Othello - Weebly

Othello - Weebly

OTHELLO Themes Rivalry Greed Power Vengeance Racism Lust vs Chastity

Jealousy DeceptionManipulation Betrayal Identity Seeming vs Being

OTHELLO Close Reading Prompts A C T I : A P P E A R A N C E S V S. R E A L I T Y On the basis of what you know so far, choose one pair of characters from Act I whose actual relationship is different from their apparent one, and describe the difference between the appearance and reality of their bond. Use specific textual evidence to support your claims.

A C T S I I - I V: I A G O S D I A G N O S I S Read the criteria for antisocial personality disorder (sociopathy or psychopathy) and determine whether Iago fits the diagnosis. Apply specific criteria to Iago and provide evidence from the text to support your claims.

A C T I V: I F W I V E S D O FA L L Reread Emilias argument to Desdemona rationalizing a womans license to cheat (IV.3.84103). Summarize her argument and defend or refute her rationale. Consider her agency (or lack thereof), cultural context, and double standards of the time that might inspire such a cynical attitude. A C T V: T H E FAT E O F T H E FA L L E N

Othello is unique for a Shakespearean tragedy in that its antagonist is allowed to live. Do you think Iagos fate is fitting? Explain why or why not? Do you think the other characters fates are justified from a narrative standpoint? Elaborate with supporting evidence.

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