Welcome to the Public Library Annual Report Review

Welcome to the Public Library Annual Report Review

Welcome to the Public Library Annual Report Review Meeting August 26, 2014 Colorado Talking Book Library Denver, CO Library Research Service Staff Nicolle Steffen

Director 2 Linda Hofschire Research Analyst Meghan Wanucha Research Assistant Introductions

Please introduce yourself and share your librarys primary e-book and e-magazine delivery system (e.g., Overdrive, Zinio, Freegal). 3 Meeting Objectives Provide an opportunity for public library staff and stakeholders to share their perspective on the PLAR reporting process with LRS staff and

each other, identifying what works well what needs improvement what needs to be added/removed future needs/challenges 4 Public Library Annual Report (PLAR) Data Elements

National: Public Library Survey (PLS) State Local Annual January March reporting period April September edit check cycle Fall state data finalized 5 PLAR Reporting Cycle

State Library Census Public Libraries State

Library Statistical Reports published on LRS.org 6 National Statistics

published by Institute for Museum & Library Services (IMLS) 7 Technology Measures Wireless Sessions Annually

Definition: Report the number of wireless sessions provided by the library wireless service annually. 8 9 Technology Measures Virtual Visits Number of unique visitors to library's website

Definition: Unique visitors is the number of inferred individual people as determined by IP address (filtered for spiders and robots), within a designated reporting timeframe, with activity consisting of one or more visits to a site. Each individual is counted only once in the unique visitor measure for the reporting period, in this case, a month. Number of unique visitors to library's website should be calculated by summing the number of unique visitors for each month to get the annual total. Definition adapted from: Web Analytics Association; Web Analytics Definitions - Version 4.0; Authors: Jason Burby, Angie Brown & WAA Standards Committee

10 Technology Measures What is the best measure of virtual visits? Unique visits versus total visits Other measures 11 10 minute break

E-Books Definition: E-books are digital documents (including those digitized by the library), licensed or not, where searchable text is prevalent, and which can be seen in analogy to a printed book (monograph). Include non-serial government documents. E-books are loaned to users on portable devices (e-book readers) or by transmitting the contents to the users personal computer for a limited time. Include e-books held locally and remote e-books for which permanent or temporary access rights have been acquired. Report the number of

physical or electronic units, including duplicates, for all outlets. Report the number of units. Report only items the library has selected as part of the collection exclude public domain/uncopyrighted e-books that have unlimited access. Colorado libraries that have added Project Gutenberg titles and MARC records to their OPAC should continue to include these titles in their count of ebooks. 13 E-Resources Why is this hard? E-book data collection & reporting issues

Consistency Comparability Accuracy Representativeness 14 E-Resources Counting E-Book resources Consortium versus library purchases

Freading Zinio Freegal Library created and/or owned content Other 15 Public Library Annual Report (PLAR)

Miscellaneous Issues & Parking Lot Discussions 16 30 minute lunch break Welcome Back Does your library have a Makerspace?

How do you measure its use and impact? 18 Library As Place Makerspace Definition Usage Impact

Meeting Room Usage Reporting Other 19 Library As Place Outlets Reporting non-traditional outlets & usage

Other 20 10 minute break Reference & Beyond Reference Transactions Definition, Part 1: Reference transactions are information consultations in which library staff recommend, interpret, evaluate, and/or use information resources to help others to

meet particular information needs. A reference transaction includes information and referral service as well as unscheduled individual instruction and assistance in using information sources (including web sites and computer-assisted instruction). Count Readers Advisory questions as reference transactions. Information sources include (a) printed and non-printed material; (b) machine-readable databases (including computer-assisted instruction); (c) the library's own catalogs and other holdings records; (d) other libraries and institutions through communication or referral; and (e) persons both inside and outside the library. 22

Reference & Beyond Reference Transactions Definition, Part 2:When a staff member uses information gained from previous use of information sources to answer a question, the transaction is reported as a reference transaction even if the source is not consulted again. If a contact includes both reference and directional services, it should be reported as one reference transaction. Duration should not be an element in determining whether a transaction is a reference transaction. NOTE: It is essential that libraries do not include directional transactions in the report of

reference transactions. Directional transactions include giving instruction for locating staff, library users, or physical features within the library. Examples of directional transactions include, Where is the reference librarian? Where is Susan Smith? Where is the rest room? Where are the 600s? Can you help me make a photocopy? 23 Reference & Beyond

24 Technology help versus reference transactions One-to-one help; "Book a Librarian Outreach; Visiting Librarian Other Related Topics & Wrap-up

Miscellaneous Issues & Parking Lot Discussions Research Institute for Public Libraries (RIPL) Edge Initiative Plus/Delta 25 Resources LRS.org

Colorado Public Library Statistics and Profiles: http://www.lrs.org/data-tools/public-libraries/annual-statistics/ IMLS: Public Libraries in the United States Survey (PLS): http:// www.imls.gov/research/public_libraries_in_the_united_states_surve y.aspx Research Institute for Public Libraries (RIPL): 26

http://ripl.lrs.org/ Contacts Library Research Service Staff Nicolle Steffen, MLIS, Director 303-866-6927 [email protected] Linda Hofschire, MLIS, PhD, Research Analyst 303-866-6827

[email protected] Meghan Wanucha, MLIS, Research Assistant 303-866-6787 [email protected] Dave Hodgins, MLIS, Data Coordinator and Web Developer 303-866-6904 [email protected] 27

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