Unclassified SRB Selective Reenlistment Bonus ETNCM(SW/AW) GALE BUPERS

Unclassified SRB Selective Reenlistment Bonus ETNCM(SW/AW) GALE BUPERS

Unclassified SRB Selective Reenlistment Bonus ETNCM(SW/AW) GALE BUPERS 328 Updated: 28 May 2019 Unclassified Unclassified Agenda Program overview Requirements and fundamentals

Future of SRBs Unclassified 2 Unclassified References OPNAVINST 1160.8B (01APR2019) NAVADMIN 305/18 (17DEC2018) Unclassified 3

Unclassified SRB Program Overview Primary monetary force shaping tool in the Navy FY18: 13,091 requests totaling $167M FY19: 11,762 requests totaling $158M Exists to achieve enlisted retention requirements in specific categories such as: Ratings NECs Currently incentivizing 133 skillsets! Unclassified

4 Unclassified SRB Program Overview SRBs broken down into 3 tiers The tier system codifies a prioritization on which skillsets should be incentivized most Within the tiers there are various SRB caps SRBs are further capped at $100k per contract, not to exceed $30k per 12 months of AOS Total career cap of $200k Unclassified

5 Unclassified Zones (OPNAVINST 1160.8B PARA 9) Can only be paid once per Zone If at exactly 6 or 10 year sit will default to the earlier Zone unless Zone is not available or have already received a payment in that Zone. ZONE A ZONE B 17 MTHS - 6 YRS 6YRS - 10 YRS

Unclassified ZONE C 10 YRS - 14 YRS 16 YRS PAY 6 Unclassified SRB CALCULATION AOS = (NEW EAOS) (CURRENT EAOS) CURRENT EAOS may be EAOS or SEAOS OPNAVINST 1160.8B, paragraph 10.b

Unclassified Since policy only pays for AOS and not the entire length of contract this prevents a sailor from being paid twice for the same period of time. This also prevents a subsequent reenlistment from having any effect on the outstanding payments associated with a previous SRB reenlistment. 7 Unclassified SRB CALCULATION SRB = (BASE PAY) X (AOS) X (AWARD LEVEL) 12 BASE PAY is base pay on date of discharge

Date of discharge is day before reenlistment Pay tables structured for greater than Unclassified 8 Unclassified Basic eligibility Be within 180 days of EAOS Unless, Crossing out of a zone of eligibility Hard copy PCS orders in hand Nuclear-trained

Note, CZTE and EP evals are irrelevant Not have reenlisted for SRB in that zone previously SRB offered for that skillset on date of requested reenlistment Unclassified 9 Unclassified SRB REQUEST SUBMISSION Two methods accepted: CIMS (NSIPS) Directly into OPINS

Every work night at 1605 CST, NSIPS syncs to BOL, which then syncs to OPINS OPINS reflects back to BOL with status BOL will show SRB total of $0 until we prescreen the request Unclassified 10 Unclassified PRESCREEN PROCESS Successful syncs for valid requests will populate our queue in OPINS We screen queue every work day

Once we prescreen the request we will either reject it or accept it Accepted requests will then reflect back to BOL with SRB total when system syncs on that work night Unclassified 11 Unclassified PRESCREEN ISSUES

Unclassified Requests submitted greater than 120 days System errors NSIPS Afloat successfully syncing to NSIPS 35 day clock starts when we receive the request 12 Unclassified BEST PRACTICE Stay away from the 35 day line Submit in CIMS Track status of request in BOL

Watch it go from $0 to expected amount If SRB total in BOL does not match your manual calculation, call or email Expect an approval a week, or so, from reenlistment date Do not wait for absence of an approval to question status Use a Julian date calendar Unclassified 13 Unclassified REJECTIONS

Rejections are not necessarily bad. They are a status communication tool BOL will say resubmit, that does not always mean I want you to resubmit. Before you resubmit, know why it was rejected. When in doubt, call or email An absence of a rejection message does not imply the request is valid Unclassified 14 Unclassified Program History Established for nuclear trained Sailors

Program expanded incrementally to add other skills Submariners SPECWAR/SPECOPS Skillsets with high training costs Skillsets with high civilian earning potential 2 or 3 NAVADMINS a year to adjust award levels and tweak program requirements Unclassified

15 Unclassified Program History National Defense Strategy was updated with a direction to grow and retaining the Force NAVADMIN 119/18 greatly expanded the skillsets offered an SRB It is hard to predict reenlistment behavior when SRBs are changed We were slow to respond to reenlistment behavior and had to curb spending Unclassified

16 Unclassified SRB Shutdowns 99 skillsets shutdown completely via the SRB webpage If a skillset met the retention goal or budget for that skillset, it was shutdown 3 rounds of shutdowns a month apart to eliminate overlap First time webpage used for this in two years, and first time used to that scale Unclassified

17 Unclassified Future of the Program NAVADMINs are slow Slow response times cost us money and can cause us to exceed target retention SRB Program needs to be responsive and dynamic Expect short term offerings of SRBs in highly targeted skillsets Once the goal is met, we will shut it back down This allows us to better control spending while targeting the skills we need most Unclassified

18 Unclassified COMMS No matter how OPNAV chooses to execute a change, whether NAVADMIN or via the SRB website, BUPERS 328 will: Update SRB page Use FET to push information to NCs Proactively identify request that no longer meet requirements, and reject them Unclassified

19 Unclassified Reductions/Shutdowns Unclassified 20 Unclassified Maximizing the SRB

Unclassified Change your mindset, and change the conversation Do not wait until closer to EAOS to gain more AOS Delaying is gambling Take the SRB if it is available Do not think your skillset is safe from a closure A sure thing is a wiser choice than gambling for an incremental increase in SRB 21

Unclassified WHAT I NEED FROM YOU Remember that you are the alleged expert, and the Sailor is relying on your expertise A Sailor might reenlist for SRB 3 times. Do not assume they know anything about SRBs. The Sailor is not always right. Back them up. Do the math Never refer a Sailor to call me. That is your job. Unclassified 22 Unclassified

Our Website http:// www.public.navy.mil/bupers-npc/career/enlistedcaree radmin/Pages/SRB.aspx Unclassified 23 Unclassified CONTACT INFORMATION ETNCM(SW/AW) James Gale (901) 874-3215

Mr. Francisco Palomo (901) 874-3915 [email protected] I can answer 95% of your questions via email if you give me the rate and full name. Unclassified 24 Unclassified Questions? Unclassified


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