The HBC and NWC Metis and Aboringals Life

The HBC and NWC Metis and Aboringals Life

The HBC and NWC Metis and Aboringals Life In the North West Red River

Settlement $200 $200 $200 $200

$400 $400 $400 $400 $600

$600 $600 $600 $600 $600

$800 $800 $800 $800 $800

$1000 $1000 $1000 $1000 $1000

$800 $1000 Red River Rebellion $200 $400 Louis Riel/

Prov. Govt $200 $400 Final Jeopardy- Place Your Wagers List (in order) and explain the actions Louis Riel

took upon his return to the Red River Settlement. (You need 5 minimum) Final Jeopardy 1. Became leader of the Metis in the Red River Settlement. 2. Creates Metis National Committee 3. Seizes Fort Garry

4. Establishes the Provisional Government in the Red River Settlement 5. Writes the Metis List of Rights 6. Orders the execution of Thomas Scott 7. Flees Canada The Jeopardy Champion! $200

Beaver. Bison. Name the two animals that the HBC and NWC most desired (think about profit) $400 Montreal This was the Canadian city

that the NWC was based out of $600 The York Factory The name of the head factory of the HBC. Located on Hudsons Bay

$800 Men who travelled on land and in water to deliver furs and trade goods. They worked for the NWC. Who were the Voyageurs $1000 The land was not as profitable for the HBC as before. Beaver and buffalo had

diminished and were not in demand as much. Canada was wanting to expand to reach the Pacific. Why did the HBC sell Ruperts Land to Canada $200 The Seignurial System. Long strips of land, with equal access to the water. Part of

the French system of agricultural planning. What type of land plot organization did the Metis use? Describe it. $400 Aboriginal people who mixed with European (French) people

The Metis had mixed ancestry. Who was their ancestors $600 Cuthbert Grant This man led the Metis resistance against the HBC in the 1820s

$800 The Pemmican Proclamation This legal document caused the Metis in the R.R.S. to rebel and take arms against the HBC in the early 19th century.

$1000 They had more disicpline, better trained with their guns (buffalo hunt), much better leadership, more familiar with their surrounding area. Name the reasons why the Metis won the Battle of Seven Oaks

$200 One business or company having full control over the trading and profiting of a particular industry in a particular area. Define Monopoly $400 1821.

What year did the HBC and NWC merge $600 Wooden cart, with two wheels, used by the metis on the Red River Settlement. Allowed them to multi-task while riding. Describe the Red River Cart.

$800 George Simpson Who became the head administrator of the HBC after the merger with the NWC $1000 The NorWester

This was the name of the newspaper in the NW that John Schultz took over to publish his views $200 Lord Selkirk. It is also called the Selkirk Settlement.

The Red River Settlement was created by persuasion of the HBC from this man. $400 Buffalo Hunting/Farming. An important economic activity that brought a lot of business to the Red River

Settlement $600 The Scottish. This European group were the majority of new settlers in the Red River Settlement $800

Miles Macdonell This man was the first official governor of the Red River Settlement $1000 Assiniboia This was the name Selkirk

had originally wanted to call the Red River Settlement. (Name after an aboriginal group) $200 Thomas Scott The man executed during the Red River Rebellion

$400 The Orange Order. This group was very antiFrench and very anti-Catholic $600 Fort Garry The name of the fort that Riel

and the Metis took over $800 November 1869 The year (and date if possible) in which Canada purchased Ruperts Land $1000

The Manitoba Act. Which created the separate province of Manitoba. A place where metis rights and demands would be met. It could be argued that this documents creation is evidence of the success of the Red River Rebellion

$200 Lawyer Before he was the leader of the Metis, Riel was a... $400 He fled to the United States What happened to Riel after

the Rebellion $600 To successfully run and manage the Red River Settlement properly and fairly. Their long-term goal was to have a separate territory for their government to rule and more equal laws regarding language and religion.

What were the goals of Riels Provisional Government $800 Riel/the Metis. Canadian government. 1870. This Metis List of Rights was created by _______________ and was meant for the _______________ in the year

________. $1000 His fiances family there broke of their engagement when they found out he was Metis. Why did Louis Riel leave Quebec to go back to the Red River Settlement

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