The Intimate Partner Homicide Timeline Dr Jane Monckton

The Intimate Partner Homicide Timeline Dr Jane Monckton

The Intimate Partner Homicide Timeline Dr Jane Monckton Smith Peer Review What we know

What we did What we found Uses Stalking and the eight stages Significant relationship between stalking behaviours after separation, and

tracking/monitoring behaviours during a relationship Stalking is a sign of escalation and increasing threat Stage 1: History

The person has a history of control, stalking or violence. This could be a criminal record or allegations or suspicions. Possessive and jealous Thin skinned Stage 2: commitment

whirlwind Normal romantic actions speeded up Seeks commitment as soon as possible Perpetrator becomes dependent and jealous very early

Stage 3: Relationship Dominated by coercive control Presence of high risk markers Possible tracking and monitoring

Stage 4: Trigger event

Separation Imagines separation Threat of separation Ill health of perpetrator or victim Financial ruin Significant threat to status Stage 5: Escalation

Increase in frequency of controlling behaviours Increase in severity of controlling behaviours Increase repertoire Variance between controlling behaviours

Stalking Suicide threats Threats of violence Stage 6: Change in thinking

Loss of control appears irretrievable Loss of status irretrievable Loss of control or status intolerable Decides on how to resolve the issues Stage 7: Planning

Reconnaissance Stalking Web searches Purchase weapons, restraints Seeks opportunities

Grave digging Stage 8: Homicide

Homicide with or without confession Homicide with suicide Missing person Suicide Suspicious death Accident Extreme levels of violence overkill possible irrespective of violence histroy

Observations References

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