OSU ChE Summer Outreach - Oregon State University

OSU ChE Summer Outreach - Oregon State University

Everything Everything II know know II learned learned in in Kindergarten Kindergarten --- Connections Connections between between K-12 K-12 Outreach Outreach and and and and Recruitment Recruitment and and Retention Retention in

in Engineering Engineering Skip Rochefort Chemical Engineering Department Oregon Sate University K-12 K-12 Outreach Outreach Activities Activities with with the the Hewlett Hewlett Foundation Foundation at at Oregon Oregon State

State University University Skip Rochefort, Jason Hower, Keith Levien OSU Chemical Engineering Ellen Ford, Saturday Academy Ellen Momsen, OSU COE Women and Minorities Program And many College of Engineering and High School Students OSU Hewlett Foundation Grant Recruitment and Retention of Engineering Students PI Toni Doolen, IME $1.1 million - 3 years $85,000/year for K-12 Outreach OSU K-12 Outreach Programs Dr. Skip Rochefort

Chemical Engineering Department Director, OSU Precollege Programs Email: [email protected] Phone: 737-2408 OSU K-12 Outreach Programs K-8 (OSU based programs) Saturday Academy (Corvallis and Portland) *E-Camp* middle school girls and boys (summer) LEGO RoboLab Camp MS girls and boys (summer) *AWSEM *- middle school girls (school year) SMILE - Science Math Investigative Learning

Experiences (rural communities) Hydroville Project (SMILE associated program) Science Education PartnershipS (SEPS Corvallis) Adventures in Learning (grades 5-7 summer programs) Expeditions (grades 3-4 summer program) Winter Wanderings (grades 3-7 school year) KidSpirit (sports/arts summer camps) *SKIES* Spirited Kids in Engineering and Science (summer camp) Wood Magic College of Forestry OSU K-12 Outreach Programs HIGH SCHOOL (OSU based programs) Saturday Academy ASE Apprenticeships in Science and Engineering (statewide) SESEY - Summer Experience in

Science and Engineering for Youth (nationwide) Science Connections (Portland) Oregon K-12 Outreach Programs COMMUNITY K-12 and Public Outreach (Lifelong Learning) OMSI Oregon Museum of Science and Industry ( statewide connections) MESA Mathematics, Engineering, and Science Achievement (PSU based) 4-H of Oregon (statewide) Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts of Oregon (and associated programs) daVinci Days (Corvallis celebration of the arts and sciences)

Mentoring* Multiple levels of Mentoring exist in all activities and programs Every individual from Program Directors to the K-12 students interact with all levels * Key to Recruitment and Retention in Engineering Mentoring Pyramid Skip Rochefort Ellen Ford Jason Hower Camp Coordinators Engineering Faculty

Graduates Undergraduates High School Students High School Programs Middle School Programs Elementary Programs E-Camp SKIES SKIES LEGO Camp AWSEM

Hewlett Foundation Sponsored Programs SESEY ASE Hewlett Foundation Sponsored Summer 2003 Outreach Log Program Number ASE Who High School Students SKIES*

K-8 students 360 E-Camp* Middle School Students 26 SESEY High School Students 28

Lego Camp AIL Physics Teachers Program Middle School Students Middle School Students 8 31 120 What

8 wk. research project Half-day, week long science and engineering camp 1wk. Engineering day camp 1wk. Residential engineering research camp 1 wk. Half-day lego robotics Camp 2 wks. 2hr. Polymer science activities half-day sessions on polymer science in high school science cirriculum When

All Summer All Summer mid. July mid. July mid. July early July High School Science Teachers 30 BEST Hawaiian High School students 15

Half-day session on polymer science activities Early August ASE Midsummer Conference High School Students 150 2 day conference on technology and work related skills Early July

AWSEM* Middle School Girls 11 2 hrs. Twice a month for Four months Fall - Winter TOTAL 779 Late June

SKIES Spirited Kids in Engineering and Science 11 week-long K-2, 3-5, and 6-8 grade level camps Content areas include Engineering: chemical, material science, environmental Science: chemistry, physics, biology Inquiry-based with hands-on emphasis SKIES Photos E-Camp 1 wk. Engineering day camp for middle school students (15 boys and 11 girls) Inquiry-based learning with Chemical,

Mechanical, Electrical, Civil, and Environmental Engineering Themes Lessons taught by Engineering faculty, graduate, and undergraduate students Use of wireless PDAs for data analysis E-Camp Photos AWSEM Advocates for Women in Science, Engineering, and Mathematics Served 11 Middle School Females 8 Sessions on weekends (2 hrs.) Activities designed to interest middle school girls in the sciences Chemistry, Anatomy, Math, Engineering, Physics, Biology

AWSEM Photos SESEY Summer Experience in Science and Engineering for Youth (High School) Week-long research projects in ChE, BioE, and Chemistry Projects created by Faculty, daily work guided by ChE/BioE students 19 HS girls, 9 HS boys from 5 states SESEY 2003 Photos ASE Saturday Academy Apprenticeships in Science and Engineering 8 week summer internship in ChE or BioE research laboratories

Faculty Advisor with graduate/undergraduate mentors Culminates in research symposium with poster and PowerPoint presentations ASE Photos Four Generations of ASE Dr. Skip Rochefort: ASE Superstar, Faculty Mentor (kind of), likes to eat peanuts Jason Hower: ASE 97, Corvallis High, Sophomore Oregon State

Univ. Chemical Engineering Adam Welander: ASE 98, Central High, Freshman Carnegie Mellon Chemical Engineering Hai Le: ASE 00, McKay High, Senior (will be Oregon State Univ. Chemical

Engineerin g fall 01) Annie Gai: ASE 99, Sheldon High, Freshman Stanford University Chemical Engineering ACKNOWLEDGMENTS *Flora and William Hewlett Foundation *Toni Doolen, OSU Hewlett PI *OSU Enrollment Management for Precollege K-12 Program Support *ALL OSU K-12 Program Directors * My outreach colleagues Ellen Ford and Jason Hower.and all the kids!

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