Ariel Charette Special Effects Makeup Outline For this

Ariel Charette Special Effects Makeup Outline  For this

Ariel Charette Special Effects Makeup Outline For this presentation, I will be speaking about my experience in learning about special effects makeup.

I will go over my product, my mentor, my topics, and my successes and challenges throughout the project. Thesis and Topics Special effects makeup has been used since ancient times in plays, and since the beginning of T.V. and movies. Today, it has become intertwined with the use of computer-generated special

effects. My three main topics are special effects in ancient theatre, the use in television, and todays use of computer-generation. The Beginnings of Special Effects in Ancient Theatre Ancient Japanese Kabuki and Greek theatres were two of the most popular theatrical performance types in the

world. These productions began the creation of special effects by making masks, creating primitive makeup, and creating scenery for the plays. This was the first time full audiences were given other-worldy performances. Use of Special Effects in Television Special

effects had been used in television productions since movies and television were created, however in the beginning there was no special effects artists, actors and actresses alike did their own makeup. Makeup then was mainly used for horror productions, which were incredibly popular then, to create ghoulish monsters to captivate audiences. The Incorporation of Computer

Generation into Special Effects As technology has progressed, CG, or computer generation, has been added in to heighten special effects and the impact they have on their audiences. Computer generation is often added to humans, or pre-existing special effects to enhance them. My Product

My product is two models transformed into a winter-themed demon and an elf, to demonstrate my skills and what Ive learned throughout the project, both through self

practice and my mentors guidance. Working on My Product (Elf Makeup) Working On My Product (Demon Makeup) My Mentor My mentor is Haley

Peek, a self-taught special effects makeup artist from Black Mountain. She has taught herself many skills, as shes been doing special effects makeup since she was in her early teens. What Ive Learned From

My Mentor My mentor has taught me about use of different colors, a better understanding of the color wheel itself, and the mixing of colors. She has also taught me how to utilize this on human skin to create a

fantastical or otherworldly look. She has My Successes I feel I have been successful in almost every area of my senior project. So far, it has gone very smoothly and has been stress-free. I enjoyed working on

and completing my product, and would be doing similar things in some of my free time anyways. My Challenges The challenges Ive had throughout this project are meeting up with my mentor, and finding the

time to really practice my product and complete my hours. Another smaller challenge was acquiring all of the products needed to complete my product. Special Effects MakeupBy: Thank you for

watching! Ariel Charette Thank you for being my judges, watching this presentation, and learning about my Senior Project Experience! I hope you enjoyed it.

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