PAM Assist Your Employee Assistance Programme Presentation to

PAM Assist Your Employee Assistance Programme Presentation to

PAM Assists EAP service Aston University Presenter: Claire Smith, EAP Account Development Manager EAP Benefits Benefits to Organisation Because employees have access to a resource that can assist with decreasing the effects of lifes problems, it can reduce absenteeism, turnover, grievances, terminations, medical disability, etc. As a result, you'll have a happier, more productive workplace Benefits to Managers PAM Assists Management Support service is available via a specified Freephone telephone helpline number and provides managers with the confidence and resources to respond to the day to day needs of their employee group. PAM Assist can give advice on managing the situation appropriately and sensitively whilst maintaining the effectiveness of the team and, importantly, enabling the manager to focus on the work related tasks whilst supporting the team member to access the right support for the more personal issues.

Benefits to Employees EAP are intended to help employees deal with personal problems that might adversely impact their work performance, health and well-being. Confidential support 24/7, freephone number, EAP Benefits Organisation Benefits: Raise morale and productivity for a more focused workforce by providing a valued benefit Reduce absenteeism and staff turnover Demonstrate a commitment towards meeting legal requirements and duty of care towards your employees Youll be perceived as an employer of choice through the promotion of a caring work environment Monitor trends in the workplace High value employee benefit EAP Benefits Manager/Supervisor Benefits:

Management support service available through advice line Support and advice with sensitive issues Guidance on how to approach a situation Support with bereavement or health issue Assist manager with identifying additional support needs Assist in managing a situation appropriately and sensitively EAP Benefits Employee Benefits:

Free telephone number Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year Information and support for all work / personal issues All calls handled sensitively and professionally Website for wellbeing topics, with videos tackling issues such as stress management & health advice Telephone and Face to Face Counselling Online Counselling Call from home on evenings and weekends Up to 6 structured telephone or face to face counselling sessions EAP Overview

Understand Employee Needs Deliver Help & Assistance Free and confidential advice for all employees - 24/7/365 days a year Telephone, Online & Face to Face Counselling CBT as standard option Critical Incident / Trauma Support - Tel based and/or on-site support EAP Website and Mobile App Webchat Management Information identifying usage rates & trends Range of supporting promotional materials incl both hard copy and online Access to wide range of additional ad hoc resources Clinical Excellence

We ensure that our accreditations do not just become an annual paper evidence exercise. Our Compliance Board & Business Improvement Managers ensure that these standards are applied consistently across every clinic all year round. Every clinic & client operation is audited twice a year by PAMs Business Improvement Managers to ensure compliance with the above standards. Counsellors are qualified to minimum of Diploma level, minimum 4 days a year CPD many hold Degrees PAM Academy is responsible for the development, training and auditing of our staff Comprehensive Support National Service Support Centre Our service support centre is based in Warrington and houses a team of clinicians, client service operators & administrators. Advice Line

Our 24 hour advice line is resourced by counselling and support colleagues who provide advice, triage and counselling services Triage Upon contacting the advice line we triage the enquiry to determine the correct support pathway : Advice required Referral for specialist consultation, e.g. legal, financial etc. Counselling required Emergency assistance required, e.g. suicide EAP Access to Therapy Triage to determine best pathway for the employee: PAM provides access to BACP qualified counsellors for both generic or CBT counselling

via the following: Face to Face Counselling within 20 miles of an employees home or workplace (90%+ within just 15 miles) Telephone Counselling / Secure Video Conference The PAM Assists telephone counselling team is unique in that all Telephone Counsellors are employees of PAM Assist. E-Counselling (Online) Counselling & CBT as Standard We also provide access to other therapies such as Occupational Psychology & EMDR PAM Assist Service Delivery Telephone and/or SVC Services We can offer both Telephone & Online Secure Video (SVC) support. Counselling delivered via telephone or SVC is delivered by directly employed therapists. This intervention typically requires 6 x 45 min sessions delivered over 6-8 weeks. Telephone counselling is carried out by PAM Assist employed counsellors, based at our service support centre. PAM also provides online therapy for employees benefiting from

face-to-face counselling; but unable or advised not to travel. Designed and built by NHS professionals, it offers video consultations using a secure integrated web-conferencing facility Unlike Skype and other similar products, our system is securely integrated within our ISO27001 approved IT platform OHIO and has been developed for healthcare purposes. The clinician and employee both have access to a webcam and are able to speak face to face through the computer. Like with tele-consultation, SVC appointments are provided where determined clinically appropriate. PAM Assist Service Delivery Face to Face Counselling Where face-to-face counselling is outlined as the best therapeutic pathway, PAM can offer this delivery method through the following means: At PAM Clinics (of which there are 60 UK Wide); Client sites; and Associate Counsellor premises. Our infrastructure gives the ability to provide NHSBT with access to counselling and CBT from our own clinics

throughout the UK, as well via our accredited network of over 600 BACP qualified counsellors Face-to-Face intervention uses the same skills and techniques but is delivered where a face to face relationship is considered more beneficial, or NICE guidelines do not advocate the use of telephone / virtual delivery. EMDR therapy or occupational psychology may also be recommended and provided by PAM. Focused training is also provided alongside therapy to reduce the likelihood of future occurrences e.g. employees referred with any form of stress are provided with education and training to help build resilience and cope when stressful situations arise. Face to face counsellors offer appointments throughout the day/evening to ensure access to an appointment that is most convenient to the individual member of staff. We are very aware that most people want their use of the EAP to remain entirely confidential, so prefer to meet with a counsellor outside of their work commitments. What can employees call about? Personal Life Health Growing Older

