PDU 2011-2012 Vista Academy Profession Development

PDU 2011-2012 Vista Academy Profession Development

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o Sch e 4 EL d Gra , ary t n me Ele What new instructional strategies did I implement in my classroom/practice during the course of the PDU? I used resources from the ELA S resource email group to help me use ACCESS scores more effectively. My ACCESS scores helped me to determine group and partner work and to determine what

level of engagement my students at different ACCESS levels could handle. I would then differentiate the abilities of production my students could achieve. For example, ACCESS scores 1 and 2 would be able to match things, act out things and use sentence stems. My 3s and 4s were able to write more text and do some graphic organizers. My 5s and 6s were able to write more creatively in lessons and add more organizational thinking, judging and evaluation. I also used resources from the Dept. of Ed in Mexico and Scholastic in Spanish for guided reading lessons. How did I apply the PDU strategies in my classroom? (examples) How did I collaborate with my team about implementing the PDU strategies? I applied them during ELD lessons specifically. We have done 4 units this year and in the later two units, after the

learning through this PDU, I have been more informed and watchful for grouping different ACCESS levels within the projects and demands of lessons. I was able to share some of the resources such as the Dept. of Ed from Mexico website, for guided reading, and I was able to differentiate the rigor of the ELD lessons I taught. I also used the Scholastic spanish website for guided reading sporadically, but especially at the beginning of literacy units. What three resources did I implement from the study section of the PDU? What resource worked best? Why? I plan on using Parenting Partners, which is an 8 week course designed to help parents become better parents that I learned about through the ELA resource google page. Through the ELA- resource page I also found and used a variation of a

culturally sensitive unit with my class, bringing in families to share cultural stories of their families and having a culture night where families brought food and kids shared out their stories. I used another Recipe culture lesson from the ELA resources that added to my culture night in the form of family recipes that the students wrote about and parents cooked and brought to our Culture night. I used Dept. of Ed in Mexico website and Scholastic in Spanish for guided reading resources. What did I learn to do differently as a result of the PDU and strategy implementation in my classroom? I was able this year to infuse more culturally relevant units and lessons in my classroom. In my reading and research, best practices calls for having culturally relevance as a vehicle to connect with kids, and to inspire them to do more on all levels. If the kids are able to see themselves in what they are learning, they will be more apt to engage in it.

Why is this PDU action research process important to my students learning and to my growth as a professional? As I mentioned, students learning is better met when they are able to connect inside with themselves, their families, their community and culture. Best practices dictate so, and it is aligned with the goal to have kids become more bi-literate in English and Spanish. By infusing more culturally relevant units and lessons in my classroom, my kids were better able to see themselves in what they are learning, and were more engaged. When they thrive, I thrive. PDU Data Analysis Reflecting on the data you have collected, how did this experience impact instruction, progress monitoring, student performance, and your own

practice? Overall ACCESS scores in the school year are still not available, but ACCESS scores from last year colored my instruction, and student performance. I was better able to serve 1s and 2s (there were only 2 students), but mostly the 3s, 4,s and a few 5s that I had. The resources helped me differentiate and added key comprehension pieces to their learning in Spanish that later were bridged to English and applied. One glaring example of success was my lowest ELL ACCESS score student, Melbin A., who jumped from an A in English reading to a 24 in DRA and from a 28 in Spanish to a 38 in EDL. learning in the future to further my practice? What are my next steps? I want to have more opportunities next year and beyond to engage students in self discovery in terms of identity, culture and language. I

thought of a autobiographical unit, a timeline of my life unit, and a deeper cultural unit to kick off next year. I also want to include the Latino perspective in more guided reading lessons, as well as throughout our learning in Social studies and possibly through a culturally relevant science project. This PDU is also aligning closely with our schools mission to focus on equity. PDU Artifact #1 Access Scores PDU Artifact #2: Paco El Chato Lessons from SEP Mexico This website was of great help to find ELA-S spanish materials that my Students could access, where I gathered extra support in Spanish to help Me bridge lessons more effectively. I also used things for Guided reading And kids used it at home. PDU Artifact #3 Scholastic RAZ kids in Spanish/English

I used the Scholastic website for guided reading resources in Spanish as well as had my kids use Raz kids in both languages for leveled reading. PDU Final Peer Review Feedback Form Name of Colleague Presenting______David Baird____________________ Title of PDU Presented/Date:________5/12/2015_____________________ Notes about PDU: Questions and Insights (Study, Implementation, Outcome?) The presenter had thoughtful points on the use of ACCESS scores and how different resources were able to help him and his instruction. I particularly liked the use of the El Chato website from the SEP in Mexico as bridge lessons and as extra resources kids used in different units.

Outcomes were clear and positive. How could this work be reproduced by another professional? Another professional can use the resources and ACCESS planning to better differentiate for students. Where can we use el Chato resources for home use? What spanish resources can be used at home in general? This PDU has Passed__X__Failed____ Reason why?_He learned and used a lot and had a positive impact on his class.

____________________ Name of Reviewer__Joanette Jones_______________ PDU Final Peer Review Feedback Form Name of Colleague Presenting ______DAVID BAIRD____________________ Title of PDU Presented/Date:________5/12/2015_____________________ Notes about PDU: Questions and Insights (Study, Implementation, Outcome?) David really used his ACCESS scores in a differentiated way throughthe use of different resources. We all shared resources and he used at least 3 in a positive way. He had a very positive impact on his teaching and class and the use of the Chato resource from the

Education organization of Mexico was very enlightening. I will also be using that website and the Parent communication tool he spoke of. I agree with the fact that Latino families predominantly use cell phones and tablets and texts is the way to go. Outcomes were good for all concerned. Can I use Chato down in first grade? Can I use the TEACH Aide application for my class for free? This PDU has Passed_YES__Failed____ Reason why? David learned a lot and used

How could this work be reproduced by another professional? Other professionals can use the same resources and tools to differentiate, and communicate with parents. what he learned. This was definitely a passing presentation. I learned and will use what he share with me. ____________________ Name of Reviewer MARTHA PADILLA, first grade Exit Ticket How can we support your professional growth in future PDUs? Id like to continue discovering resources for ELA-S students. A

furthering of this PDU would be helpful and is ever changing. Having the time to look for resources and collaborating with others on resources sharing would help us all professionally. 2 things that I took away from the PDU this year: Shared resources and ELA instruction best practices 1 piece of constructive criticism A PDU like this is something the ELA department can train us on each year and we should be given the time to discover and use different resources. Our curriculums can often times have sparing Spanish resources and us teachers have to make time to find them on our own

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