MPD Review - Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility

MPD Review - Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility

1 GEM Electronic System Status 4-5 June 2013 New releases of electronic boards: MPD v 4.0 Backplane 5 slot short (for UVa design) APV Front-End with Panasonic connector Firmware Update on MPD v 4.0 SBS Meeting @ JLAB Some preliminary tests on VME intrerface Paolo Musico and Evaristo Cisbani 2 MPD v 4.0 SBS Meeting @ JLAB

4-5 June 2013 2 prototypes ready (1 @UVa) Hardware modifications: Used HDMI-A connectors for analog and digital signals Adopted larger FPGA (+20%) Replaced DDR with DDR2 (128 MB) 110 MHz system clock Removed USB support Moved from Flash to SD-Card Added front panel coax clock All spare signals go to PMC compliant connectors Improved ADC power distribution Added optional termination on ADC inputs SBS Meeting @ JLAB 4-5 June 2013 3 Backplane 5 slots short TOP SIDE External frame used only for

assembly: will be removed BOTTOM SIDE Dimensions: 254.3 x 88.5 mm Front-end boards pitch: 51.2 mm 8 boards assembled, to be tested APV Front-End w Panasonic conn. 4-5 June 2013 4 Picture taken after SMD assembly APV25 not yet present SBS Meeting @ JLAB External frame will be removed Dimensions: 80.5 x 49.5 mm 3.5 mm longer to house different connector 25 boards assembled: bonding in progress, ready by next week. Test will follow Used an external company for bonding: Siae Microelettronica in Milan

5 HDMI Patch Panel boards Two Patch Panel passive boards have been produced Digital: distribute the control signals to 2 independent backplanes (I2C is common) Analog: arrange up to 3 x 5 channels into 4 HDMI-A cables SBS Meeting @ JLAB 4-5 June 2013 Digital Patch Panel in the latest test beam @ DESY 6 RAD HARD LVPS TESTING SBS Meeting @ JLAB 4-5 June 2013

LHC4913 Rad Hard LVPS have been put on a backplane and powered some front-ends during latest DESY test beam Noise not degraded 7 MPD v 4.0 firmware update 4-5 June 2013 Revised memory mapping Older map was too fragmented and A32 only New release adopt A24 addressing for configuration and debug and A32 for data readout VME interface state machine rewritten SBS Meeting @ JLAB

D64 read only cycles: MBLT, 2eVME, 2eSST 2eSST simulated peak speed: 148, 222, 296 MB/s TBD Slave termination Multiboard block transfer 8 MPD v 4.0 VME interface testing SBS Meeting @ JLAB 4-5 June 2013 A32D64 cycle tested with STRUCK SIS-3104 2eSST not supported Dedicated implementation: test module with LFSR data generator and system clock = 106.67 MHz Average speed measured by software: CYCLE DTACK4MB periodeach. Peak DataAverage

100 transfer integrity Speed Speed checked forck each block. BLT (32 bit) 16 = 150 ns 26.6 MB/s 24.3 MB/s MBLT 17 ck = 159 ns 50.3 MB/s 47.8 MB/s 2eVME 10+10 ck=93+93 ns 86.1 MB/s 73.6 MB/s

9 Next Steps 4-5 June 2013 Test 2eSST: STRUCK has a firmware upgrade: try to use it use different controller Implement slave termination and multiboard block transfer SBS Meeting @ JLAB Start production for front-ends and MPDs Backplanes already assembled, equipped with LHC4913 rad-hard LVPS. 4-5 June 2013 10

Cost Estimation BOARD Quantity Unit Price () APV Front End 5 (prototypes) 320-390 APV25 & bonding 100 120-150 600 110-130 5 (prototypes) 320-360 30

160-190 120 120-140 1 (prototype) 3900-4500 not included SBS Meeting @ JLAB Backplane MPD 10 2300-2700 Estimation based on what40 we paid 2100-2400 Some discount can be negotiated with EES for large quantities VAT, other taxes, customs duties, transportation not included

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