BOM Quadrennial Training 2016 The Big Picture Registrar

BOM Quadrennial Training 2016 The Big Picture Registrar

BOM Quadrennial Training 2016 The Big Picture Registrar Many relationships Local Church Education

Communication Different responsibilities GBHEM -DOM Mentor Candidate BOM D.S. dCOM

Candidacy Registrar Job Description Process Files Liaison Provide Resources UMCARES Psychological Assessment Education The District Committee on Ordained Ministry 666 Sub-committee of the BOM ( 666.1) Representative from each dCOM on the BOM ( 635.1g)

Approves candidacy and licensing for all persons ( 666.6) New decisions from General Conference 666.1 The District Superintendent shall not chair the dCOM 666.4 The dCOM required to make reasonable accommodation for cultural and ethnic/racial realities and language translations (see also 310.2b)(2)). Lay Supply - 205.4 If a lay assignment will last longer than one year that person must enter the CLM or certified candidacy process Fitness/Potential, Readiness, and Effectiveness Certified Candidacy Fitness/Potential Provisional Membership & License

Readiness to Serve Full Membership & Continuing License Effectiveness in Ministry Mentoring Grac e Gifts Fruit Ministry of All Christians

Group Mentoring Why? Candidates requesting more consistency Candidates seeking desire to share process with other candidates Demonstrating success in Provisional Membership Groups Conferences wanting fewer mentors and gifted mentors Conferences wanting to streamline process

Benefits Creates setting where candidates can focus on discernment, not just application One central contact person Candidates receive consistent, identical information Timing and requirements of process are standardized across the conference Candidacy Guidebook Answering the Call Designed for candidacy groups use or for oneon-one work between candidate and mentor

Reflection questions Reorganized flow of book Part I Discernment, UM Beliefs, Spiritual Disciplines Part II Making Decisions and Process Appendices Mentor Meeting Guides, Steps, Candidacy Retreats Added Chapters Health and Wholeness Financial Literacy Other Resources BOM Library

BOM Handbook Chapters 1 9 Candidacy and Conference Relations Forms Candidacy and Conference Relations Resources The Christian as Minister Answering the Call Ministry of Flyers

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