Methods of Elaboration

Methods of Elaboration

Methods of Elaboration Tips to Make your Writing Exciting! Elaboration To give your writing more expression through various methods. We will discuss some of these methods as follows.

Action Verbs Words that depict action in the physical world. Examples: giggled, buzzed, watching, bubbles, circles, yawn, flailed, writhes, wag

Adjectives/Adverbs Describing words. Allusions Brief or slight mention of someone or something to emphasize your point. Marvin Gaye theres no brother, brother

While in the corner Kings dream dies. Analogies A comparison between two things used to make a point or idea memorable: comparing lips to a rose, or school to prison.

Anecdotes A short narrative account of an amusing, unusal , revealing or interesting event. I remember those days when I would just sit down on the bed and watch Daddy let black socks engulf his feet, squeeze his size twelve feet into size ten shoes, and I would be elated when he

asked me to button his sleeves. When we walked out the door, he would always remind me, Remember, were not poor, so dont let anyone say that to you. We just have financial problems. Definitions Provide a definition of a term for explanation, for further description , to show the essential

nature, to define boundaries, or to entertain. Descriptions Provide more information about your topic usually with adjectives and/or adverbs. Example- He was an 83 year old, my way or

the highway, beer drinking, cigar smoking, cowboy hat wearing man that just so happened to be my grandfather. Dialogue Using quotations. It can be dialogue between people, internal dialogue, or even an example or what someone

might say. ExampleWe have all had fake friendships, people who have talked about us or done something behind our backs or simply made fun of us. Lots of people gossip about others just to make themselves look good or to be the center of attention, but people dont like liars. These fake friends might lie and say something like Did you hear that Bob likes Barbara so Barbara broke up with

Nick because she said she never really liked him in the first place? Examples, Explanations, Illustrations Out of all my friends in the seven continents of the world, beyond a shadow of a doubt, he was my best friend. We were like Batman and

Robin, the dynamic duo. He helped me to be brave when I made a 69 on my report card, and I was afraid my mom would rip me into shreds like paper in a shredder.

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