NYSED Updates The Office of Curriculum and Instruction

NYSED Updates The Office of Curriculum and Instruction

NYSED UPDATES The Office of Curriculum and Instruction May 31, 2019 Staff / Curriculum Development Network Marybeth Casey, Director [email protected] Career and Technical Education Update Perkins V Emphasis on improving the entire CTE delivery continuum through evidence-based: program development instructional strategies funding decisions Perkins V Legislation

increasing access to quality CTE programs providing meaningful work-based learning experiences for all students in approved programs supporting CTE instructors in meeting the needs of all learners Perkins V State Plan Priorities Coming this summer! Opportunities to provide input on the Perkins FourYear Plan development including feedback on: quality standards for work-based learning barriers to student access to approved CTE programs options for students to

explore, choose, and follow a program of study CTE teacher recruitment and training Opportunities to Provide Input Standards Update Computer Science / Digital Literacy Spring 2019 Review committee will review 2nd draft of Standards Summer 2019 NYSED and external consultant will incorporate Review

Committee feedback into 3rd draft of Standards * We encourage S/CDN members to provide comments and/or S/CDN to provide comments as an organization. August 2019 Standards will be released for public comment * November 2019 Final draft will be brought to the Board of Regents and Commissioner Elia for approval

Standards Update Physical Education Standards Review Overall Goals In Progress Next Steps Engage NY State educators in a review of Physical Education Standards Develop, adopt, and implement new K-12 New York State Physical Education Learning Standards Present final standards to the Board of Regents by proposed date of March/April 2020 NYS Educator Panels

currently reviewing and editing the national SHAPE Standards Work includes: making NY specific additions creating a NY introduction incorporating a glossary of terms Public input on the draft standards will be in September-October 2019 March/April 2020 is proposed date for final standards to be presented to the Board of Regents A roadmap, similar to the Next Generation Standards, will be developed for implementation

Resource Update Arts Standards Roadmap Work completed by the Arts Content Advisory Panel (CAP) and Arts Associate between Nov. 2018-Apr. 2019, based on NYSED Statewide Strategic Plan for the Arts Multiple drafts reviewed by staff in Curriculum & Instruction and the Cultural Education Center; the Arts CAP, Arts Coalition (statewide arts education association leadership); representatives from NYSUT and BOCES Posted on the NYSED website by early June Resource Update Arts Standards Roadmap Features

Preamble from Strategic Plan Overview Detailed versions of three phases o Phase I Raising Awareness Fall 2017-Summer 2019 o Phase II Build Capacity Fall 2019-Summer 2021 o Phase III Full Implementation Fall 2021- ongoing IAAP development timeline alignment with Roadmap FAQs Linkable page numbers Resource Update Arts Standards Roadmap Phase Breakdown Timeline Broad Goal Supporting objectives that align with the broad themes Suggested activities for each objective

Major Stakeholders indicated All districts should be working towards a deep understanding of the 2017 Arts Standards, and full implementation by the end of 2021-2022. Responsibility shifts from NYSED to local districts over time Districts determine which activities and stakeholder groups work best for them Resource Update Science Course Maps Aligned to NYSSLS Aligned to new Regents examinations in science Aligned to the New York State P-12 Science Learning Standards Includes: Earth and Space Sciences Life Sciences: Biology

Physical Sciences: Chemistry Physical Sciences: Physics http://www.nysed.gov/curriculum-instruction/sc ience-standards-implementation-resources Resource Update Science Learning Standards Implementation Timeline Details development, adoption, and implementation timeline for the NYS P-12 Science Learning Standards Includes rollout of new science assessments Grade 5 Grade 8 Regents Examinations in Science Resource Update Civic Readiness Initiative Mission Statement Encourage all students to believe in the power of their own voices and actions.

Equip all students with the skills and knowledge necessary to engage responsibly in our culturally diverse democracy. Empower all students to make informed decisions to enhance our interconnected world. The Social Studies Content Advisory Panel and the Civic Readiness Task Force are working together on the following goals: 1. Ensure students develop the knowledge and skills to meaningfully transition to postsecondary opportunities and to exercise civic responsibility Define Civic Readiness Create the Criteria for the Seal of Civic Readiness that will become a Humanities 4+1 pathway and count towards the College, Career, Civic Readiness Index for school districts Write guidance for creating capstone and junior capstone projects Explore criteria for model School of Civic Readiness 2. Create guidance and resources that support the K-12 NYS Social Studies Framework Practice of Civic

