SEIZING THE INTERNET OF THINGS OPPORTUNITY FOR AUSTRALIA @IoTAA1 @FrankZeichn er Internet of Things is accelerating digital transformation of the economy Sustaining environme nt The 4th Industrial revolution Improving productivi ty Empoweri ng citizens Innovating services Internet of Things a complex eco-system that demands collaboration An end-to-end system comprising: sensors/actuators communications

data/analytics applications and services visualisation and user interfaces wrapped in security Translating the physical world to digital Collecting, transforming and sharing data IoT technology enables digital transformati on of industry Using analytics to gain insights, find patterns, predict performance, optimise systems New business models Radical decreases in cost of data acquisition, storage and processing in last 10 years 20X

sensors 40X bandwidth NOT Connected 60X processing 99% of things in the world are still NOT connected 100X data storage and.. securit y 1 trillion connected things by 2035 $3bn $5bn $4bn $10bn

$13bn $22bn $2bn $3.3bn $45bn $116bn per year in 2025 in Australia $10bn $14bn $2bn $8bn (incl. agri) $6bn $17bn $2.5bn $24bn $2.5bn $12.7bn ource: McKinsey Global Institute (figures re-calculated to reflect Australian impact) The economic opportunity The adoption challenge Australias competitiveness and innovation adoption is falling back, relative to our competition: World Economic Forum - The Global Competitiveness Report 20162017 21st to 22nd Poor in business innovation, business sophistication and technological readiness Innovation and Science Australia

Performance Review of the Australian Innovation, Science and Research System 2016 Australia ranked last in application of new ideas Four key factors in accelerating adoption 1 Collaboration Industry/ government/ research collaboration underpins leadership UK, Germany, Singapore, Japan lead examples Big players must work with small players, start-up support 2 Learning/ innovating by doing iterative and agile development is the way forward Technology and business model disruption is happening fast start, learn and adapt Government has a role in triggering activity in areas of national interest 3 Streamline governance across boundaries to unlock new business models Breakdown unneeded regulatory boundaries that inhibit innovation Enable data sharing especially between government and business and citizens 4 Focus on sectors to build on Australias natural advantages and to enhance our compet Food and agribusiness, water, energy, transport and smart cities Internet of Things Alliance Australia (IoTAA)

INDUSTRY IoTAA working with focus sectors to accelerate the adoption IoT GOVERNMENT National Innovation agenda Industry Growth Centres RESEARCH Industry partnerships in strategic areas Vision: To empower industry to grow Australias competitive advantage through IoT IOTAA Members collaborating across industry, government and research 250 Organisations, over 450 participants Board and Executive Council members: Technology

IBM Intel SAP Ericsson Nokia Huawei Service providers Industry

Commonwealth Bank IAG Bosch Schneider Electric Communications Alliance AMTA AIIA Internet Australia Thinxtra Telstra Optus Vodafone NBN AARNet AT&T Research CSIRO UTS QUT

Swinburne University of Technology IoT start-ups Quantify BlueIoT Startupbootcamp Timpani Consulting KPMG Creator Tech Government

PMC DoCA ACCC ACMA OAIC ACCAN IoTAA addresses seven key enablers and inhibiters for IoT adoption Security & Network Resilience - trust that underpins growth Spectrum Availability for lower cost connectivity IoT Start-up innovation Platforms & Interoperability to enable innovation & avoid lock-in Data Sharing & Privacy to accelerate data flow and protect people

Sectoral Focus where we have a natural advantage Seven key enablers and inhibitors = workstreams Collaborative Australian IoT Industry IoTAA awareness, advocacy and engagement 2017 Australian IoT Adoption Index Showcase program Deep Dive industry workshops Rainmaker investor program Problem reverse Pitch program Industry best practice and guidelines Security Privacy, data rights Interoperability Spectrum ASX 200 awareness program Government advocacy International liaison Industry events GOVERNMEN T

INDUSTRY National working with Innovation focus sectors agenda, to accelerate Industry the adoption Growth IoT Centres RESEARCH industry partnerships in strategic areas Join us Find out more: Email us: [email protected] Twitter: @IoTAA1 @FrankZeichner

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