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Presentación de PowerPoint

Current Situation of the Hidrographyc Matters, Nautical Charts Updates and ENC Eng. Adalberto Alguero Surveyor CategoryB December 2016 Memberships and Not Memberships Panama Situation IALA IC ENC No Member of IHO

Petro Terminal de Panama Chiriqui Grande Terminal Granelera Baha Las Minas Boca Fruit Company - Almirante Refinera Panam - Chevron Panama Ports Company Cristobal Manzanillo International Terminal Colon Container Terminal Colon Port Terminal Colon 2000 Coral Minera Muelle 3 Coln Pacifico

PUERTOS Y MUELLES ESTATALES Puerto Armuelles Vacamonte Aguadulce Pedregal Puerto Panam Boca de Parita Mensabe Mutis Vidal Bcaro Pedas Atlntico

PUERTOS CONCESIONADOS Panama Ports Company Balboa PSA Panama International Terminal Decal Panama Taboguilla Fuerte Amador Resort and Marina Petro Terminal de Panama Charco Azul Petro America S.A. Muelle Internacional Atun Melones Oil Terminal Isla Colon Chiriqu Grande Almirante El Porvenir Puerto Obalda

OUR WORK - TIMELINE SINCE 2009 2009 Start to looking for information to send WWNWS Start sending information for NTM and Nautical Charts Updates 2010 Designing new Anual Budgets for equipment, Softwares, etc. Start to analyze the UKHO Agreement 2011 - Start Getting information and data from private hydrographic companies (outsourcing Services) Aids to Navigation transfered to DOP 2012 Membership in IALA (2 Meetings, 1 Training) 2013 - Surveys of Navoceano 2014 Negotiation of the UKHO Agreement / New Aids to Navigation of Colon Scheme of the ENC Nautical Charts Code for ACP 2015 Signing of UKHO Agreement ---RoyaltiesTraining TSS

CHOPAN Restart Regular Meetings Presided by AMP IHO Meetings 2016 Reception of budget from IC-ENC Request of new survey equipment with UKHO agreements. Strength Panama Canal Experience Private Ports Weakness Budget Training Human Resource

Opportunities Keep Panama as a Leader in the Maritime Sector Better Products More users Incomes and Business Opportunities Threats Accidents No Time Comfort area First approaches with NGA for agreement

Sharing the country code for ENCs Agreement with UKHO CHOPAN Comisin Hidrogrfica y Oceanogrfica de Panam ReStart Regular Meetings - March 2015 Department of Hydrography and Nautical Cartography Submit for aprovation of MEF the establishment of the Department Look for adquisition of survey Equipment

Look for training and certifications List of equipment request Equipment Unidad Cantidad Ecosonda de doble frecuencia unidad 1

Equipo de GPS, con correccin de radio integrado unidad 1 Compensadores inerciales (MRU) para los sistemas de Multi Beam unidad 1 Compensadores inerciales (MRU) para los sistemas de single Beam

unidad 1 Software para colectar data y procesarla en sistemas de Single Beam utilizamos HYPACK, AutoCAD (Hidrogrfico) unidad 1 Lanchas para realizar los estudios hidrogrficos unidad

1 Equipo Multi Beam unidad 1 Equipo Single Beam unidad 1

Plotter unidad 1 Mesa para la lectura de planos unidad 1 Comps de punta seca unidad

3 Escuadra unidad 3 Regla Paralela unidad 2


TYPES OF NAVAREAS HAVING BEEN PUBLISHED BY PANAMA Temporary inactive Aids to Navegation Permanent inactive Aids to Navegation Changes in Access Channels Bad Weather Ships Adrift Shipwrecks Large Scale Exercises or Drills TYPES OF NTM PUBLISHED IN PANAMA

Permanent Corrections in CN Temporary or Preliminary Corrections in CN Permanent Changes in Access Channels New Depths After Dredging Activities Fixed Sea Installations (In example, Power Generation) How have we done it, and how do we presently do it? In 1998, Aids to Navigation were granted by way of a concession to a Private concern. Therefore, the NTM and Navarea warnings were sent through PECC. This contract was cancelled in the year 2000, and their issuance were discontinued. Restructuring of the new Aids to Navigation Section was re-instated in 2008. They started to issue NTM and to publish Navarea through NGA. The Maritime Safety Information (MSI) Manuals Special Edition S-53, began to be used in 2012.

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