Company Profile Startex Marketing Services Lanka Startex Mystery

Company Profile Startex Marketing Services Lanka Startex Mystery

Company Profile Startex Marketing Services Lanka Startex Mystery Shopping (Pvt) Ltd Our Mission Our mission is to assist businesses in making informed decisions about their customer care and service delivery. We strongly believe that this can only be achieved through Honesty, Relationship Building, Customer Loyalty, Cross Selling with result oriented trained Employees Company Facts Since 1998, our parent Company Startex has been actively

engaged in helping national & international clients improve their customer experiences Member MSPA (Mystery Shopping Providers Association) since 2000 Field operations since 2010 in Sri Lanka Services Customer Experience Programs Mystery Shopping Video Mystery Shopping Telephone Mystery Shopping Brand Standard Audits

Voice of the Customer Programs Customer Satisfaction Study Service Plan Preparation Staff Training (for effective implementation of Service Plan) Net Promoter Program (Customer Loyalty) Service Plan implementation

Post-implementation review and strategy Services Mystery Shopping Best tool to gauge quality of service offered to customers at the moment of truth A successful Mystery Shopping Program helps all departments to improve Marketing & Operations HR

Ensure that promises are kept Right people are chosen for the right jobs Brand/product visibility Save training costs by focusing only on areas where trainings are

required Ensure brand image is preserved Supply Chain Ensuring product is available at the right time at the right place Finance Invest in the right people &

processes Management Focus on the core areas of concern Mystery Shopping Methods Non-video Trained mystery shoppers visit designated client locations posing as customers Interact with staff and make observations as per agreed format A scored report is shared with the client Video

Entire experience is recorded using hidden audio/video equipment Acts as a self-validating tool Provides excellent input to training Telephone Telephone etiquettes of staff How Product info is provided over telephone Telephone protocols are being followed

Courtesy and helpfulness Reporting Our state of the art online reporting system has been developed keeping in view international mystery shopping reporting standards and client requirements

Dashboard view for senior management Comparison reports Oops & Wows report Geographical reporting Variety of analyses All reports downloadable Everything just a click away!! Time Resources Money Brand Standard Audits Ensure adherence to compliance standards

Improve presentation of your business Preserve brand image Enhance accountability at every level Voice of the Customer Customer Satisfaction Study Get feedback regarding Your products and services Your performance vis--vis customer expectations How your products compare with the competitor offering Process level gaps Suggestions for improvement Voice of the Customer

Net Promoter Program Most preferred customer loyalty metric that helps businesses grow by strengthening customer relationships Helps converting customers into brand ambassadors A comprehensive program that promotes customer-centric culture Helps a company manage retention, share of wallet, positive word-of-mouth and attrition figures Service Planning Startex can provide assistance in Preparation of Customer Service standards

Works as a CS bible in which everything related to Service is laid down including process details, stakeholders involved, accountability framework etc. Helps clearly communicate management expectations across the organization Clearly mentions working parameters and helps in inter-departmental communication Service Plan Development A comprehensive Customer Service strategy for standardized experience across channels Channel-wise efficiency, goal setting, accountability and communication structures Review, rewards & rehabilitation framework

It is said that So The choice is yours! For smiles Tissa Jayaweera Chairman/Managing Director Tel ; +94 72 224 3468 Email; [email protected], Startex Marketing Services Sri Lanka Lanka Startex Mystery Shopping (Pvt) Ltd Level 6, East Low Block, World Trade Center

Colombo 00100 Email ; [email protected], Amintha De Silva Chief Operations Officer Tel ; +94 77 441 6655 Email ; [email protected],

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