Welcome! While you wait How many ways can

Welcome! While you wait How many ways can

Welcome! While you wait How many ways can you think of to spell the nonsense word: Lightoe For example: Lightoh Lightow Liteoa

How many did you get? Lightoe Lightoh Lightow Liteoa Lightoa Liteoh Liteow Liteoa

Lytoh Lyto Lytow Lieto Lytoa Lietow Lietoh Lietoa Lighto Year 1

Phonics is taught daily to all children in EYFS and Key Stage 1. Children begin by learning phonemes (the sounds the letters make), before moving on to digraphs (sounds made using 2 letters) and trigraphs (sounds made using 3 letters). Blending is the process that is involved in bringing the sounds together to make a word or a syllable and is how /c/ /a/ /t/

How does my child learn phonics? The phonics are split into phases. Children tend to learn phase 1 in Nursery, before moving onto phases 2, 3 and some of phase 4 in reception, then the end of phase 4 and phase 5 in Year 1. There is a big focus on segmenting (breaking the words down into sounds) and blending (blending the sounds into whole words), and children are encouraged to use these skills as

they learn the sounds within their phase. How does my child learn phonics? To ensure that children are really looking at the sounds within a word, we use a variety of strategies. Robot Arms/Ninja Arms Snowball Sounds Dotting and Dashing Phoneme Frames

and lots of repetition! Real Words & Alien Words We also use a mixture of real words and alien words, in order to encourage children to really look at the sounds within the words. Phonics Screening Check All Year 1 children throughout the

country take part in a phonics screening check during the summer term. It is designed to confirm whether individual children have learnt sufficient blending and decoding skills to read to an appropriate standard. Phonics Screening Check Completed on a 1:1 basis by a teacher.

Usually takes 5-10 minutes, but there is no time limit. Check is 40 words long, 20 pseudo 20 real. Pseudo words are presented with a picture of an alien, so the children think this is the aliens name Pseudo words are used to help the teacher to be sure that the child is able to decode words not just read them from memory. Then in the future they will be able to decode longer, and more unusual vocabulary.

The expected pass mark has been 32/40 in the past, however the DfE does not release the pass mark until a week after the children have completed the tests. It is expected that all children complete the test, unless they have no understanding of phoneme-grapheme correspondence. If a child does not meet the expected standard, then in Year 2 extra support and provision will be put in place for them. They will then complete the check again in Year 2 the following June. You will be informed of your childs result via a letter. The data

gathered will be used within school to help provide assessment and inform planning for us as teachers. Data is also sent to the DfE where it collates information about the standard of phonics across the whole country. How to help at home www.phonicsplay.com Try free games Picnic on Pluto and Buried Treasure Phase 3,4,5

www.teachyourmonstertoread.com On the website or as an app on your tablet or smart phone, this is a fantastic game for all different levels and abilities. www.phonicsbloom.com Try the Yeti game in Phase 3,4,5 How to help at home

www.twinkl.co.uk If you create an account there are some free resources you can access for phonics. Read every day! Reading everyday will improve your childs reading. Read 3 times a week minimum.

Have phonics up and around at home; these sound mats are available for you today. Lets Meet the Experts The children will now have the chance to show you some of the games we play in our phonics sessions and resources we have in school.

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