Maintenance Cost - Universiti Teknologi Malaysia

Maintenance Cost - Universiti Teknologi Malaysia

Maintenance Cost Maintenance Cost Total Cost Maintenance cost (RM) Preventive maintenance cost

Breakdown maintenance cost Optimum Cost of Maintenance

Spare parts Labor Down time (production loss) Overhead Consumables Hand tools, power tools and equipment Who will do maintenance? In-house Out-source

Decision to out-source Lack of expertise Too hazardous No experience Bound by contract Top management policy

Example The record of computer breakdown for Company PCK for the past 20 months is shown below. # of breakdown # of months breakdown occurs 0 1 2

3 4 8 6 2 Total 20 Each time computer breakdown estimated

loss is RM300 Contract preventive maintenance by company DK RM200 per month Should PCK contract out preventive maintenance to DK? Solution Step 1 Calculate expected number of breakdown (based on past records) if the company continue without service contract. Step 2

Compute expected breakdown cost per month with no preventive maintenance contract Step 3 Compute the cost of preventive maintenance Solution Step 4 Compare the two options and select the one which cost less Solution # of breakdown Frequency

0 1 2 3 4/20 = 0.2 8/20 = 0.4 6/20 = 0.3 2/20 = 0.1 Step 1 Expected # of breakdowns = (# of breakdown) x (frequency)

= (0)(0.2)+(1)(0.4)+(2)(0.3)+(3)(0.1) = 1.3 breakdown per month Solution Step 2 Expected breakdown cost = (expected # of breakdown) x (cost per breakdown) = (1.3) x (300) = RM390 per month Solution Step 3 Calculate Preventive Maintenance Cost

= cost of expected breakdown + cost of service contract = (1 breakdown per month x 300) + RM220 per month = RM520 per month Step 4 Compare Less expensive to suffer breakdown without service contract. Breakdown = RM390 Service contract = RM520 Therefore, continue present policy. Need to consider

Customer service Loss of production Loss of customer goodwill, reputation Machine life Availability of spare parts and expertise Safety to the user / customer

Environmental problem (pollutant discharge etc.)

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