ALL of these questions assess AO3 [Apply knowledge

ALL of these questions assess AO3 [Apply knowledge

ALL of these questions assess AO3 [Apply knowledge and understanding to interpret, analyse and evaluate geographical information and issues and to make judgements] Eduqas GCSE Geography B Component 1: 8 mark questions at the end of each theme Component 2: one 12 mark question at the end of Part C Component 3: one 10 or 12 mark question at the end of Part C Develop Strategies to help prepare for (AO3) extended writing: Less focus on learning facts related to case studies. More emphasis on: Interpretation Analysis Appraisal Making decisions Justification Ascribing meaning layers of inference.. What does the source tell me? What can I infer (guess)? What does the source omit? What other questions should I ask? Making comparisons Applying evidence from known examples to compare likely outcomes in a novel situation Recognising bias Detecting neutrality or vested interests in evidence. Identifyin limitations in evidence. Identifying trends/patterns and anomalies Using current evidence to forecast likely short/long term scenarios/impacts Ascribing meaning Identifying layers of meaning applying understanding to new situations Recognising costs and benefits Weighing the positive and negative impacts. Identifying winners, losers and decision makers Ranking / prioritising Deciding on best and better options Weighing impacts / identifying decision makers Who decides? Who are making decisions about change raising questions about the involvement of local communities or the imposition of decisions from above Social How will people be affected? Will the local community benefit? Strategies for planning a response: evaluate, assess, justify Economic Will jobs be created or lost? Will local people benefit? Skills? Natural How will the environment be affected? AO3 requires: Critical thinkers 1 Reduce time spent on case studies 2 Make time to practise the skills of evaluation and decision making 3 Emphasise the process of learning (how did I learn) rather than the end product 4 Provide some simple scaffolding techniques as safety nets for learners who lack confidence 5 Encourage the use of connectives to extend writing use one or more type of argument

Consider future scenarios and consequences (Probability) Use evidence to support a reasoned argument (Empiricism) Analyse claims and opinions held by some stakeholders (Scepticism) Weigh positives against negatives when considering the likely impacts of change (Pragmatism) Application of a concept to justify a choice key concepts can be used as ways into an evaluative answer. For example: Futures analysing trends to predict the likely impact of a decision Sustainability of a choice . Use sectors of Egans wheel as memory pegs to evaluate sustainability of a decision. Vulnerability/resilience how will the local community be affected by your decision? SIGNPOSTING is used by news broadcasters. They use headlines, then detail, then a summary. The use of signposts and connectives can help to link together an extended response I would recommend The most important reason This is better than other options because.. In conclusion Think about who benefits Benefits for local people would be Whereas the benefits for the government/ businesses would be Make comparisons A similar strategy was used at It worked well because The circumstances here are similar because So I would expect the consequences to be.. Think about futures In the short term the trends suggest that because In the longer term the evidence suggests that Be BALANCED Weigh up advantages and disadvantages e.g. costs / benefits, good / bad, positive / negative impacts Be SYNOPTIC Use knowledge and understanding from other topics in Geography, from the news, other subjects Use EVIDENCE Give extended and detailed evidence to support a decision. Use hard and soft evidence but do not use vague assertions. COUNTER-ARGUMENT Be able to explain why some proposals or ideas have been rejected Think about FUTURES Reach a JUDGEMENT Consider the impacts of your DECIDE! Be able to put decision in the short term together a logical case that is and longer term. Is it linked to evidence sustainable?

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