z WELCOME TO THE 2018 CERTeam AWARDS z Background Of CERTeam The CERT concept was developed and implemented by the Los Angeles City Fire Department in 1985. The Whittier Narrows earthquake in 1987 underscored the area-wide threat of a major

disaster in California. Further, it confirmed the need for training civilians to meet their immediate needs. Since 1993 when this training was made available nationally by FEMA, communities in 28 states and Puerto Rico have conducted CERT training. FEMA supports CERT by conducting or sponsoring Train-the-Trainer and Program Manager courses for members of the fire, medical and emergency management community. z

Community Emergency Response Team The Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) program educates volunteers about disaster preparedness for the hazards that may impact their area and trains them in basic disaster response skills, such as fire safety, light search and rescue, team organization, and disaster medical operations. CERT offers a consistent, nationwide approach to volunteer training and organization that professional responders can rely on during disaster situations, which allows them to focus on more complex tasks. Through CERT, the capabilities to prepare for, respond to and recover from disasters is built and enhanced. At the same time, the CERT program was designed as a grassroots

initiative and specifically structured so that the local and state program managers have the flexibility to form their programs in the way that best suits their communities. CERT volunteers are trained to respond safely, responsibly, and effectively to emergency situations, but they can also support their communities during non-emergency events as well. There are over 2,700 local CERT programs nationwide, with more than 600,000 individuals trained since CERT became a national program. z CERT Response Cont.

FEMAs Community Emergency Response Team Program trains volunteers to prepare for the types of disasters that their community may face. Through hands-on practice and realistic exercises, CERT members: Learn how to safely respond to manmade and natural hazards Help organize basic disaster response

Promote preparedness by hosting and participating in community events z Certeam Course Overview Disaster Preparedness: Addresses hazards specific to the community. Materials cover actions that participants and their families take before, during and after a disaster as well as an

overview of CERT and local laws governing volunteers. Fire Suppression: Covers fire chemistry, hazardous materials, fire hazards and fire suppression strategies. However, the thrust of this session is the safe use of fire extinguishers, controlling utilities and extinguishing a small fire. Medical Operations Part I: Participants practice diagnosing and treating airway obstruction, bleeding and shock by using

simple triage and rapid treatment techniques. z CERTeam Overview Medical Operations Part II: Covers evaluating patients by doing a head to toe assessment, establishing a medical treatment area and performing basic first aid.

Light Search and Rescue Operations: Participants learn about search and rescue planning, size-up, search techniques, rescue techniques and rescuer safety. Psychology and Team Organization: Covers signs and symptoms that might be experienced by the disaster victim and workers, and addresses CERT organization and management. Course Review and Disaster Simulation: Participants review and

practice the skills that they have learned during the previous six sessions in a disaster activity. z Drills and Exercises Drills are excellent opportunities for CERT programs to practice, assess and improve emergency response plans and on-theground operations while engaging their volunteers and refreshing the concepts and skills learned in CERT training.

These exercises were developed according to national guidance and principles outlined by the Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program. It is important that CERT programs tailor their exercises to reflect realistic events that may impact their community to practice skills they need to test or practice most. z CERT Hours Total 2017 CERT Members

Total hours for 2017: 715.75 Total Hours for 2016: X Total CERT active members on List: 39 Total CERT LOA member: 7 New CERT members: 2 z Joyce Cook-Young Welcome New Members z

Member Training Train-the-Trainer First Aid/CPR/AED training

Basic Weather Spotter Pipeline Safety Incident Command System (ICS) courses Monthly Meetings

z Search Training Member Training z CERT Academy Member Training

z Basic Moulage Member Training z June to December, 2017 CERT Events

West Burlington Homecoming Vintage Market West Burlington 4th of July 60+ Lifestyle Expo

DMC Fair Fireball Run Beckman Funeral Medicine takeback

Volunteer Fair Holiday parade 34 Raceway fundraiser CERT Blitz Boots versus Badges

Salvation Army Toy Distribution Downtown Trick or Treat Library display Parade z

Burlington Library Display 2 times CERT Events Medicine drop-off z Downtown Trick or Treat

CERT Events z January to Today, 2018 Tour of NWS Office Christmas Party Quincy Weather Conference Shamrock Shuffle Beaster Run Day of the Child JDRF Run

Great River Bridge Race Road Race CERT Events z 2017 Vintage Market (new

2017 / annual) Emergency responder funerals (as requested) CERT New Events 2018 Snake Alley Art Fair (annual)

Great River Bridge Run (annual) Steamboat Days Parade (annual) Fire Ball Run (2017 only)

Snake Alley Art Fair (annual) Gabeline Auction (2017 only) Alzheimers Walk (annual)

Farmers Market booth 3 times (annual) z 34 Raceway Fundraiser(s) Gabeline Auction Des Moines County

Fair CERT Fundraising z Gabeline Auction Command Post CERT Fundraising z

CERT Blitz z 2017 Governors Volunteer Awards DMC SKYWARN 5 year length of service CERT 5 year length of service

Jeanette Gallagher Tara Gerdes Robert Wilson Connie Todd

Jason Lampe DMC SKYWARN 10 year length of service Barney Paytes z

Dan Moeller, 2018 Mayors Award nominee Community Awards z StormReady Ambassador z

CERT Officers Vacant Barney Paytes Chief James Houghton Deputy Chief Terry Smith Communications Captain

Logistics Captain z New Training Officer Dan Moeller z Team Photographer

Ryan Smith z Officer Training Dirt on CERT CERT Program Manager z Serving Your Community

Thank you for the great job and all that you do for your community. When you put the CERT vest on, youre taking your time out of your schedule and serving your community. Keeping everyone safe. Keep up your great work and be safe. z Goals for 2018-2019 Grow both team membership (recruitment)

Expand participation in meetings and at events Upgrade First Aid training to Basic Life Support (BLS) Plan for the development of specialty teams z Des Moines County SKYWARN

z Training Monthly Training Training for new members z

Weather Spotter Class z Scott Gillis Net Controllers Jared Sommerfelt James

Houghton z Net Support Connie Todd Amy Williams z Gary Dick

HAM Radio Net Controllers Terry Smith Evan Bachtell Ron Smith z Scribe

John Porter z Diane Van Duzen Nick Gavin New Members Quintin Lee

Cindy Bowen Dan Wischmeier Dan Aney Anthony Keenan Tania Aney z

Annual Event Support Steamboat Days Des Moines County Fair z StormReady Ambassador z Old Weather Ops

April, 2008 z Old Weather Ops z New Weather Ops New location (co-located next to DESCOM Des

Moines County Communications at Great River Medical Center) New computers and desks New spotter location map z New Weather Ops z The Plant

Designated spotter locations Synchronized tornado siren test Guards member of DMC SKYWARN z 2018 Volunteer Awards DMC SKYWARN Length of Service

DMC CERT Length of Service z Goodbye Tom! You will be missed! z And announcing a new Award.. z

CERT Volunteer of the Year! z 2018 CERT Volunteer of the Year! Jeannette (Jenny) Gallagher z 2018 CERT Volunteer of the Year!

z Funny Quotes for Today z

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