Mission Continuity FY 2020 Tabletop Exercise Program Time

Mission Continuity FY 2020 Tabletop Exercise Program  Time

Mission Continuity FY 2020 Tabletop Exercise Program Time of year: Your busiest most hectic time Weather: May or may not be a factor depending on your busiest, most hectic time; choose the worst weather for that time of year Introductio n As a part of this exercise, please update the Mission Continuity Program by September 10, 2019 of any change to the most critical systems (2-4 total) in rank order that your organization requested to be restored first, in order to continue your critical operations. Keep in mind this is about continuity of operations, not about emergency response.

As new information is revealed on each slide, you should determine what part(s) of your BIA and BCP plans are needed to respond. FY20 MCP TTX scenario 2 Customize your scenario Customize this scenario based on the content and purpose of your building (e.g. EHRS issues, animals, wet labs, specimens, patients, classrooms, specialized equipment, etc.) Inform the Mission Continuity Program of University staff representatives it would be helpful to have at your tabletop (e.g. DPS, FRES, EHRS, ISC, Registrar, etc.)

Inform the Program of the building(s) you have identified to be impacted by this scenario and fill in on slide #5 FY20 MCP TTX scenario 3 As you go through the scenario, participants should focus on: Prepare What do you do?

Who is in charge? Who does what? What procedures and work-around are in place or should be considered? FY20 MCP TTX scenario 4 Day One, Early morning Due to local construction, there is a major street collapse in front of X building(s) impacting your organizations ability to function A large sinkhole opened up in the street in the middle of the night First responders are on the scene securing safety,

evaluating the situation, and redirecting traffic The building was evacuated Some staff members are already on their way to work No one will be allowed to enter the building(s) Open issues: communication, loss of buildings, human resources FY20 MCP TTX scenario 5 Day One, 8 AM Update Facilities and Real Estate Services (FRES) has cut all utilities to the affected building(s), including power, water and gas. With no power to the building, VPN access is unavailable. Public Safety (DPS) is re-routing traffic within a 2-block area around the affected building(s)

The phone system for your organization is unavailable and it is being determined if the conduits and internet cables were crushed Evaluation of building safety continues, including concern whether there was a gas leak and fumes in the building. Open issues: loss of technology, equipment, buildings FY20 MCP TTX scenario 6 Day One, Early afternoon A key staff member has sustained minor injuries and first responders transported her to the hospital. She is not expected back to work for

several weeks. (If the key staff member is in your tabletop, please ask her to be present, but not participate.) Several key leadership members are on their way to an international conference in China and unreachable for the duration of their 14-hour flight. Open issues: loss of human resources FY20 MCP TTX scenario 7 Day One, Late afternoon Your organization must decide how to continue operations in the face of this event. It is clear you will not be able to enter the

building for an undetermined amount of time. Open issues: Alternate location plans, workarounds, communication plan FY20 MCP TTX scenario 8 Day Two, 8 AM Due to crushed network conduits under the street, PennNet continues to be unavailable to the affected building(s). This means that members of your organization cannot use Remote Desktop or a VPN to access content from their desktop computers. Due to potential danger in the affected building(s), Information Systems cannot enter to repair the affected

network conduits. Cloud applications are still available as long as users have an internet connection. Open issues: loss of technology FY20 MCP TTX scenario 9 Day Two, midmorning FRES and DPS inform your leadership that the affected building(s) may have experienced some structural damage. In the street collapse, critical gas lines were damaged and gas fumes may be hazardous. No-one will have access to the facility until it has been fully inspected, repaired and designated by the City of Philadelphia as fit for habitation. You must

assume it might be weeks. Open issues: critical processes and functions (BIA), alternate locations (longterm), communications FY20 MCP TTX scenario 10 Day Two midafternoon As the building is inspected by the Citys Licenses and Inspection Department, it becomes clear you will not be able to have access to the building potentially for a prolonged period of time. It is unknown whether critical equipment (such as lab or scientific equipment) is damaged or not, given entry has been suspended. Open issues: loss of buildings, equipment,

research, alternate/back-up vendors FY20 MCP TTX scenario 11 Day Two afternoon You were expecting a delivery from a critical vendor. However, due to street closures and traffic re-routing, they are unable to deliver. Open issues: loss of third-party vendor/partner, future planned deliveries and communications with vendors FY20 MCP TTX scenario 12

University leadership communicates the following: Day Two end of business day All power and utilities to the building(s) will remain off No one other than emergency services will be allowed to enter the building as it is unsafe You are advised to assume the building will be off-line for at least the semester. Open issues: activate and consult all BETH3 plans FY20 MCP TTX scenario

13 VPNs and Remote Desktop remain unavailable. Week 2 to end of semester Discuss how your organization has been coping without access to your normal facilities, equipment and technology. The alternate facilities you are occupying will only continue to house 50% of the members of your faculty and staff for 3 more days. You now need to plan for multiple locations to continue operations for the remainder of the semester. Open issues: back-up alternate location, loss of technology and equipment FY20 MCP TTX scenario 14

Were plans adequate for this type of loss and disruption to normal operations? Are we able to continue operations without major impact to our constituents? Conclusion: Mission Continuity Planning Post-exercise analysis: How could we improve communications? Do we need to modify our Mission Continuity plans and BIA? What was missing in the steps we took during the scenario? What would we do differently? What are the most important lessons learned?

Are we comfortable with our response and ability to recover? Did we succeed in protecting Penn's assets and allowing Penns mission to be delivered? FY20 MCP TTX scenario 15

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