Service Oriented Libraries: changing the conversation by design

Service Oriented Libraries: changing the conversation by design

Service Oriented Libraries: changing the conversation by design Kate Kelly, RCSI (Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland) HLG Conference Keele University, June 13 2018 Nexus 3: service-oriented libraries libraries shifting their strategic emphasis from collections to services.. Paradigm 7: needs to be a more credible articulation of what the library is and does.. Context Conversations about health libraries & space in the literature Decades Health Library

Literature 1939-1959 2 1960-1969 6 Health related literature 4 - Big Themes Army medical Library Planning & Design The Armed Forces Medical Library. Roger FB. 1953 New library buildings.. 14 part series in BMLA 1970-1979 1980-1989 1990-1999 16 11

23 4 2 13 Building projects Building projects Digital Transition 2000-2009 10 - Identity 2010-2018 21 15 Loss of space Redefinitions

Representative Titles Planning and designing of medical libraries. Keys TE. 1969 Planning a new medical library. B Doran, 1989 Tomorrow's library: will it all be infrastructure? Ludwig LT. 1995 Library as place: results of a delphi study. Ludwig LT, Starr S. 2005 Case study on loss of space at Spaces that support redefined roles of academic health sciences librarians Designing spaces for the networked learning landscape International Trends in Health Librarianship Health Info Libr J. 2015 Dec;32(4):326-31 Establishing partnerships 86

Shift from print to digital collections 67 Financial pressures 57 Education & Training Role of librarians - expanding 52 Professionalism (including future of profession) 52 Space/physical library rethinking, redesigning 48 Librarians skills needed (education/training needs) 43 Evidence- based medicine, nursing

38 Journals concerns 38 Pressures on health science librarians 38 Librarian's role changes 33 Social upheaval impact 28 Library users changes 3 Public/consumers Electronic health records

1 . Treadwell Library, MGH 1847- Sept 2014 No building, no books Where were going we dont need books The newly redone library is vastly different from its former self in many ways. For one, it doesn't actually have any books. Instead there are computers, classrooms, collaborative spaces and a virtual cadaver. Building, no books Integrated, some books

University of Arizona, Phoenix, Health Science Library RCSI (Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland) The statutory professional training body for surgeons and Irelands only stand-alone health sciences institution dedicated to the education and training of healthcare professionals. RCSI 2017 7. Stages of learning Spiral Curriculum - a metaphor Iterative revisiting - not just repetition Deeper each time

Application becomes operational rigour Internalisation leads to comprehensiveness Eventually leads to mastery 4. What is a spiral curriculum? Harden, Medical Teacher, 2009 5. Critical thinking in healthcare and education, Sharples et al. BMJ 2017 6. Changing face of medical curricula . Jones et al. Lancet 2001 Self-care & resilience Slide shared with permission of Judith Gilroy, Assoc Dir Academic Affairs RCSI Evaluate, Create Mastery LIBRARY & STUDY SPACE Understand, Collaborate, LIBRARY & STUDY SPACE Analyse, Learner centric LIBRARY, ENTRANCE, CAF 540 SEAT AUDITORIUM Knowledge

as foundation GYMNASIUM Holistic self care SPORTS HALL Slide shared with permission of Judith Gilroy, Assoc Dir Academic Affairs RCSI RCSI Library Service 15% Onsite 2016/1 7 Main Heritage Hospital 85% of the use of the library service is online.

Weve a very small & shrinking print collection What do we do? What are our core skills & knowledge? RCSI Library Structure Penang Medical College Library RCSI Bahrain Library & Learning Resource Centre Library Services Customer Service & Communications Library Services Delivery Education, Research and Clinical Support

Metadata and Content Management Scholarly Communications & Research Support Library Systems Clinical Support Heritage Teaching & Learning 3 Teams 32 Individuals (20.5 FTE) Archives Special Collections

Space as service Knowledge & expertise: top levels Query Query management management Customer Customer Service Service Excellence Excellence Managing Managing access access to to spaces spaces and and resources resources

Organising Organising information information Liaison Liaison with with publishers publishers and and vendors vendors Library Library Service Service Delivery Delivery E-resource E-resource licensing licensing and and access access

Engaging, Engaging, partnering, partnering, collaborating collaborating Collecting, Collecting, conserving, conserving, exploiting exploiting Advanced Advanced database database searching searching Teaching Teaching and and curriculum curriculum

support support Clinical Clinical information information resources resources Education, Education, Research Research & & Clinical Clinical Support Support Open Open access access and open and open

science science Research Research metrics metrics and and citation citation analysis analysis Manuscripts, Manuscripts, printed printed records records Heritage Heritage Instruments, Instruments, specimens, specimens,

furniture, furniture, portraiture portraiture Digitising Digitising collections collections Search Search strategy strategy design design and and support support History History of of RCSI and RCSI and medicine

medicine in in Ireland Ireland Strategically Aligned Services Transformative Learning Experience Embedded workshops, lectures, classes - evidence-based health care Assignment related referencing clinics Drop-in workshops EndNote classes Information Point Research & Consultation Service Spaces to support learning Experiential space for engagement Virtual learning spaces Collections electronic & print Impactful Research

Supporting Healthcare & Society Bibliometric profiling for: Clinical information service Individuals Clinical information resources Departments Literature searching for The institution Clinical guidelines Researcher workshops Systematic reviews Advanced literature searching Open access repository Copyright & licensing Open research data management Research supporting collections Customer Services Excellence Collaboration Systems for Resource Discovery Heritage institutional fact checking & memory Takeaways

Health libraries experience relevant to other sectors Changing space changes the conversation about: Roles Purpose Positioning Health libraries: service & skill focus The loss of the expert literature search, instructional services, journal request, and interlibrary loan services had the most significant impact on study participants Schwartz DG and Elkin PL. "Health Sciences Library Closings; A Context Sensitive Pilot Study." Studies in Health Technology & Informatics 241.(2017): 21-27. Thank you for listening

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