Club Logo This powerpoint show is designed to

Club Logo This powerpoint show is designed to

Club Logo This powerpoint show is designed to educate Parents for working and assisting on the beach at SLS Nippers It was re-worked from a previous SLSA Age Mgrs Teaching Guide, plus added material, and has been used by Coogee Nippers and other SLS Sydney Clubs to induct and inform parents to the Nipper club at their Induction sessions for the last 7-8 years. This is not a replacement for the current SLSA Age Mgrs Course SLS Sydney recommends all parents who work on your beach attend the SLSA Age Mgrs Course Presentation. This is a template that you can add to, or edit material from - happy training

You will need to add your club logo and club pictures to a number of frames Any questions contact Doug [email protected] Sydney Branch [email protected] Club Logo WELCOME TO ALL PARENTS AGE MANAGERS, ASSISTANTS AND WATER SAFETY TRAINING SESSION THANK YOU FOR YOUR ASSISTANCE IT IS MUCH APPRECIATED date here

Club Logo Nipper Club Photo here Club Logo History of your club goes here Club Logo This Course is concerned with the development of well rounded Junior Surf lifesavers. It highlights the life skills that have been

implicit in junior surf lifesaving Club Logo Lots of Nippers pics here to show all that they do across the season Club Logo Two of the key features of surf life saving include: the development of leadership

and teamwork skills within a context of community service and enjoyment. Club Logo TRAINING For ALL parents who work on the beach with the children Each person must be a financial member of the surf club (ins coverage) Each person must have signed a Child Protection Certificate for Nippers

Must be trained by the Club to work with the Nippers: Club Logo This next section relates to the logistics of your Nippers program and how it is delivered on a weekly basis - edit where needed Club Logo SUNDAY PROGRAM Layout beach with flags as per beach map

Selection of water areas under guidance by Water Safety Captain & Water Safety Activity forms completed with ref to Patrol Captain Erect Main Tent and drinks station and Water Marshall tent Layout Boards - Foam and fibreglass Set up Age Group markers 07.45am- 8.30am Confidence Group 08:30 Age Managers, Assistants and Water Safety Meeting 08.40 Age Group Mtg*** Age Mgr and Assistants 08:50 Announcements Move Nippers to designated activity areas as per Age Run Sheet 11.00 Complete Activities 11.15 Nippers finishes - Boards to Shed Pack all elements down -tents, drinks,tables

Map of your beach layout goes here Club Logo Club Logo AGE GROUPS ACTIVITY ORDER Under 8s Under 9s Under 10s

Under 11s Flags Swim Swim Run Board Board

Flags Run Run Swim Flags Flags

Board Run Wade Under 12s Under 13s Under 14s Run

Swim Swim Swim Board Board Board Flags


9 10 11 12 13 14 70m

70m 70m 70m 70m 70m 70m

Flags 15m 15m 15m 15m 15m 15m 15m

150 150 150 Run Swim Board 75 -100 75 -100

125 200 150 Club Logo Board Training Activities Beginners and Elite - best to separate for best outcomes For kids who want to learn the basics and confidence held at Nippers after Sunday activities Different categories catered for All parents on the beach during the session Water safety required - ratios apply

For Experienced Board paddlers - Competitive Weekdays Professional Coaching sessions by Club or exterior person Club Logo YOUR CLUB SEASON CALENDAR GOES HERE Club Logo Admin on the Beach each Sunday: All Age Sheets to be in backpacks at start of day All back packs should contain age sheets, whistle, marker pens, pens, stop watch and rink bottle, All entering of info on sheets to be as legible as possible All Age Sheets to be in backpacks at end of day and placed

under the big tent in the Registrars box plastic (new) Patrol Book to be signed by all Bronze medal holders prior to start of day - not at end Club Logo Life Saving Education These days are specifically for lifesaving education and practical sessions THIS APPLIES TO 9s 10s,11s, 12s - 13s Activities include Board rescue, tube rescue, CPR and

Basic First Aid and Signals USE JDR to deliver Club Logo TEAMS DAYS encourage team work, leadership, and lifesaving THIS APPLIES TO 9s- 10s ,11s, 12s & 13s Activities include Relays in Flag, Run and Board, Board Rescue, etc Divide groups into teams with new leaders each week Age Mgrs to do the selection process

