The Cell Cycle & Mitosis Cellular Division 101

The Cell Cycle & Mitosis Cellular Division 101

The Cell Cycle & Mitosis Cellular Division 101 The Cell Cycle The Cell Cycle The

cell cycle is the series of events that occur in a cell including growth, replication and division. There are two major divisions:

Interphase Mitotic Phase (Mitosis and Cytokinesis) Interphase Interphase Interphase

is where cells spend most of their lives. Interphase is the time between cell divisions. There are three phases to Interphase.

G1 Cell growth S DNA is copied G2 Growth continues and preparation for division begins.

What is Mitosis? What is Mitosis? Mitosis is the division of the nucleus of a cell with duplicated DNA

In mitosis, a parent cell divides into two diploid daughter cells Four steps: Prophase, Metaphase, Anaphase, Telophase Prophase Prophase

Chromatin condenses to form

chromosomes Nuclear envelope dissolves Centrosomes move to opposite ends of the cell Spindle forms between centrosomes and chromosomes start to move to the center

Metaphase Metaphase Chromosomes line up across the center of the cell

Chromosomes attach to the spindle fibers Anaphase Anaphase Centromeres divide

Sister chromatids move rapidly to opposite poles Telophase Telophase Chromosomes

return to chromatin form Spindle fibers disappear Nuclear envelope begins to form around each set of chromosomes Cytokinesis Cytokinesis

The Animal cells: cleavage furrow.

Area of the cell membrane pinches in Plant cells: cell plate. Vesicles from the Golgi apparatus join together at the midline of the cell to form a cell wall

Two process by which cells divide. daughter cells are about the same size. Each receives half the cytoplasm and half the

organelles. Prophase Metaphase Anaphase

Telophase Control of Cell Division Control of Cell Division Think traffic lights green means go, while red means

stop. Cell Growth Checkpoint (G1)

Is the cell large enough? Is it healthy? Green light sends us into DNA replication. DNA Synthesis Checkpoint (G2)

Three checkpoints in the cell decide whether the cell should stop or go. Did DNA replicate correctly? Green sends the cell into Mitosis.

Mitosis Checkpoint Did mitosis go okay? Green sends the cells exiting mitosis.

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