Performance Evaluation, Measurement, and Management

Performance Evaluation, Measurement, and Management

Performance Evaluation, Measurement, and Management Laurinda Tran, Linda Le, Linda Do, David Salgado, and Drake Bloom Accomplishments

Come Back to Haunt You: The Negative Effect of Competence Signals On Womens Performance Evaluations

Presenter: Laurinda Tran Key Terms Competence Signals Social Dominance Orientation (SDO)

Method Participants: 271 college-educated adults Design and procedure: Subordinate competence signal, subordinate gender, evaluator gender. SDO evaluator as continuous factor Participants act as managers

Measures Subordinates performance rating -composed measure of performance evaluation SDO scale

Results Take-Home Message Objective measures (reduce bias) Stereotype programs Select low SDO & have screening

Rewards & compensation Multiple hurdle PE The Invisible Eye? Electronic Performance

Monitoring and Employee Job Performance By Devasheesh P.Le Bhave

Presenter: Linda Key Terms Electronic Performance Monitoring (EPM) Counterproductive Work Behaviors (CWBs) Organizational Citizenship Behaviors (OCBs)

Task Performance Method Study conducted at 2 large call centers Used a web-based and paper-based survey Evaluated CSRs based on 3 performance

dimensions Measures Supervisory Use of EPM Call Complexity OCBs, CWBs, Task Performance

Call Quality Results Results

Take-Home Message Make sure the EPM system is in compliance with privacy laws Offer Supervisors training programs EPM system also helps improve performance evaluation validity

Inherently Relational: Interactions Between Peers and Individuals Personalities Impact Reward Giving and Appraisal of Individual Performance

Presenter: Linda Do Key Terms Extraversion Agreeableness

Dyadic Method Study conducted for extra-credit in an upper management course

Online questionnaire about team members, processes and participants own personality Measures Performance evaluations

Agreeableness Extraversion Results Results

Take home message Formal Training Break Rooms


ON PERFORMANCE VIA IPresenter: David Salgado Key Terms Telecommuting Intensity Contextual Performance Interpersonal Facilitation

Job Dedication Leader-Member Exchange (LMX) High Method Surveyed employees and supervisors from wide

assortment of organizations that vary in the extent of telecommuting afforded to employees 323 employees 143 supervisors Measures

Telecommuting and Telecommuting Intensity Task Performance Contextual Performance LMX Results

Results Results Take home message

Treat Telecommuting as a benefit that is mutually beneficial to the employee and company A form of work redesign that generates autonomy perceptions Form organizational policies pertaining to telecommuting Eligibility

Rocking the Boat but Keeping It Steady: The Role of Emotion Regulation in Employee Voice

Presenter: Drake Bloom Key Terms Voice Emotional Labor Strategies Surface Acting

Deep Acting Kotters 8 Steps Emotional Regulation Extraversion

Method Optometry company Customer-service-intensive Emotion regulation knowledge is relevant Sample: 100 employees

Of the 209 total Measures Emotional Labor Strategies Tested Surface and Deep acting Self Reported and scored on a 7-point scale

Emotion Regulation Knowledge STEM - Situational Test of Emotion Management Graded against experts scores Measures continued

Voice and Performance Evaluations Panel of three HR managers Evaluated on a 7-point scale Extraversion Five Factor Model

5-point scale Results Take-Home Message Change the culture through a constructive confrontation approach

Apply change management best practices such as Kotters 8 steps Establish executive sponsorship Educate middle management on the desired behaviors and practices Reward and recognize the new behaviors Group Take-Home Message

Organizations need to reduce bias by having screenings on performance evaluation. Supervisors must give constant feedback and keep consistent documentation of employees Organizations need to institute a culture change which encourages constructive confrontation

This will improve the relationship between middle and frontline employees

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