Club Logo These teams are within an age group and are not gender dependant Each child's arm marked with texta to denote team Number and symbol Teams can be created in groups of 3 - 4 - 5- 6 Different Teams each of the three weeks You must compete in 09.00 Start 4 Activity Stations Teams to do Iron Man - Diamond Lady

1 x Water 09.20 Change over 1 x Relay 09.40 Change over 1 x Flags 10.00 Change over 1 x Surf Ed

10.20 Change over 10.50 Open Senior Iron Man 12 -14 Age Placings Open Junior Iron Man 10 -11 Age Placings Club Logo 1. Relay Races - Using batons and change over areas 2. Water Area - Start in flag position to Swimmer to Can Board to swimmer - both to beach - Swimmer to Runner to home 3. Water Area - Run - Swim - Board - Run Each winning team to take home Vouchers on the day The aim of these days is to encourage equal standards

in the team events, leadership and teamwork Each team has a leader Club Logo The aim is to have 1 Age Convenor (Bronze Medal Holder) leading each group 2 x 2IC working with the Convenor - B & G best results if gender groups are mixed Assistants to the Age Managers x say 2 - 3 Each person has regular roles each week (attendance,marshalling, starters, placings etc) Regular monthly report from

each Age Mgr to the Committee Club Logo 1. Introduction Who is a surf lifesaver, and what environment necessary to nurture surf lifesavers Role description of an Age Manager Historical view A Safe Environment 2. Member protection and protective behaviours Risk minimisation Duty of Care

Fair Play - Codes of Conduct Club Logo 3. Growth and Development Psychological development Physiological development The relationship between psychological and physiological development 4. Understanding Junior Program Delivery Working with children Teaching a skill

Club Logo 5. Junior Development Leadership Team building 6. Surf Education Surf Education Course delivery 7. Surf Sports Education Surf Sports Course delivery 8. Programming for Junior Development 9. Wrap up and feedback- drinks Club Logo

AGE MANAGER TEAMS The aim is to have 1 Age Convenor leading each group 2 x 2IC working with the Convenor B&G Each Age Group to have Water Safety - SLSA Bronze Medal Official - SLSA Level 1 Officials Course Coaches- SLSA Level 1 Surf Coach Course Club Logo AGE MANAGERS DUTIES AND DUTY OF CARE: The Age Manager is responsible for the management of their age group and and will be expected to carry out the following

duties: To supervise children and ensure their safety and well being at all junior activities events. To be responsible for instruction of basic movement patterns and basic surf lifesaving skills such as running, wading and catching waves. Only teach skills if you know the correct application of the skill - do not tecah if you dont know correct technical skills Club Logo AGE MANAGERS DUTIES AND DUTY OF CARE: To ensure record participation and results in activities is conducted correctly and completed each Sunday.

To have a basic understanding of competition rules and regulations. To develop appropriate plans for others to follow in your absence. Club Logo CODE OF CONDUCT Do not over run the game and its enjoyment by over officiating. ALWAYS set a good example. Your behaviour must be exemplary as all Nippers and parents are watching you No getting angry, No swearing No smoking. Praise the nippers on good behaviour, sportsmanship and skill.

Remain up to date on all current rules and information relating to officiating. REMEMBER: YOU ARE ALL THERE FOR THE BENEFIT OF ALL THE NIPPERS IN YOUR GROUP Club Logo AGE MANAGER ASSISTANTS ROLES To assist the Age Manager in the carrying out of their duties To supervise children and ensure their safety and well being at all junior activities events. IF you know the correct way to teach the Skill then you can

be responsible for instruction of basic movement patterns and basic surf lifesaving skills such as running, wading, Club Logo AGE MANAGER - ASSISTANTS ROLES To record participation and results in activities conducted. To assist with erection and of tents and beach layout and taking down of same Only teach skills if you know the correct application of the skill do not teach if you do not know correct technical skills Club Logo Nippers CODE OF CONDUCT