Participation Next Generation Standards Implementation Mathematics Timeline for Implementation at the High School Level is forthcoming. 2020-2021 Pk-8 Instruction Aligned to Next Gen Spring 2021 3-8 State Assessments Aligned to Next Gen High School Educators should continue building familiarity with the scope/breadth of changes. Pre-Post Test Standards Designations can be found on the website and districts should plan accordingly. http://www.nysed.gov/curriculum-instruction/next-generation-mathem atics-learning-standards-grades-3-8-post-test-recommendations Post-test content (at teachers discretion) may be introduced at various points in the year and then reinforced and built upon during the remaining months of school. Next Generation Standards Implementation Mathematics Unpacking Documents: High School Exemplars have been posted. The Unpacking Document provides educators with a template they can utilize to have collaborative conversations about what they want their students to know and be able to do. These documents are not to be

confused with state assessment items or full lesson plans. http://www.nysed.gov /common/nysed/files/ programs/curriculum-i nstruction/unpacking-g uide.pdf Coming Soon: A Guide for Aligning the EngageNY Math Modules and Other Local Curricula to the Next Generation Mathematics Learning Standards, release forthcoming. EQuIP Rubric High School Standards and the word Explore. Explore indicates that the topic is an important concept that builds the foundation for progression toward mastery in later grades. However, mastery at the current level is not expected for that standard. Standard will not be assessed on state assessment; however, content of standard

should still be covered for conceptual understanding. Next Generation Standards Implementation Mathematics NY-5.MD.1 ( changed language in note Standards Documents: Minor changes will be reflected in the updated versions of the standards documents (June 2019), to be posted in the next few weeks. GEO-G.CO.2 ( changed language in snapshot for clarification) Current Snapshot Reads: Horizontal stretch is not an Changes will beintroduced reflected in Algebra the updated expectation at this level. Now II (AII- versions of the standards documents

F.BF.3b) (June 2019), to be posted in the next few weeks. Updated Snapshot Reads: This standard includes horizontal (transformation that changes only the horizontal length) and vertical (transformation that changes only the vertical length) stretches, and how dilations are a combination of both. for clarification) Current Note Reads: All conversion facto will be given. Updated Note Reads: Known conversion factors from grade 4 (NY-4.MD.1 ft., in.; k m, cm; hr., min., sec.) will not be given. other conversion factors will be given. (N 4.MD.1 is a recommended post-test standard) GEO-G.CO.3 ( changed language for clarification) Current Standard Reads: Given a regular or irregular polygon, describe the rotations and reflections (symmetries) that map the polygon onto itself. Updated Standard Reads: Given a regular or irregular polygon, describe the rotations and reflections (symmetries) that

carry the polygon onto itself. (carry allows for all symmetries, not just identity) Resource Update Next Generation Roadmap Spotlight June Edition NYSED published the 2nd edition of the Roadmap Spotlight. This edition highlights: Cayuga-Onondaga BOCES Professional Development Units response to the needs of their component districts by providing them with the Next Generation One Page Reference Guide. Honeoye Falls-Lima Central School Districts approach to tackling the Next Generation Standards on multiple fronts. how the Staff Development Department at Wayne-Finger Lakes BOCES used the Standards Implementation Roadmap to raise awareness and build capacity around the Next Generation Learning Standards throughout their 25 component districts. Send your Roadmap Spotlight submissions to [email protected] Resource Update Next Generation Professional Development Toolkits

Online access to materials from the Supporting all Students conferences Guidance on utilizing the presentations and workshop materials Suggestions for organizing professional development All materials are free and open to use for districts/schools Newly Available Family Engagement for Multilingual/English Language Learner Standards Support Coming soon Standards, not Standardization: standards-based instruction with diverse populations. Graduation Requirements Update Newly Approved Pathway Assessments CDOS Precision Exams 21st Century Success Skills LOTE / World Languages

OHM BOCES American Sign Language NYC DOE Chinese French Italian Korean Professional Development Opportunity ~ ELA Building Capacity for Curriculum Development August 2nd 9:30 am -3:00 pm New York State Museum in Albany Free professional development opportunity available to BOCES and Big 5 curriculum specialists Will focus on how to use the new NYSED Guide for Aligning Local Curricula to the Next Generation ELA Learning Standards designed to support school districts and educators as they review and develop Next Generation Standards-based curriculum

If a representative from your BOCES does not yet have a reservation, and your BOCES would like to attend, please contact Erik Sweet. OCI Content Area Communication Resource Direct communication to content-area educators via email N-6, Math, ELA, Science, Social Studies, PE, Arts, LOTE, Health, School Counselors, & CTE Hosted by Constant Contact Available to teachers & administrators Only information previously released and available elsewhere will be included Used on an as-needed basis; wont clutter your inbox! QUESTIONS? CONTACT US! www.nysed.gov/curriculum-instruction (518)474-5922 [email protected]

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