Continuing PERIOD 4: 1800-1848 DO NOW: Aim: How

Continuing PERIOD 4: 1800-1848 DO NOW: Aim: How

Continuing PERIOD 4: 1800-1848 DO NOW: Aim: How did Andrew Jackson introduce a new form of Jacksonian democracy upon becoming President? Corrupt Bargain Indian Removal Spoils system SC Exposition and Protest s i s National Bank Crisis

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a M e t i h W l a s r e v i Un Suffrage Two-Party Pet Banks System

Im sorry, Mr. Jackson, are you for real? TRANSFORMATION TUESDAY with Andrew Jackson 1767 - 1845 First Known Painting of Jackson, 1815 Photo of Andrew Jackson in 1844 (one year before his death) Key Events Leading to Jacksons Presidency

1. Battle of New Orleans (January 1815) 2. Corrupt Bargain of 1824 3. Election of 1828 The man, the myth, the legend? 60-second Presidents (PBS) - All you need to know about John Quincy Adams (JQA) VIDEO While you watchanswer the following questions... 1. What kind of bribe made John Quincy Adams the President of the US in the election of 1824? 2. How did Andrew Jackson react to JQA becoming President of the US? The Election of 1824

BYE! Era of Good Feelings 261 electoral votes and 131 needed to win. ADAMS VS JACKSON corrupt The Corrupt Bargain Henry Clay supports John Q. Adams and the House of Representatives chooses Adams as the President Adams appoints Henry Clay as his Secretary of State. Jackson cries out CORRUPTION! and calls this the

Corrupt Bargain Jackson promises he would run again for the Presidency in 1828 and would smash Adams! VIDEO The Corrupt Bargain corrupt1 Suspicions of a corrupt bargain have been strengthened by entries in the diary of John Q. Adams. On January 1, 1825, after a public dinner, he wrote, He (Clay) told me (in a whisper) that he should be glad to have with me soon some confidential conversation upon public affairs. I said I should be happy to have it whenever it might suit his convenience.

In the diary entry for January 9, reads in part, Mr. Clay came at six and spent the evening with me in a long conversation explanatory of the past and prospective of the future. Exactly a month later, with Clays backing, Adams was elected. This happened because Clay was Speaker of the House..They also hated Andrew Jackson... One more thing before you go, JQA Tariff of Abominations (AKA Tariff of 1828) Raised tariffs on imported hemp, wool, fur, etc = favored Northern manufacturers In the South, it raised the cost of manufactured goods = ANGRY! SECTIONALISM Andrew Jackson:

1767 - 1845 U.S. President from 1829-1837 New parties POLITICAL PARTIES AFTER ELECTION OF 1824 JACKSONIAN DEMOCRACY Political world changed during the New Democracy. Two new political parties emerge: NATIONAL REPUBLICANS 1. Adams, Clay and Webster 2. Strong national govt. 3. Favored the BUS, tariffs,

internal improvements, industry, public schools and moral reforms such as prohibition of liquor and abolition of slavery. 4. Best/privileged run the govt. DEMOCRATS 1. Jackson and Calhoun 2. Believed in states rights and federal restraint in economic and social affairs. 3. Favored the liberty of the individual and were fiercely on guard against the progress of privilege into the government.

4. Protected the common man. JACKSON THE MAN Emotional, arrogant and passionate Dueled---could drink, smoke, curse and fight with the best of them Lawyer, Judge, senator, general and finally President First president from the West Appealed to the Common Man because he was one FUN FACT! He was the only president to have been a former prisoner of war. During the Revolutionary War, the 13-year-old Jackson

joined the Continental Army as a courier. In April 1781, he was taken prisoner along with his brother Robert. When a British officer ordered Jackson to polish his boots, the future president refused. The infuriated Redcoat drew his sword and slashed Jacksons left hand to the bone and gashed his head, which left a permanent scar. The British released the brothers after two weeks of ill treatment in captivity, and within days Robert died from an illness contracted during his confinement. Election of 1828 was REVOLUTIONARY! Jackson and J. Q. Adams ran against each other for the presidency One anti-Jackson newspaper declared, General Jacksons mother was a common prostitute, brought to this country by the

