Valve train inspection Inspect . . . Cylinder

Valve train inspection Inspect . . .  Cylinder

Valve train inspection Inspect . . . Cylinder head castings Valves Guides Springs Cam and lifters

Rocker arms and push rods Timing chains and gears Copyright 2003 Gary Lewis Dave Capitolo Valve train inspection Cylinder head castings

Visual inspection Anything inconsistent Gasket surfaces Fire rings, water ports Crack detection Magnaflux, dye penetrant Flatness .004 Go/No Go on deck surfaces Top side of OHC Cam rotation Valve train inspection

Valves Stem wear - .001 to .0015 Margins 1/32 or new thickness Necking on stems Tulip valve heads Straightness When refacing

Valve train inspection Valves Keeper groove wear Stem tip wear caused by rotator failure Valve train inspection Valve burning

Starts with unequal cooling Warpage, then burning Valve train inspection Valve springs Pressure 10% of spec in closed position Square Within 1/16 for each 2 of length

Pitting & corrosion Valve train inspection Valve guides Measure wear limit: Stem diameter + max clearance Valve rock is not the same as guide clearance! Rock is more than clearance

Valve train inspection Valve guide knurling limits Measure stem diameter. Is it within limits? Set telescoping gauge: stem dia. + .002 + .004 Use as Go/No Go If wear is excessive, replace guide or use OS stem

Valve train inspection Rocker arm studs Threads Nicks on the side of studs Height within 1/32

Valve train inspection Push rods Straightness, length, & end wear Some signs of wear on sides may be normal Push rod guide holes in head Valve train inspection

Rocker arms Wear on faces & push rod sockets Wear in adjusting screws Stamped rockers cannot be refaced Forged, cast, & fabricated rockers can be refaced Valve train inspection

Rocker shafts Cleaning is critical for normal oiling Check direction of oil holes Valve train inspection Cams and lifters Inspect lifters for rotation

Inspect cam lobes for wear Valve train inspection What makes lifters rotate? Crowned lifter base Tapered cam lobe Taper is .001 to .002

Valve train inspection More cam & lifter wear Edge wear on cam lobes Pitting on lifter bases Valve train inspection

More cam & lifter wear Good pattern is a narrow path near center of lobe Wear may extend across full width of lobe Valve train inspection Cam lobe wear limits Measure cam lift of all lobes

Variations should be less than .005 for exh. or int. Valve train inspection Cam journal wear Measure journal diameters with micrometer Check cam bore on aluminum heads for wear

Valve train inspection Lifter testing Test predetermined leak down Finds excessive clearance and check valve failure Lash compensators (OHC) checked the same way Valve train inspection

Natural gas valve trains

No lubrication in fuel Valve rotators should be removed Recommended valve material - Inconel alloy Recommended seat material cobalt, non-magnetic Recommended seal material - Viton umbrella seals Valve train inspection

Timing components OHV timing chain slack Maximum Timing gear backlash Maximum .006 Valve train inspection Timing components OHC timing chain slack Controlled by tensioners

Worn assemblies rattle at start up and at idle

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