Through the Nippers Captain, the (YOUR CLUB NAME HERE) Surf Club appoints Age Managers who have responsibility for directing Nippers activities on the beach and in the surf. The surf club expects Nippers to: Listen carefully to their age managers directions and to follow these directions. Respect their fellow club members and competitors and to support and applaud all their efforts and successes. Wear their club caps at all times during club activities. Wear their club tee-shirt and apply sunscreen during club activities Remove cap on completion of Nippers Club Logo

Nippers CODE OF CONDUCT Through the NIPPERS Captain, the Club appoints Age Managers to have responsibility for directing Nippers activities on the beach and in the surf. The surf club expects Nippers NOT to: Display bad sportsmanship. Enter the surf without their age managers direction. Fight, push or throw sand. All placings in club events are determined by Age Managers and are final. Should any Age Manager be having discipline problems with a Nipper please discuss with the Captain:

Club Logo ALL THOSE who assist in the Water must have a current Bronze Medal issued by SLSA and be proficient and financial: Nippers Parents Bronze Course run in (your date) Includes:Run Swim Run - CPR, Rescues, Signals,Radio Proficiencies each 12mths IRB - Crew must be licenced No-one in the IRB unless trained Club Logo Need extra teams to work in the IRB

No water Activities without the IRB IRB must always carry a radio to talk to Patrol Safety in the water the highest priority - ratios must apply Usually 1:5 All WS teams in the water must be in flouro vest, have a tube or be on a board - WS Supervisor on the sand.. Club Logo Who is the Australian Surf Life Saver? Commits personal time and energy High Level of Skill Provides Leadership

Epitomises the Australian way of Life Coogee SLSA 100 Years Old 1907 - 2007 Club Logo Surf Life Saving Environment Safety and Support Caring and Camaraderie Teamwork and Trust Respect and Responsiblity Club Logo Why Youth Activities The Youth is the future

Youth membership provides a clubs foundation The youth must be nurtured and developed to preserve surf lifesaving into the future. Club Logo What is the purpose of junior activities? Surf safety and surf skills Fostering the future active surf lifesavers Parents encourage their children to: Learn important skills, resuscitation, surf safety To have fun with other kids To benefit and enjoy surf competitions, teamwork and sportsmanship

To enjoy a fit and healthy lifestyle Club Logo Surf Education Delivered in a competency structure Flexible program Provides a pathway to the surf rescue certificate Club Logo JUNIOR DEVELOPMENT

RESOURCE AGE GUIDES 40 Club Logo JUNIOR DEVELOPMENT RESOURCE AGE GUIDES A one stop shop for an age manager to deliver the requirements for the specific junior age group award, i.e. Surf Aware 1.

Designed to help guide both an experienced age manager and someone completely new to the role. The 4 main parts to the guide are: Award Summary Lesson Plans Junior Surf Sports Coaching Points

Junior Surf Sports Events 41 Club Logo AGE GUIDES LESSON PLANS One way to deliver the required learning outcomes Simple, practical and easy to understand way to deliver the learning outcomes for the particular topic

Step by step format with content support and options for delivery where necessary The lesson plans use symbols as an easy and visual way to interpret the lesson at a glance 42 AGE GUIDES LESSON PLANS Club Logo Reading a lesson plan is easy with a simple easy to read layout

43 FRAMEWORK Club Logo 44 Club Logo AGE MANAGERS GUIDE A comprehensive resource designed to prepare and help

an age manager for their role Sections covering:

Introduction to surf life saving The age manager Creating a safe environment Growth and development How children learn Teaching techniques SLSA JDR Kit Under 14s Programming junior activities Future involvement 45 Club Logo

YOUR CLUB Nipper pics here - kids doing Lifesaving activities Club Logo Club Logo Tell me. I forget Show me. I remember

Involve me. I understand Club Logo Preparation Demonstration Children practice Feedback/Correction Club Logo Introduced

How to do Trying out Feedback Applying Club Logo Demonstrate at normal speed Demonstrate at slow speed each stage Trainees describe each stage Trainees perform skill Trainees practice skill Feedback/Correction

Revision Demonstration Nipper skills pics here Club Logo Positive Immediate ENCOURAGEMENT Constructive Clear Specific ENCOURAGEMENT