British soldiers! She, afterwards married a mulatto man with whom she had several children, of which one was Andrew Jackson. Anti-Adams Anti-Adams people people accused accused him him of of hiring hiring aa servant servant girl girl aa visiting visiting Russian Russian ambassador ambassador

Adams Adams was was accused accused of of gambling gambling in in the the White White House. House. One of the worst elections in US History for its mudslinging. As a result of this, Jacksons wife Rachel, died of a heart attack just before he became PresidentHe blamed Adams and Clay and never forgave them.. The 1828 Election

Jacksonscampaign campaignwas wasengineered engineeredby by Jacksons SenatorMartin MartinVan VanBuren BurenofofNY NY Senator He Hecreated createdthe theDemocratic DemocraticParty Party

fromthe theremains remainsofofJeffersons Jeffersons from oldparty: party: old PlanterElite Eliteininthe theSouth South Planter

Frontierpeople people Frontier Artisans[competition [competitionfrom fromfactory factorylabor] labor] Artisans Immigrantsininthe thecities cities

Immigrants The Election of 1824 Election of 1824, 355,817 voted. The Election of 1828 Election 1828, 1,155,350 voted. WHY did the numbers increase so much? UNIVERSAL MALE SUFFRAGE = new states say ALL free

white males could vote and hold office without having to own land or belong to a particular religious group KING MOB Jackson allowed commons into the White House on the night of his inauguration; they created a mob, wrecking china and furniture and causing Jackson to have to sneak out for his safety. GREAT NEWS! MARKET REVOLUTION PROJECTS NOW DUE THURSDAY 12/22 (we will start presentations on Thursday as well)

DO NOW: To the Victor Belong the Spoils 1. Circle symbols that stick out to you. 2. Who is shown riding the hog? Label it. 3. What might the hog symbolize? Label it. 4. What does it mean to the victor belong the spoils? 5. Is this cartoonist FOR or AGAINST the spoils system? Why or why not?

As President, Jackson REWARDED his supporters with GOVERNMENT JOBS = SPOILS SYSTEM VIDEO To the victor, belong the spoils. People who couldnt read or were just incompetent given jobs. Where have we seen something like this already happen? Do you agree with the idea of a spoils system? Obama handed out posts (47 administration jobs to top bundlers overall) Corrupt Bargain Two-Party System Kitchen Cabinet

s i s i Cr Indian Removal Spoils system National Bank War n o ti a c Tariff of Ab fi

i l l omination Nu 7 s 3 8 Ri s e 1 f o of th c i n e

a Whi Common Man P gs e l a M e t i h Eaton Affair W l

a s r e Univ Suffrage Pet Banks Im sorry, Mr. Jackson, are you for real? Aim: Was Andrew Jackson more of a champion of the common man or King Andrew? Jackson will face FOUR BIG ISSUES as President of the US 1. Peggy Eaton Affair

2. Nullification Crisis 3. Bank War 4. Indian Removal Draw this in your notebook Unique characteristics of Jackson Jacksons Kitchen Cabinet The Bank War VIDEO Battle of the Pettycoats/ Eaton Affair Nullification Crisis Jacksons Legacy **Focus on the CAUSES and

EFFECTS of each event while you listen Think-Pair-Share - Discussion #1 On your own (4-5 minutes) look at the events/characteristics on your chart that shaped Jacksons presidency and decide which ONE was most significant to his LEGACY Make a list of AT LEAST 3 reasons why this specific event was so significant to Jacksons legacy While you work, think about why other events were NOT as significant/important to his legacy #2 After 5 minutes, youll break into teams (3-4), and DISCUSS which event you chose with your group mates and explain to them WHY #3 Well then talk as a class to see what you all have decided on

