2-Day Flow Kaizen Blitz!! December 3 & 4,

2-Day Flow Kaizen Blitz!! December 3 & 4,

2-Day Flow Kaizen Blitz!! December 3 & 4, 2013 | Savage, MD Intralox, LLC Intralox, L.L.C., is a global manufacturer specializing in conveying technologies that solve conveyance problems, simplify processes, and save money for customers. The combination of our service infrastructure, industry expertise, innovative technology , and performance guarantees allows our customers to achieve extraordinary results. We are committed to long-term, win-win partnerships and actively practice the principles outlined in our business philosophy. Through diligent execution, the right people, and a culture of continuous improvement, Intralox has grown over the last four decades from a small Louisiana belt manufacturer into a global provider of conveying solutions. It remains family owned and committed to ethical and responsible business practices 2-Day Flow Kaizen Blitz AMEs Kaizen Blitz is an intensive rapid improvement event focused on a specific area and subject. Attendees will work side-by-side with host company members to make actual changes in the identified area to improve performance. The Kaizen Blitz approach is what sets AME apart from all other similar organizations. The focus of this event will be the Rack and Roll Subassembly area. Continuous flow concepts will be applied to the Rack and Roll Sub-assembly line after a baseline of the current process has been documented. These include; takt time, standardized work, cellular/flow layout, and more. Once the physical changes have been made, the impact will be measured. Well beyond classroom based training, come be a part of making real change happen at Intralox. Who Should Attend Anyone in an operations role can benefit from attending Anyone interested in learning how to conduct rapid improvement events should attend Anyone interested in learning continuous flow concepts People who want to improve their own kaizen and kaizen facilitation skills Participant Benefits Learn through actual application the proven Kaizen Blitz methodology. Learn about the various Continuous Flow concepts such as: takt time, standardized work, cellular/flow layout, plan for every part, work station design, plan vs. actual boards, visual management, quality at the source, standard work-in-process, pull/kanban See how change can happen quickly and effectively using an event based approach to continuous improvement Learn how this approach can be applied in your own operations. 2-Day Flow Kaizen Blitz!! December 3-4, 2013 | Savage, MD COURSE AGENDA December 3-4 , 2013 This 2 day session will begin each day at 8am and end at 5pm Day 1 Review basic concepts and approach Baseline current process through actual observation Review goals, establish takt time Design new process.

Develop standardized work Design work stations Develop layout Develop plan for every part (PFEP) Develop visual management system Initiate changes End of day report out Day 2 Complete changes Observe new process, de-bug as necessary Collect new process performance metrics Develop kaizen newspaper End of event report out Location Intralox, LLC 8715 Bollman Place Savage, MD 20763 Local Hotels COURTYARD FORT MEADE AT NATIONAL BUSINESS PARK 2700 Hercules Rd Annapolis Junction, MD 20701 301-498-8400 2.3 miles from Intralox HAMPTON INN & SUITES COLUMBIA/SOUTH 7045 Minstrel Way Columbia, MD 21046 410-381-3001 5.1 miles from Intralox HAMPTON INN & SUITES ARUNDEL MILLS/BALTIMORE 7027 Arundel Mills Circle Hanover, MD 21076 410-540-9225 8.5 miles from Intralox REGISTRATION Intralox LLC, December 3-4, 2013 FEES AME Member $595.00 Non-Member $795.00 Payment (please check one) __ Check Enclosed __ Purchase Order Account Number:_________________________________________ Expiration Date:__________________ Security Code:____________ Signature:_______________________________________________ Purchase Order Number:___________________________________ AME Payment Policy Payment or purchase order must be received by the AME office five days prior to the event start date. If no payment or PO number is received, you will be asked to pay with a credit card or check at the event before entry. Cancellation Policy Enrollment fee less a $100 non-refundable registration charge will be refunded up to one week before the event. Substitutions may be made any time prior to the stat of the workshop. This event may be cancelled by AME for any reason. AME is not responsible for incidental costs incurred by registrants. Purchasing refundable airline tickets is recommended.

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