Memory -

Memory -

Memory The encoding, storage and retrieval of information. Parts of Memory Encoding Storage Retrieval

Stages of Memory Sensory Short Term Long Term Sensory Memory Shortest in duration 2-3 seconds visual, auditory, taste,

smell Short Term Memory-STM also known as Working Memory duration about 18-20 seconds limited capacity 7 plus or minus 2 units of

information Long Term Memory-LTM Duration-relatively permanent Capacity-unlimited Sensory Input and Sensory Memory Visual Memory- about 1 second

Auditory Memory-longer than visual Attention-unusual, sudden, dramatic Recognition-experienced before, relevant STM Input Iconic-pictures, images

Acoustic-sounds Semantic-meaning *if I say the word ELEPHANT do you see the word or an image of an elephant? Rehearsal and Elaboration Can convert STM to LTM

Rehearsal-repeating to remember Elaboration-adding meaning or connecting to something else Retrival continued Chunking: Breaking up a large piece of information in to smaller bits to

make it easier to remember: Phone numbers Social Security Number Mnemonic Techniques Methods by which a person can train themselves to remember large amounts of information. Most involve a form of elaboration or attaching meaning to the information.

Examples: The names of the Great Lakes HOMES Huron, Ontario, Michigan, Erie, Superior Order of color coding on electronic resistors: Bad Beer Rots Our Young Guts But Vodka Goes Well (in) Silver Goblets. (Black, Blue, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Brown, Violet, Gray, White, Silver, Gold)

LTM-Types Explicit or Declarative Memory You can explain something in words easily. How you solve for the area of a square. Implicit or Procedural Memory You remember it but it is hard to describe. Difficult to put into words. How you do a lay-up in Basket Ball.

Encoding in LTM Acoustic sentences, sounds, songs. Visual images. Cognitive maps

Semantic facts, concepts, principals Episodic memories of events Memory Retrival Recall: Searching for

information Recognition: Knowing that you have encountered something before. Fastest form of memory retrieval Forgetting Decay: Lack of retrieval overtime, memory may fade.

Interference: Old information is replaced by new information. Amnesia Temporary of permanent inability to remember. Causes: Physiological-injury Substance Abuse-Alcohol, THC

Psychogenic-trauma, emotional shock Types of Amnesia Retro-grade- Cant form new memories. Anterograde-Cant access old memories

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