Talks in the Hall at 6.45 Teachers and

Talks in the Hall at 6.45 Teachers and

Talks in the Hall at 6.45 Teachers and subject displays in the Sports Hall An exciting step forward for education in Abingdon Abingdon Consortium for Education is a unique partnership of three secondary schools and a Further Education College. We want every young person attending secondary school and college in Abingdon to have access to an outstanding education. The Abingdon Consortium is working in partnership to achieve these high standards across the town, transforming the life chances of our young people and strengthening our community. Making the best choice for your future

Choices @ 16+ with Abingdon Consortium for Education Whats the Purpose of This Evening? To provide detail of what subjects ACfE will be offering next year To provide an opportunity to discuss the content of different subjects To find out how different courses are assessed To find out the key skills required in each subject in order to be successful To talk to subject specialists about their subjects To encourage students to think seriously about the next steps in their education or career Some FAQs

What are the pathways available at the end of year 11? Whats the benefit of working together as a consortium? How does the consortium work? The right environment for the right choice As a student in the Abingdon Consortium for Education you will have the opportunity to learn in the 3 schools as well as AWC, giving you a great choice of subjects and access to high quality teaching . Each institution has a dedicated sixth form area, with a study room where students can work during study periods, and a common room where students can spend their break and lunch times.

The study rooms are equipped with ICT facilities to support you in your learning. Supported to succeed You will enjoy positive relationships with your teachers, each one committed to providing the support and challenge that will help you to achieve your ambitions. You will develop independence and responsibility, supported by the strong ethos of care that runs through each institution. Regular meetings with your tutor will encourage you to develop your study skills, time management, organisation, and revision strategies. Added extras You will grow as you prepare for your next steps after 6th Form: applying for employment, apprenticeships, university, art foundation or performing arts schools.

Each home base puts on study programme to complement your study as well as to provide a wider range of enrichment and to keep you thinking. Weekly assemblies, and trips to a range of higher education, apprenticeship and careers events are also arranged. You will also benefit from sport and extra-curricular clubs, enjoying teaming up with or taking on others across the town. RAG weeks and making a difference Community service lets you make a valued contribution to your school or wider community while also building up impressive experiences for your CV and further applications. Sixth form students can throw themselves into charity fundraising, connecting with the whole school while raising money for causes close to their hearts. Some FAQs

What are the entry requirements needed to study Level 3 courses in the ACfE? Students will normally need to gain at least 5A*-C at GCSE and where this includes Maths or English, students will be expected to have at least a 5 in these subjects. How many subjects will I be studying? Do I have to have studied a subject at GCSE to take it at Level 3? How should I choose my courses? Options Grid - example A B C

D Fitzharrys Business Studies Economics Physics Product Design Biology French* History Art English Language English Literature

Maths Chemistry Geography Physics Psychology John Mason ICT Philosophy* Chemistry Psychology Spanish English Language English Literature

Maths Media PE Sociology Physics German* Government & Politics Graphics Art Biology English Language History Music*

Larkmead Chemistry History Media Philosophy* PE Geography Performing Arts Art French* Biology Economics English Language English Literature

German* Business Studies Maths Music* Religious Studies Vocational Courses Engineering Health and Social Care Sports Applied Science

Students have a wider choice at ACfE than at a single school. You select one subject from each column. Some lessons are shared between two schools, indicated by a *. Reformed Structure The AS is now a stand alone qualification which is worth 40 % of an A

Level and only 40% of the UCAS points of an A Level The A Level includes the AS content and an additional 60% more, all of which needs to be examined at the end of year 13, even if the AS exams were taken at the end of year 12. The Abingdon consortium has agreed that the current pattern of most students studying 4 subjects in year 12, taking the AS exams in May and then continuing with 3 subjects into year 13 will be followed. What are the benefits of this system? Some universities have made it clear that they will be

looking at AS results when they consider students for university places and have written to schools asking them to follow this system Our structure allows students the opportunity to keep their options as broad as possible for as long as possible How Do I Choose My Courses? Consider what you want to be doing once you finish sixth-form. What are your key skills and strengths? What subjects are you actually interested in? Ask those that know you best what they think. Key Enrolment Dates 1st December 2016

26th June - 30th June 2017 Abingdon 16+ Choices Evening Provisional choices made following this meeting Induction Week which will include small talks about how to choose your subjects as well as subject specific talks / taster lessons from teachers in the consortium and other activities designed to help students make the transition from GCSE to Level 3 courses January to April 2017 Interviews with appropriate staff in each school Letters of acceptance sent to students

August 2017 GCSE results are available Further enrolment arrangements will be confirmed in results envelopes Celebrating success Students who are new to the Abingdon Consortium If you are not currently at school in any of the 3 schools, please do speak to one of the heads of sixth form this evening there is a stand in the Sports Hall where you should be able to find at least one of them. There are also application forms available in the Sports Hall or on the ACfE website

We look forward to welcoming you to ACfE.

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