EATON AFFAIR Peggy (ONeal) Eaton was the wife of Jacksons secretary of war (John Eaton) who was the target of malicious gossip by other cabinet wives Jackson became her champion and stood up for her because of what happened to his late wife, Rachel. EATON AFFAIR When Jackson tried to force the cabinet wives to accept Eaton socially, most of the cabinet resigned Vice President John C. Calhoun RESIGNS and goes back to South Carolina Jackson creates the

kitchen cabinet which were informal advisers, Jacksons good ole boys. ISSUE #2 = NULLIFICATION CRISIS John C. Calhoun, former VP under Jackson, US Senator from South Carolina President Jackson Two REALLY STUBBORN guys, who shouldve

been BROS, GOING AT IT! NULLIFICATION CRISIS Tariff of 1828 (Tariff of Abominations) North LIKED tariff, WHY? South HATED it, WHY? Protective Protective tariff tariff would would be be raised raised to to 45% 45% on on aa

dollar. dollar. South South upset upset with with this this b/c b/c they they saw saw the the US US Govt. Govt. favoring favoring the the North North and and industry

industry Feared Feared the the US US Govt. Govt. would would take take away away slavery slavery too! too! JACKSON VS CALHOUN John C. Calhoun becomes a US Senator from South Carolina and defends slavery and states rights Calhoun threatened secession (leaving the US) if tariff was not lowered!

Calhoun believed in the nullification theory each state had the right to decide whether to obey a federal law or to declare it null and void The Union, next to our liberties, most dear! - Calhoun JACKSON VS CALHOUN VIDEO Jackson persuaded Congress to pass a Force Bill giving the president authority to take military action in SC People of South Carolina: NULLIFICATION and DISUNION are acts of TREASON! Dont

make me send the federal troops down to knock you out! In the endno federal troops were sent, and Jackson also suggested that Congress lower the tariff to make everyone JACKSON VS CALHOUN The Nullification Crisis Compromise of 1833 Henry Clay Tariffs were gradually lowered---25% over 10 years South Carolina dropped nullification Jackson preserved the Union!!!

Southerners believed they were becoming a permanent minority, like they GAINED from this whole crisis ISSUE #3 =The National Bank Debate Nicholas Biddle President Jackson To recharter or not to recharter, THAT IS THE QUESTION! THE BANK WAR

Jackson - Bank of the US was too powerful because it was privately owned SAID IT WAS UNCONSTITUTIONAL! Jackson: should be controlled more by government and the people because it was corrupt Nicholas Biddle (President of the Bank), Henry Clay and Daniel Webster supported the Bank THE BANK WAR In 1832, an election year, Henry Clay decided to challenge Jackson on the bank

issue by persuading a majority in Congress to pass a bank recharter bill Jackson vetoed this bill The Cartoon from the 1832 presidential cartoon depicts Jackson as a cat with Veto written on his tail clearing Uncle Sams barn of bank and clay rats KING ANDREW Picture shows President Jackson holding a veto in his left hand and scepter in his right. US Constitution is torn up and Jackson is standing on it

King Andrew The Bank War inspired numerous cartoons. Opponents referred to him as King Andrew because used the veto more than any president to that time..12 times Destroyed the Bank of the US in 1832 with the veto. VIDEO THE BANK WAR The 1832 Election

An overwhelming majority of voters approved of Jacksons veto Jackson won reelection with more than of the electoral vote THE BANK WAR A triumphant Jackson holds his order to remove government

deposits from the bank as the bank crumbles and a host of demonic characters scurry from its ruins. Transfers funds to state banks Critics called them PET BANKS Was Andrew Jackson more of a champion of the common man or King Andrew? EXIT Assessment OPTION #1: Answering the Aim: How did Andrew Jackson

introduce a new form of Jacksonian democracy throughout the United States? Use historical facts and details from todays lesson to support your answer. OPTION #2: So far, is Andrew Jackson a HERO or VILLAIN? Use historical facts and details from todays lesson to support your answer.

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