This PowerPoint accompanies Jills presentation on Low Tech

This PowerPoint accompanies Jills presentation on Low Tech

This PowerPoint accompanies Jills presentation on Low Tech Accommodations and Modifications. It includes the slides that Jill shows in her video. Low Tech Accommodations & Modifications For the Inclusion Classroom Presented By: Jill Slaughter Maury County AT

1st Step in an AT Evaluation Check to make sure that the student is receiving appropriate accommodations and/or modifications! Modified Grading Scale Change the way a student is graded. Tests, assignments, & overall grade. Modify the weight of tests, notebooks and

assignments. Adding points can be a form of modified grading scale. 8 40 After the Modified Grading Scale is explained...

15 75 Daily Modified Grading Scale Download this file from the website Modify Test Format

Questions in Small Groups of Ten or Less Sticky Notes or Cut Folders in half or thirds Literally cut questions into pieces Highlight Key Terms & Key Phrases Highlighters and Highlighter Tape Teach students to highlight key terms in the directions Modify Test Format Open Book and Open Book with Clues Mark pages in book with Post It Flags

Mark paragraphs with Highlighting tape Word Bank for Fill in the Blank & Labeling Write Word Bank on Post It Place each answer on a small sticky then place around diagram Abbreviate Test Concepts The Asterisk Method The teacher differentiates the questions he/she wants to ask, about a unit, into two

levels: Level One: Must Know Questions Level Two: Nice To Know Questions Low Tech Solution... Use different color highlighters or colored dots Abbreviated Assignments Shorten Reading assignments by amount or spread out over a few days Cut assign. into pieces, literally

Break assign. into groups of 10 or less by drawing a box around groups. Pair student with a partner, write in different colors Fill in blanks of teachers notes for note taking Study Guide Specific Questions, not tell me about George Washington Provide page numbers Fill in the blank Spacing, use a colored overlay strip to focus on one question Highlight key words & phrases with highlighters & tape

First letter of the answer Post It Flash Cards T-Notes Plus Behavior Contract Student & Teacher agree upon unacceptable behaviors Student & Teacher agree upon acceptable changes in behaviors Student & Teacher agree upon rewards and consequences

Taped Materials Usually the classroom text comes with a set of CDs or online. Recordings for the Blind & Dyslexic. RFBD has some Cliff Notes on CD Start to Finish Books Spacing & Visuals

Space items so that text it clear Leave enough space to write answers or work out Math Problems Use flag to remind student what question they are answering

Use typed worksheets and tests Use color paper to draw interest to work

Provide answers vertically to avoid looking past answers Colored overlays

Raised lined paper Underline key terms in a question Page Ups

Webber Handwriting Paper CD (Software) Graph paper Dry erase boards

Contact paper on desk Other Aids See It Right

Colored Overlays Writing with Dry-Erase markers on plain overlay Sticky shelf liner

Extra Grade Opportunities Re-do missed items Re-take tests Extra project Extra credit Grade for note taking Grade for turning in assignments Show all work for extra points in Math Sources

Webber Handwriting Paper CD @ Super Duper Lottie Kit by Onion Mountain Highlighting tape @ Classroom Direct NCR paper @ Columbia Printing & Graphics See It Right - Handwriting Activities & Paper Jill Slaughter [email protected]

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