HARC PROGRAMS as of 10/28 A R R

HARC PROGRAMS as of 10/28 A R R

HARC PROGRAMS as of 10/28 A R R L

October November December January February March April May June July August September Emergency Go-Kit I Jim Monson Emergency Go-Kit II Jim Monson Christmas Dinner at the Burien Elks

EMComm discussion Chief Madson Annual budget & Nominations for 2017 WSPR Demo Nelson Spohneimer Emergency Shack Power Larry Shirk FD Logging and Radio Operation FD 2017 4th of July and FD Review Solar Eclipse dBs what they are and how they are used, KVI/UA October November

Auction & video What is WinLink Video Winlink Digital Mode AA7UA slide 1 A R R L AA7UA slide 2 November 2017 Agenda A R R L Acknowledgements/Announcements

Treasurers Report HARC Christmas Party Emcomm Report 5th Saturday exercise in late December Merging STAR functions into HARC Highline Water District Request FirstNet update, KA7OVQ Discussion on the recent 60 meter interoperability exercise with the DOD, W7DFO Repeater Status Property Committee Future HARC Events & Activities

Operating Events and Propagation update Show & tell; Good of the order Program Video - - Winlink Digital Mode AA7UA slide 3 Acks and Announcements Earl N7EP, Larry AA7UA, Bill W7KXB, Nelson W7KVI picking up guy cable and 60 tower and telescoping pole from Dennis QTH Duane KF7ZMZ, for preventing Nelson W7KXB from writing a $7980 check from HARC (next slide) Larry AA7UA for delivering a $500 HARC check to Joan, Dennis XYL

Christmas Party (ongoing) Bill Harris W7KXB and Koda Mondragon KI7IXR A R R L Substantial activity, HARC thanks you both for this effort. A few decisions remain (next topic) Bruce Blair K7BAB Volunteered to serve as Trustee vice Tony Alix

Bruce is appointed as a HARC trustee effective immediately By mutual consent and KVI request, Tony and Bruce will both participate while Tony is still in the area AA7UA slide 4 Fraudulent Check Request

A R R L -------- Original message -------From: Nelson Spohnheimer Date: 11/9/17 8:13 AM (GMT-08:00) To: [email protected] Subject: Due Payment ! Duane, Good morning, How are you ? Do you have some minutes to spare please? We have a quick international payment to be process in amount of $7,980 USD. Kindly confirm we do have this funds to cover the amount requested. Awaiting for your response.. Thank you, Nelson Spohnheimer

AA7UA slide 5 Treasurers Report A R R L AA7UA slide 6 Amazon Smile Activity A R R L Mid-Nov Donation from

Amazon - $19.71 AA7UA slide 7 A R R L HARC Christmas Party Thursday, December 14, Mitzels, Kent Cost - $XX Finalize by 12/1: Menu HARC will pay the invoice, attendees pay HARC prior to or after the event (starting today!). AA7UA slide 8 A

R R L EMCOMM December 2017 5th Saturday Exercise - Ken Highline Water District Request Merging STAR functions into HARC Ad Hoc Committee for initial Scoping? FirstNet update WA and OR activity, Mark, WA7AOV Recent 60m Interoperability Exercise Brian, W7DFO AA7UA slide 9 Repeater Status

A R R L New (Fusion-capable) repeaters. Both on hand. Voice announcement capability being installed External controller interface just underway New rack fans on hand Transistors to (hopefully) repair ICOM UHF repeater (currently operating at 28 watts vs 50) are on hand. If interfacing new repeaters is a lengthy task, may temporarily install a new repeater as the UHF asset while the ICOM UHF is repaired. System Fusion architecture and capability to be a future program topic. AA7UA slide 10

Property Committee A R R L Initial small auction worked out some procedures thanks to Tony, Duane, Bill. Next step plan a larger auction, potentially with other clubs invited, possibly on a non-meeting day Plan around, and/or include, the Puyallup Swapfest Need Volunteers for this Ad Hoc committee Longer-term implementation of Property Policy Need Volunteers for Property Committee membership

AA7UA slide 11 Future HARC Events & Activities A R R L VOLUNTEERS WELCOME!

Club Property Auction(s) Jan-Mar Elections early 2018 February-April Merge STAR/HARC (ongoing after initial meeting) Field day 2018 June July 4th Parade Zombiefest September JOTA 2018 October AA7UA slide 12 11/17 - Operating Events Calendar A R R L AA7UA slide 13

W7POE 2017 SS A R R L AA7UA slide 14 Propagation Sunspots - 1 A R R L Daily Sunspot Number

AA7UA slide 15 Propagation Sunspots - 2 A R R L AA7UA slide 16 Example Propagation A R R L AA7UA slide 17

November 2017 A R R L Show n Tell Good of the Order Program: Winlink part 2 - ~20 min video on hardware and software https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=winlink& &view=detail&mid=9E75CAD6328C4429E50F9E75 CAD6328C4429E50F&FORM=VRDGAR Post-video brief discussion W7POE hardware, some transfer results, hands-on HARC session AA7UA slide 18

W7POE Winlink Hardware PACTOR I A R R L AA7UA slide 19 Winlink Connection Results using PACTOR I A R R L

AA7UA slide 20 Winlink Connection Results using Winmore (software modem) A R R L AA7UA slide 21 PACTOR Performance vs Software Modem (Winmor) A R R L

AA7UA slide 22 Winlink Hands-on Session? A R R L Purpose install & configure software, review connection methods, practice peer-peer transfer Attendees must bring laptop or desktop capable of wi-fi We MIGHT provide HF rig, antenna, Signalink for onair demos, and/or V/UHF connections Probably on a non-meeting day Show of hands interested & plan to attend? Good/bad times? (perhaps 12/23 through 1/21 time frame? Depends on meeting room availability

END END END END END AA7UA slide 23 Info For Board Discussion A R R L AA7UA slide 24

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