Pitching & Investigating

Pitching & Investigating

Pitching & Investigating JRN275 Quinnipiac University Fall 2019 Dr. Molly Yanity From Gaines, Ch. 2 Types

of documents Access to documents Database searches Validating through cross-reference Attribution Documents Document: preserved

information that is Paper Electronic Medium makes no difference Documents Public

documents Published Information Biographies, trade magazines, news releases, scientific articles Operational Public Records Meeting minutes, budgets, contracts, payrolls, elections

Disclosure Records Licenses, lawsuits, inspections reports, political contributions, SEC filings Documents Operational vs. Disclosure Operational documents arise from public organizations conducting regular business Disclosure documents release some

private information to the public in exchange for public services See Gaines Page 27 Documents Public documents Publicly owned, government documents

are accessible to anyone, under certain parameters defined by law* *Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request may be needed Documents Private Documents

Personal letters, bank statements, school papers, medical records, journals, diaries, other correspondence Documents Private Documents Information from private documents

may be used only with permission of the owner Public Document Access Operational records are accessible through state and federal Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) laws Disclosure records are not covered

under FOIA because they should already be readily available under other laws (examples: disclosure laws, open-meeting rules for lawmakers FOIA Requests Review 33

three examples on pages 31- Database searches Internet (with caution) Public Library documents (microfilm) Periodical guides and indices

Get Ready To Research! Define your topic/issue Research background Articles, books, Internet, personal contacts Assess, validate the data

Write the story (or facts) Cite sources Questions?

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