Buying a new Home Getting Married Raising Children Family Friction Bereavement Pregnancy

Addictions Infertility Miscarriage Parents at Home Abuse Anxiety Discrimination Legal Problems Housing Neighbours Health Advice Health Terminal Illness Drug / Alcohol Abuse Long term illness Accident & Injury Post natal depression Nurse Helpline

Retirement planning Life after work activities Early retirement Relationships Keeping healthy Estate Planning Loneliness At Work Money Management

Employment disputes Starting a new job Returning to work Redundancy Dealing with Conflict Flexible working rights Mediation Debt management Budgeting

Reduced income Identity theft Credit cards Interest rates and finance Court proceedings Expert Legal help line provided by qualified Lawyer Expert debt advice All areas of money advice covered What can employees call about? Legal - Telephone based Legal guidance from qualified and experienced solicitors, barristers and legal executives to provide advice or guidance on personal legal issues including matrimonial, consumer, tenancy, housing, Wills/probate etc. Debt Management - Telephone based Debt or budget management guidance provided by trained, experience debt counsellors. OTHER SUPPORT THROUGH OUR FREEPHONE 0800 NUMBER Our 0800 number can also provide 24-hour telephone access to other services include: Management Support available to those responsible for supporting staff in line

management, HR, OH or Health and Safety related roles; Bullying and Harassment Support; Whistleblowing Services. Critical Incident or Trauma Support through critical incident service specialists for management coaching and support, including assessment of services needed, such as diffusion and follow on post-traumatic stress counselling. Management Support Management Support If a manager is experiencing conflict or managing difficult behaviour or performance issues within their team, or they are supporting an employee through a bereavement or other significant loss or health issue, PAM Assist can give advice on managing the situation appropriately and sensitively whilst maintaining the effectiveness of the team and, importantly, enabling the manager to focus on the work related tasks whilst supporting the team member to access the right support for the more personal issues. Support focuses on the emotional and psychological wellbeing of

the team but also helps the manager identify additional support needs he/she may need. In addition to assessing/triaging the issues being presented, we are also mindful of the duty of care the manager has more widely, within the team and as part of the management team within your organisation. Themes from Website Username: Aston Password: Aston1 You dont know when you might need us, thats why were available 24 hours a day 0800 882 4102 Understanding Anxiety Just like stress, anxiety can be hard to define. It can feel like a free-floating sense of unease or it can be sudden and extreme. Some sources use the terms stress and anxiety interchangeably, whereas others treat anxiety as a symptom of stress. For the sake of simplicity, we can identify three different

types. Fear - A feeling that we experience in the face of threatening or difficult situations. Just like stress, it helps us recognise dangerous situations and motivates us to address problems, but becomes debilitating in the long term if not processed. EAP Everywhere Mobile App Improving Services One time registration Web chat to PAM Assist Counsellors Appointment Scheduler Access to Information on line Health & Wellbeing Newsletters Compass Magazine PAM Health Manager (Upgrade Required) PAM Medicine Chest Online Feedback Online Portal

PAM Assist Website Wellbeing Strategy PAM can provide an evidence based strategy, delivering targeted initiatives based on the main health risks identified. This will be led by assigned Wellness Manager Alex Duthie Initiatives provided will include: Health Promotion: onsite & online events to engage employees in specific health and wellbeing areas, workshops, lunch n learn sessions or mini drop in clinics. The Wellbeing strategy will be continuous and updated every 6 months based on up to date data collated. Wellness Programmes: coach led 1-2-1 appointments to guide, motivate and support employees towards their health and wellbeing goals and manage any

existing lifestyle based health conditions. Mental Wellbeing / Resilience Programmes: using a combination of 1-2-1 or group based sessions with advanced technology to combat stress in real time, build resilience and boost both cognitive & physical performance. Injury Prevention: tailored workshops delivered by PAM physiotherapists to teach colleagues strengthening and conditioning techniques as well as how to perform identified job tasks better to avoid injury. PAM Wellness Our new developments Health Manager and Health Genie, scheduled for launch in March 2018, will provide our latest integrations, further enhancing PAMs total employee wellness experience delivered through our online platform Online Wellbeing Our onsite Health Screening Stations are state of the art machines providing employees with the opportunity to take their own metrics in confidence without having to make an appointment to see a healthcare professional. The Health Genie provides guidance, advice and online assessments. Physical tests include Weight & BMI, Body Fat, and Blood pressure,

Heart Rate, Stress Risk Assessments and Resilience Assessments. Individual reports are provided to the user with a unique Q risk score. Thank you Please feel free to ask any questions

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