Presentación de PowerPoint - RIUAEMex

Presentación de PowerPoint - RIUAEMex

Universidad Autnoma del Estado de Mxico Licenciatura en Lenguas Unidad de aprendizaje de Taller de microenseanza del ingls Tema: planning lesson, and managing the class 1. Facultad de Lenguas M. en Com. y Tec. Ed. Alma Delia Garca Ensstegui Objetivo

El presente trabajo se deriva de la unidad de aprendizaje de taller de micro enseanza, dirigido a los alumnos de la Facultad de Lenguas. El objetivo es que los alumnos identifiquen cuales son los elementos externos al impartir una clase en cualquier idioma. Se toma en cuenta la elaboracin

del plan de clase, sus etapas, los enfoques y cmo manejar la clase. PLANNING LESSONS Functions: - An aid to planning: written= think logically through the stages - time availability - A working document: - A record: of what you have done WHAT SHOULD BE INCLUDED IN A

LESSON PLAN? Aims: -What do I expect the students to do and/or to have achieved by the end of the lesson? -What specific language will they understand and use? -What specific skills will they have developed? PROCEDURE The part of the lesson plan which lays out the steps- stages- in the lesson plan to ensure that the aim (s) is achieved. Indicate on your plan

-what will be done at each stage -why PROCEDURE -time -materials you will use -details (complex instructions) Consider: -Order of stages -Approach (es)

-Activities -Materials each stage Answer: -How much time do I have? Approximately how will I Divide up the lesson into Stages? How much time each stage? PRESENTATION AND PRACTICE STAGE 1

5 MINUTES Introduce the structures Context: giving someone who has a headache, and the replies to the advice. PRESENTATION AND PRACTICE STAGE 2

5 MINS Check students understanding and practice saying the model sentences PRESENTATION AND PRACTICE STAGE 3 10 MINS Guided

practice, using cue cards-, in open then close pairs PRESENTATION AND PRACTICE STAGE 4 10 MINS Freer practice

using a new context: Giving advice about preparing PRESENTATION AND PRACTICE STAGE 5 5 MINS Students make

a record of the form and use of the structure in their notebooks. The lesson plan It must have a beginning and a closure

The stages time vary according to the class The material helps sts to learn easily

The five steps are not compulsory, three stages are also allowed. APPROACH (ES) AND ACTIVITIES Think what approach you use and what activities to present Aim to revise A language item

A text? Visual? Oral context? A problem solving? Managing the class Establish rapport -notice their reaction how

-to be in touch with the mood of class @ Eye contact Lack of confidence Managing the class -sufficient range when

@ Voice -variety -projection @ Gesture Part communication -reinforce instructions

-convey meaning lge -cut down amoun verbal explanation @ Classroom arrangement Organization of the sts -their attitude to each other and to you

-your attitude to them -how they interact -types of activities they can do @ Attention spread -dont go round in a line -give daunting tasks -spend longer sts dont understand -not let individual sts hog

-remember sts back & sides @ Teacher talk -Teacher speaks most of the time -Its the only place where sts can practice the lge -Give them time to speak @ eliciting When teacher brings out sts knowledge,

suggestions and ideas. asking questions Get sts involved Bring relevant information Increase their amount of talk @ giving instructions Make sure all sts listening (by making eye contact) Dont give handout until you have

given the instructions. @ giving instructions Use simple & short expressions: Listen up Now Its time to Use visual clues, realia, pictures, gestures, mimes (remember the role of

the teacher: performer, guide) @ giving instructions -Demonstrate or example -Break the instructions down (if sts have to do several tasks) 1 2.

@ giving instructions -Be decisive: RIGHT LISTEN -Check understanding: did you get it? Juanito, please tell us what you have to do.

@ setting up activities controlled activities: depens on Level Aim of the class: vocabulary, gr, subskill Age - use drills: listen and repeat: choral or individual -short dialogues (only one posible answer) @ setting up activities

-guided activities (with low leveled-sts) -dialogues -role play (prompts) -writing a model -focused on the practice of particular language structure @ setting up activities -creative or free communication: - speaking - writing

Material -ways to set up interactive activities: -sts talk to each other Communicative activities -sts fulfill a task @ setting up activities Do interactive activities

- give more speaking time -withdraw individual performances -encourage rapport -allow sts to work collaboratively -allow sts to be independent @ setting up activities Do interactive activities - give opportunity for shy sts to participate - provide a change in pace -adds a variety of the lesson

@ setting up activities Do interactive activities -pair-work: should be gradual - make sure the task is clear and understood -structured -tutored-activity Referencias

Gower R. et al. ( 1998), Teaching Practice Handbook, London: Heinemann. Harmer J. (1991), The Practice of English Language Teaching, London: Longman

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