far: Key points key strengths very easy to use very useful for record keeping screenshot for parents to show progress cut and paste aids report writing extra features requested: smaller steps for ASD add level 3/4 NC targets + self help skills relate to NLF/NNF ?link with SIMS/Incerts allow for regression

training for new STF teachers EP Hub Now the EPs have access to tablets and wireless connection in Civic Centre and many schools, we are developing a web resource base of tools and materials We hope these will be of help to EPs, and schools to enable us to work as effectively and efficiently in the increasingly (fr)agile working environment we all find ourselves in! This is intended to enhance (not replace) the rich range of web resources that are already out there,

which Steve and John will be updating you about next! EP hub forum As part of the resource we have included a forum board which can be set up with private and open forum boards so that e.g. there could be a shared forum which anybody could see, or boards that can only be seen/posted to by particular groups We think this has an advantage over e.g. mailing lists as you can browse at your leisure on topics of interest rather than have to plough though emails which may not be relevant We think it could be particularly useful for

troubleshooting/advice, but this is dependent on people sharing their ideas as well as asking for help EP hub forum Also, as with the current Pskills forum, it has password protection which allows you to read and post securely and also access some of the apps we are developing which you may also find useful, for instance LORA which I will demonstrate if I have time If you thinks these resources may be something useful for you and you would like to contribute to a small pilot please email me at: [email protected]

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