Arenu Presents.... Moses Bethlehem * Reading * Lancaster

Arenu Presents.... Moses Bethlehem * Reading * Lancaster

Arenu Presents.... Moses Bethlehem * Reading * Lancaster April 6-7, 2015 (2 day/1 night) Day 1: By popular demand MOSES has been extended! Depart St. Pauls Church, Glastonbury at 7:00am as we head towards Reading, PA for 2 nights at the beautiful Crowne Plaza Hotel. We make a stop in Bethlehem, PA first where well visit the popular Sands Resort Casino, each tour member will receive a casino bonus ($20 free play plus lunch). Tonight at the Crowne Plaza Hotel enjoy a wine & cheese reception followed by a sit down dinner and live musical comedy show, exclusive of Tours of Distinction. (L,D) Day 2: After breakfast, at the hotel, well spend some time this morning visiting Intercourse, PA and the Kitchen Kettle Shops. Later this morning we take our reserved seats at the Millennium Theatre for MOSES, a show of epic proportions. From a wicker basket in the Nile, the 10 great plagues of Egypt, escaping the clutches of Pharaoh, the parting of the Red Sea, the burning bush and receiving the 10 Commandments from God, this is a powerful show. Approximate return to Glastonbury 10:00pm. Cost $295.00 each double $286.00 each triple $353.00 single 3-Day Moses Includes: Deluxe Motor-coach Transportation 1-Night, Crowne Plaza Hotel 3 Meals: 1 Breakfast / 1 Lunch / 1 Dinner Wine & Cheese Reception, at the hotel Dinner Show, at the hotel Reserved Tickets to Moses, Millennium Theatre

Visit to Sands Casino (receive existing bonus) Professional Tours of Distinction Tour Escort Roundtrip Baggage Handling All Taxes and Gratuities (including driver & tour escort) Tour Deposit: $50.00 each due with reservation Final Payment: March 2, 2015 Trip Insurance: The cost is $21.00 for passengers in all room categories. Optional Trip Insurance should be bought at time of deposit (Make Insurance checks payable to Tours of Distinction) Cancellations: Gratuities: Cancellations 45 days or more ahead receive a full refund. Cancellations 44-15 days ahead are charged a $50.00 fee each, plus any non-refundable tour expenses. Cancellations 14-1 day ahead forfeit 50% of tour cost, plus any non-refundable tour expenses. There is no refund for cancellation on the day of departure. Gratuities for the Driver, Tour Escort, and Local Guide are included in your cost. For Reservations Contact: Linda Yost 245 Georgetown Drive, Glastonbury, CT 06033 Call: (860) 657-3407 [email protected]

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