Taking Time for You Establishing healthy lifestyle behaviors

Taking Time for You Establishing healthy lifestyle behaviors

Taking Time for You Establishing healthy lifestyle behaviors throughout your life influences optimal aging -Positive Attitude -Practice Being Safe -Eating Smart

-Know Your Health -Physical Activity Numbers -Brain Activity

-Stress Management -Social Activity -Financial Affairs -Tuning Into the Times -Sleep

-Taking Time for You Taking Time for You How often do you take a personal time-out? Take Time For You

Get to know yourself Take care of yourself Take a break Make a to do list Be physically active Eat healthfully Relax Laugh

Learn to say NO Create a bucket list Get to Know Yourself What makes you, YOU? Take Care of Yourself Improves mood & productivity

Enhances confidence & concentration Leads to overall well-being & happiness Take a Break Dont feel guilty for taking time to unplug.

Make a To-Do List Enhances time management Promotes organization & prioritization Provides control & balance Encourages gratification & empowerment

Be Physically Active Enhances overall well-being Improves health Decreases stress & anxiety Boosts self-esteem & confidence Eat Healthfully

Take the time to prepare and eat healthful meals. Relax Relaxation is the single most important key to health and well-being. Laugh

Laughter: Increases endorphins (the feel good hormones) Boosts the immune system Reduces stress Lowers depression Enhances a healthy mind and soul Learn to Say No

Admit that there are limits in how much you can do in a day. Create your Bucket List Aging is inevitable By embracing a healthy lifestyle throughout your life, you will have a

greater ability to engineer a positive approach to the aging process.

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