NSLS II ASAC Review Conventional Facilities Briefing Marty

NSLS  II ASAC Review Conventional Facilities Briefing Marty

NSLS II ASAC Review Conventional Facilities Briefing Marty Fallier Director for Conventional Facilities National Synchrotron Light Source II Project October 10, 2006 1 BROOKHAVEN SCIENCE ASSOCIATES Outline Facilities Scope Conventional Facility Overview

Facility Program WBS Tunnel Design & Access Differential Settlement Vibration Mitigation Utility Support Temperature Stability Control Room Schedule 2 BROOKHAVEN SCIENCE ASSOCIATES NSLS II Facility Overview 3


Future Guest House LOB Typ 4 Ring Bldg Loading Underpass 4 BROOKHAVEN SCIENCE ASSOCIATES Building Program Spaces Building/Function Full

Buildout NASF Full Buildout GSF Base Scope GSF % Of Total Ring Building Lab Office Buildings Central Lab Office Building Auditoruim/Vendor Space Service Buildings

Linac/RF Building 225,268 30,480 38,820 13,440 28,696 15,862 242,284 44,000 55,128 15,000 32,000 21,000 242,284 11,000

55,128 0 32,000 21,000 63.9% 8.6% 11.0% 3.8% 8.1% 4.5% Total Square Feet 352,566 409,411

361,411 100% 5 BROOKHAVEN SCIENCE ASSOCIATES Conventional Facilities WBS Conventional Facilities Conventional Facilities Management CF Design Phase Management CF Construction Phase Management Conventional Facilities Engineering and Design CF Title I Design CF Title I A/E Design CF Title I Design Coordination CF Title I Design C/M Support

CF Title II Design CF Title II A/E Design CF Title II Design Coordination CF Title II Design C/M Support CF Construction Phase Engineering CF Construction Phase A/E Support CF Construction Phase Coordination Conventional Facilities Construction CF Construction Management Improvements to Land Central Lab - Office Building Ring Building Lab - Office Building Mechanical Utilities Chilled Water Utilities Cryogenic Utilities Electrical Utilities Integrated Controls and Communications

Standard Equipment Commissioning 6 1.6 1.6.1 1.6.2 1.6.3 1.6.4 1.6.5 1.6.6 BROOKHAVEN SCIENCE ASSOCIATES


Tunnel Design Roof and wall thicknesses generally driven by shielding criteria except inner wall in area of berm (just structural) Outer wall (ratchet wall) is HD concrete During T-I will study whether precast or poured in place provides best balance of technical and cost performance Tunnel floor thickness driven primarily by vibration criteria During T-I will do modeling to arrive at optimal thickness and section shape Rigidly connected to exp. floor to create monolithic floor Penetrations from above for power and cooling water Penetrations from sidewall for HVAC Supply and Return

10 BROOKHAVEN SCIENCE ASSOCIATES Tunnel Design - Ring Building Section 11 BROOKHAVEN SCIENCE ASSOCIATES Tunnel Access Egress for life safety achieved by exits at each service building location

Large shielded doors for equipment access provided at Service buildings for tunnel entry Mandoors and labyrinth provided at each Service building Vehicle ramp to roll-up door at 2nd floor of each Service Bldg provides equipment access to electrical mezzanine at top of tunnel RF & LINAC areas integrated with CLOB structure have similar access as Service Bldgs 12 BROOKHAVEN SCIENCE ASSOCIATES Service Bldgs 13 BROOKHAVEN SCIENCE ASSOCIATES

Differential Settlement Measures to reduce potential for differential settlement include: Thorough geotechnical analysis of site to identify problem areas Minimize footprint over disturbed areas Set finished floor elevation for maximum cut and minimum fill Early site preparation contract for maximum time to cut, fill,

compact and observe settlement prior to building contract. Monolithic slab design for tunnel and experimental floor High slab stiffness, Tunnel 36; Experimental Floor 18 Building loads isolated from tunnel and experimental floor slab Access corridor isolated from experimental floor slab 14 BROOKHAVEN SCIENCE ASSOCIATES Vibration Mitigation Measures to be implemented in conventional design include: Monolithic slab for accelerator and experimental floor Slab thickness and section changes based on vibration modeling results during Title I Possible use of polymer admixtures for enhanced damping characteristics Isolation of bldg structure from tunnel and slab Inertial bases and isolation of machinery

Low flow velocity design for ducts and piping Limited use of duct and piping isolation to avoid conversion & transmission of low frequency vibration Commissioning of equipment and systems to include alignment, balancing & vibration measurement 15 BROOKHAVEN SCIENCE ASSOCIATES Utility Support Utilities run underground in center of ring and distributed to five service bldgs (one in CLOB RF/LINAC area) Minimizes pipe runs and pipe size in bldg proper Minimizes potential noise and vibration impacts Mechanical Utilities include:

Chilled water from expansion of Central CHW plant Tower water from process cooling water tower Potable water, compressed air, sanitary etc. Electrical Utilities distributed via substation and load center at each services bldg 16 BROOKHAVEN SCIENCE ASSOCIATES Utility Support 17 BROOKHAVEN SCIENCE ASSOCIATES

Utility Distribution 18 BROOKHAVEN SCIENCE ASSOCIATES Temperature stability Key temperature stability requirement is tunnel air @ +/0.1C at a given location with respect to time. Requires high resolution industrial grade instruments and controls with excellent repeatability. Control scheme using programmable controllers and reheat with temperature reset capability Space temp setpoint of 85 F is nominally equivalent to process cooling water supply setpoint to minimize temperature gradients Should be readily achievable provided loads to accelerator components are relatively steady-state

19 BROOKHAVEN SCIENCE ASSOCIATES Tunnel Temperature Control 20 BROOKHAVEN SCIENCE ASSOCIATES Tunnel Air Distribution 21 BROOKHAVEN SCIENCE ASSOCIATES Control Room The Accelerator Control Room is located on the second

floor of the CLOB above the LINAC-RF area Provides ready access to Tunnel, RF & LINAC areas and electrical mezzanine Computer room is adjacent to control room and control room operators meeting room Additional study is required to identify optimal cable routing which may indicate computer room may be more advantageously located on 1st or 3rd floor 22 BROOKHAVEN SCIENCE ASSOCIATES Schedule Conventional Facilities Schedule has been coordinated

with Accelerator requirements. Construction sequencing will enable Availability of Ring Bldg for LINAC, booster and storage ring installation to begin June 2011 LINAC & Booster can be sooner if required Control/Computer room availability in CLOB - August 2011 Conventional Construction complete - October 2011 23 BROOKHAVEN SCIENCE ASSOCIATES

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