National 5 Physical Education

National 5 Physical Education

National 5 Physical Education Learning Intentions Pupils will gain a better understanding of the Emotional Factors Pupils will understand how Emotional factors can impact performance, in both a positive and negative way.

Emotional Factors Emotional Factors include:


Anger It is a strong, uncomfortable emotion after being provoked. Anger Negative Example: Factor: A basketball player is struggling against a much stronger forward. This opponent is winning more rebounds and is very good at protecting the ball.

Context: The player gets angry that they cannot help the team out more and that they hardly get any possession. Impact: This anger leads to silly fouls against the opponent and eventually leads to being fouled out of the game. This means the team is left playing with a disadvantage and has less chance of winning. Anger Positive example

Factor: A rugby player has been making several mistakes with their kicking for touch. Context: The player has an opportunity to make a tackle. He channels the anger into the point of impact and makes sure the arms wrap round and the hit is full force. Impact: This channelled anger helps dislodge the ball and the team gain possession in a good position on the pitch.

Anger Write up your own positive and negative examples for anger Trust Is a firm belief in the reliability or ability / actions of someone else.

Trust positive example 4 x 100m sprint relay team Factor: In the 4x 100m race this trust is shown at the baton change overs. Context: Each outgoing runner sets off and trusts the call will be made properly. They do not need to look back, and this means they stay much safer in the lane, the change is much smoother and the speed of the race is maintained.

Impact: This helps maintain the overall speed of the team, giving them a much better chance of winning. Trust negative example Factor: In a football match one of the most effective players on the team has received a yellow card for fouling. Context: The manager does not have enough trust in the player to maintain his discipline so substitutes him

off. The midfield players struggle to cope with the more defensive role the subbed player was filling. Impact: This gives an important advantage to opponents in the last part of the match, increasing their chance of scoring. Trust Write up your own positive and negative examples for Trust

Anxiety Is an emotion induced by a perceived threat, it produces negative thoughts, which directly impact on a sportspersons confidence. Anxiety Example Negative Impact Factor: A volleyball player is going into a match against a team, with an exceptionally

tall blocker. Context: One of the best hitters in the team is so afraid of failure, that he continually plays a tip over the block, rather than trying to play past him. Impact: This results in the opposing team always being ready for the tip and covering it easily to set up their own attack.

Anxiety Negative Impact Factor: In gymnastics an emotional factor which had a negative impact on my performance was anxiety. Context: Having never performed in front of an audience I was very scared and apprehensive. This fear had a negative impact on my performance. I could not control my emotions and my mind went blank during the routine. I panicked and I lost confidence in my ability even though I had repeatedly practiced and performed the skills perfectly.

Impact: I was overly tense at times which restricts the quality of my shapes and fluency in transition phases between skills. When the nerves got the better of me I started to shake and this meant I also could not hold my positions and lost balance. Anxiety Example Negative Impact Factor: In netball, a high level of anxiety impacted my performance negatively. Context: It was a cup final match and I was so

anxious about not making mistakes, that I felt myself physically shaking before the start of the game. Impact: This meant that I could not focus on the game in hand and I was so distracted that I went offside 3 times in the game, giving my opponents free passes in crucial attacking areas of the court. Anxiety Write up your own positive and negative

examples for anxiety

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