GROUP C Wanda Thomas Jatu Gary Janet Hidalgo

GROUP C Wanda Thomas Jatu Gary  Janet Hidalgo

GROUP C Wanda Thomas Jatu Gary

Janet Hidalgo Dharmesh Navi (Team Leader) ASSIGNMENT UPS is currently using Google email and traditional phone system. They hired Group C to replace Google

email and traditional phone system with Skype for business. We are going to use the provided information to use SDLC process, using the five phases, which includes the following: Planning, Analysis, Design, Implementation, Testing & Integration and Maintenance. PLANNING PHASE Planning

Maintence Implementation Analysis Design

Economic Feasibility: Will benefits exceed costs? (Cost per user/Month) Feasibili ty Study Only need basic features? Buy the Business Essential for $5.00. Business Essential; 10.42%

Need some features? Buy the Enterprise E1 for $8.00. Need all features? Buy the Enterprise E5 for $35.00 (With an annual Enterpris e E1; 16.67% commitment for these prices)

Operational Feasibility: Will it be easy to learn and use? They have training for a smooth transition to the new system. Schedule Feasibility: Can we do it in time? Both systems can run at the same time until the new system is operational.

Technical Feasibility: Do we have the tech resources? Skype for Business gives you tech support 24/7 over the phone. Enterpris e E5; 72.92% GANTT CHART

PERT/CPM CHART SYSTEM ANALYSIS PHASE In this phase we are using a decision tree as a model to help us visualize the right package for your location. We noticed some of your locations will not need all the features Skype for Business have to offer, so there ae smaller packages you can purchase

for a smaller amount. DESIGN PHASE In the design phase, we build a physical model that describe how the system will be constructed and the vendor carried out the coding, the testing, and debugging of program modules. Group C is choosing the best package for your location needs.

IMPLEMENTATION PHASE The new system is implemented and corrections are completed, if needed, and a post-implementation check is made to ensure that continuity of operations will take place. We would recommend using the Phased operation. It is midway in terms of both cost and risk. Moreover, it allows for renovation and correction if problems are found at the initial location before the system is implemented throughout the corporation. PostImplementation. Check for possible ethics violations. Also, conduct a survey of users to ensure the transition is seamless.

Address any issues that have been presented. TESTING & INTEGRATION AND MAINTENANCE PHASE The last phase of the SDLC is to make sure the system continue to work until its no longer in use by the user. Also, in this phase its tested and integrated. As you can see in the picture, you have two conferences merging into one meeting, which is one of

the features with Skype for business. THE SOLUTION Skype for Business is the product for you Selections for each location Improve your global communication Cut down on travel cost Cross-platform support

Meetings without leaving your office Saves time CONCLUSION We conclude that Skype for Business will be a great product for UPS and your growing need to succeed. Since you are the worlds leading global provider of specialized transportation and logistics services it only make sense you use a product that can connect you around the world. In order to continue your strong revenue growth and different services you are going to need a product that can help you accomplish your goals. You always ask: What

can Brown do for you? Now we are asking: What can Skype for Business do for you? REFERENCE

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