EAI: Evaluation of Software and Services Phase 2

EAI: Evaluation of Software and Services Phase 2

EAI: Evaluation of Software and Services Phase 2 Pilot Evaluation UASG & catalyst / UASG021B / August 2019 Universal Acceptance UASG021 EAI Evaluation Goal: Evaluate EAI-readiness of email software ecosystem (mail software, servers, service providers, etc.) Three phases:

Develop evaluation criteria (complete) Pilot evaluation (ongoing) More extension evaluation 2 UASG021 Phase 1 * Published September 2018. * Defined project structure and identified candidate software. * Defined evaluation criteria. * Categorized test suites. * Focus on ability to send, receive, and host EAI email. * Provisional and untested.

* Needed validation. 3 UASG021B Phase 2 (current work) * Goal: Validate and refine evaluation criteria. * Proof-of-concept pilot evaluation. * Procedure: * Analyze a focused set of software. * Update test criteria as necessary. * Develop reporting template. * Document requirements and experience.

4 Pilot Evaluation * Three software components. * Five functional categories: * Mail User Agent (MUA) * Mail Submission Agent (MSA) * Mail Transfer Agent (MTA) * Mail Delivery Agent (MDA) * Mail Service Provider (MSP)

* End-to-end. * Focus on happy path. * Few tests for negative cases or implementation details. 5 Pilot: Experience * End-to-end means many prerequisites. * Infrastructure (servers, DNS records, etc.) * Easy to create/recreate and assign/reassign. * Mobile phone subscriptions.

* Mostly integration tests by nature. * One side must always be controlled by executor. * Encryption must be worked around. * Disable to allow traffic inspection. * Alternatively instrument software for visibility. 6 Pilot: Outputs * Validated test procedure.

* Clarified and simplified test cases. * Updated document published with report. * Refined estimates. * Include set-up effort for prerequisites. * 1-4 days test effort depending on test category. * Template for future executions. 7 Next Steps

* Incorporate feedback from pilot evaluation. * Evaluate larger set of software and services. * Broaden scope of evaluation. * Narrow scope of each individual analysis. * Reduce effort by skipping uninteresting tests. * ASCII-only inputs, non-IDN domains, etc. * Feed back findings to software vendors. 8 Questions

? 9 UASG Resources * Read the documents at https://uasg.tech/information/ UASG003 Fact Sheet UASG005 Quick Guide UASG007 Introduction to Universal Acceptance UASG011 FAQs * Subscribe to the UASG Discussion list

www.uasg.tech/subscribe Get your own systems UA Ready Spread the word 10 Contact Information * Contact the UASG: https://uasg.tech/contact/ * Meet the people of the UASG: https://uasg.tech/about/people/ * Participate in UASG Discussions: https://uasg.tech/subscribe * Report UA problems with other applications:

https://uasg.tech/global-support-centre/ 11

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