Nipper skills pics here Club Logo Junior Development Club Logo Confident Surf Lifesavers Leadership Areas of Leadership Teamwork

Club Logo Confident Junior Surf Life Savers Junior surf lifesaving provides participants with the opportunity to grow from a young age as surf lifesavers of the future A Surf Lifesaver is more than a person who

participates in Surf Sports and Patrols Junior surf life saving provides participants with the skills to develop as confident surf lifesavers Junior surf life saving provides participants with life skills that develop active and valued members of our community

Club Logo Well rounded Junior Surf lifesavers Leadership Teamwork Protective behaviours Citizenship Recreation Social interaction Club Logo 5 Keys to Success in Life

Confidence Organization Getting Along with Others

Persistence Resiliency Club Logo Leadership Leadership is a key characteristic of every surf lifesaver

Self leadership precedes leadership of others All Junior surf lifesavers are potential leaders of Surf Life Saving Leadership varies in its application Leadership is an essential element of success in general Club Logo Leadership skills for junior surf lifesavers : - Understanding of self - Self leadership precedes leadership of others

- Coaching/Mentoring for leadership - Goal Setting - Self sustaining leadership Club Logo Teamwork is an essential quality for surf lifesavers Working as a member of a team is essential in life, be it work or play Team building skills enable individuals to work together to achieve more

Teamwork means using everyones strengths to build towards an achievement Club Logo Creating a Safe Environment Club Logo Member Protection and Protective Behaviours Club Logo

Physical abuse Emotional abuse Neglect Sexual abuse Club Logo What is bullying and harassment? Bullying Persistent mistreatment Often a misuse of power Affects the victim physically/psychologically Harassment

Mistreatment of the victim A form of discrimination Is unwelcome, unsolicited and unnecessary Club Logo Risk Minimisation Avoid actions that may create concern amongst parents Maintain your status as a role model Mix teams of leaders supervising the activities Club Logo

Creating a Safe Space for the kids - That is our aim - No-one to hassle anyone else includes Officials and Parents - Any issues the kids can see the Captain this is the current option - Anyone acting inappropriately must be reported immediately to the Vice Captain or Captain Club Logo The health and well-being of our younger members must be a central

focus to everything that is provided for them in our organisation. Club Logo Creating a Safe Environment WH&S, Risk Management and Duty of Care Club Logo WH&S

Hazard Risk Risk Management Club Logo Legal Responsibilities

Safe Environment Adequate Planning Effective evaluation of injury/incapacity Do not mismatch children Safe Equipment Warnings regarding inherent risks Close supervision First Aid - delivered by Patrol only Clear written rules

Keep accurate records Club Logo Your Responsibility Duty of Care Negligence Risk Management Club Logo Risk Management Physical Environments Physical Demands

Overuse injuries. Training and Competition Fluid Medical Conditions - Age Mgrs to be aware of Nippers medical conditions Dealing with Emergencies Weather conditions Club Logo Creating a Safe Environment Fair Play

Parents and Children Club Logo What do kids want? Have fun Learn and Improve Be with their friends Club Logo Benefits of Participation Physical Social

Personal Club Logo Fair Play Codes Parents Code Coachs Code Participants Code Officials Code Spectators Code Managers Code These codes are available @

Club Logo Surf Sports Education Club Logo The skills of surf sports saves lives Surf lifesavers develop and hone their skills through surf sports A good sporting experience provides enjoyment and self satisfaction through skill acquisition Children play sport for fun, to meet friends and

to learn skills Sport develops teamwork Club Logo What children tell us they want from involvement in sport.

We want to have fun We want you to encourage us Please dont yell at us... We want to learn new skills We want you to teach us bit by bit so that we ca remember Let us all have a try Help us Make us feel good

Give us variety We like to win, BUT we try our best! Club Logo What skills are involved in surf sports?

beach running skills swimming skills negotiating the surf break surf board skills resuscitation skills teamwork skills (eg. March Past, R&R) reading and using the surf conditions Do not teach surf or beach skills unless you know the technical apsects of the skill - ensure you know correct technique Use the SLSA Jnr Coaching Kit


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